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Championnat National 3 (Group A) Football Grounds in France

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Championnat National 3 (Group A) 0/14 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Angouleme Charente FC 
Stade Camille-Lebon
Aviron Bayonnais 
Stade Didier Deschamps
Chamois Niortais II 
Rene Gaillard
FC Bressuire 
Stade Alain Metayer
FC Chauray 
Stade Municipal
FCE Merignac Arlac 
Stade J Antoine Cruchon
Les Genets Anglet 
Stade Saint Jean
Stade Saint-Lazare
Pau II 
Stade Paul Escude
Poitiers FC 
Stade Michel-Amand
SAG Cestas 
Complexe Sportif Du Bouzet
UES Montmorillon 
Stade Jean Ranger
US Chauvigny 
Stade Gilbert Arnaut
US Lege Cap-Ferret 
Stade Louis Gobet
Stade Frederic Sesostris (old ground)

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Grounds in Championnat National 3 (Group A) Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Michel-Amand home to Poitiers FC12,000
2.Rene Gaillard home to Chamois Niortais II11,352
3.Stade Camille-Lebon home to Angouleme Charente FC6,500
4.Stade Didier Deschamps home to Aviron Bayonnais3,500
5.Stade Alain Metayer home to FC Bressuire3,200
6.Stade Gilbert Arnaut home to US Chauvigny2,000
7.Stade Saint-Lazare home to Limoges1,916
8.Stade Jean Ranger home to UES Montmorillon1,500
9.Stade Louis Gobet home to US Lege Cap-Ferret1,500
10.Stade Municipal home to FC Chauray1,500
11.Stade Saint Jean home to Les Genets Anglet1,300
12.Complexe Sportif Du Bouzet home to SAG Cestas1,000
13.Stade J Antoine Cruchon home to FCE Merignac Arlac1,000
14.Stade Paul Escude home to Pau II1,000
  • Average capacity in Championnat National 3 (Group A): 3,285

Best supported teams in Championnat National 3 (Group A)

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Aviron Bayonnais1
2.Angouleme Charente FC0
3.Chamois Niortais II0
4.FC Bressuire0
5.FC Chauray0
6.FCE Merignac Arlac0
7.Les Genets Anglet0
9.Pau II0
10.Poitiers FC0
11.SAG Cestas0
12.UES Montmorillon0
13.US Chauvigny0
14.US Lege Cap-Ferret0
  • Average # fans in Championnat National 3 (Group A): 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Championnat National 3 (Group A)?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Aviron Bayonnais0.00
2.Angouleme Charente FC0.00
3.Chamois Niortais II0.00
4.FC Bressuire0.00
5.FC Chauray0.00
6.FCE Merignac Arlac0.00
7.Les Genets Anglet0.00
9.Pau II0.00
10.Poitiers FC0.00
11.SAG Cestas0.00
12.UES Montmorillon0.00
13.US Chauvigny0.00
14.US Lege Cap-Ferret0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Championnat National 3 (Group A): 0.00

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