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A groundhopping guide to Paris

Best football stadiums to visit in Paris

Paris. The city of love, 2 million people, the Eiffel Tower, Euro Disney and surprisingly few football grounds. That doesn't mean it's not worth a visit though - there's still plenty to see...

1 hour 25 mins • 360 miles • Late August - late May • French • Euro (€)

Map of football stadiums in Paris

Stade de France (National Stadium)

France's Stade de France
Stade de France - home of the French national team

France's National Stadium is located 5 miles north of the city centre in the suburb of Saint-Denis, easily accessible through the city's Metro system.

Originally built for the 1998 World Cup, the Stade de France is the largest stadium in the country and 8th largest in Europe with a capacity of 80,698. The UEFA Category 4 stadium was built at a cost of €290m and is approved to host European football's most prestigious events including the Champions League final, World Cup finals and European Championship finals - all of which it has done in its 20 year history.

Some interesting facts about the Stade de France:

Stade de France 80,698 capacity • 7,354 visits logged •

Stade de France Tickets & Tours

Parc des Princes (Paris St Germain)

Paris St Germain's Parc des Princes
Parc des Princes - home of Paris St Germain (PSG)

The Parc des Princes the largest club ground in Paris and has been home to Paris St Germain since 1974. The capacity of 47,929 makes it the 5th largest football stadium in France (after the Stade de France, Marseille's Stade Velodrome, Lyon's Parc Olympique Lyonnais and Lille's Stade Pierre-Mauroy). With PSG now a major player in European football, the club are looking to expand the stadium to increase match day revenue - with plans on the table to increase capacity to 60,000.

The current ground is actually the 3rd to be built on the site, following earlier ones opened in 1897 and 1932. The previous stadiums had a strong connection to cycling - the cycle track around the pitch doubled up as the finishing line of the Tour de France from 1903 to 1967.

The ground also has a rich footballing history. It was the home of the French National team before the Stade de France opened. It has also hosted a number of major tournaments including World Cups in 1938 and 1998, Euro 1984 and Euro 2016. It also hosted the first ever European Cup Final in 1958 as Real Madrid beat Stade de Reins 4-3.

Parc des Princes 47,929 capacity • 5,990 visits logged •

It is also just across the road from...

Stade Jean Bouin

Stade Jean Bouin
Stade Jean Bouin (left) and Parc des Princes (right)

The Stade Jean Bouin is the home stadium of rugby side Stade Francais. I wouldn't usually include an egg-chasing ground in a guide like this however I'll make an exception for 3 reasons: 1. It used to be the temporary home of Red Star FC; 2. It used to be the home of PSG's women's team; 3. It is situated right next door to the Parc des Princes.

So, if you're going to check out PSG's ground, you pretty much guaranteed to see the Stade Jean Bouin.

Stade Jean Bouin Paris 20,000 capacity • 44 visits logged •

Stade Sebastien Charlety (Paris FC)

Paris FC's Stade Sebastien Charlety
Stade Sebastien Charlety - home of Paris FC

Home to both Paris FC and Paris St Germain Feminine, the Stade Sebastien Charlety is an oval-shaped 20,000 seater stadium located to the south of the capital.

The running track around the pitch means that fans are sat a fair distance from the action and it's unsurprising to learn that the stadium is used for athletics in the summer months. As is (seemingly) quite customary for grounds in Paris, the stadium also has a long rugby history with several major matches staged there in the past, including egg-chasing World Cup games.

Somewhat more interesting is the fact that another stadium is built underneath it. The 1,850 Salle Pierre Charpy is the home of Paris Volleyball.

Stade Sebastien Charlety 20,000 capacity • 165 visits logged •

Stade Bauer

Stade Bauer
Stade Bauer

Also known as Stade de Paris, Stade Bauer is located to the north of the city centre, just a couple of miles away from the Stade de France.

Originally opened in 1909, the 10,000 capacity stadium is home to Red Star FC. The club have been languishing in the French second and third divisions in recent years, but past glories have seen them win the Coupe de France (French FA Cup) on 5 occasions, including a hat-trick of wins in the early 1920s. The team last lifted the trophy in 1948.

Stade Bauer 10,000 capacity • 102 visits logged •

Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir (Racing Colombes 92)

Racing Colombes' Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir
Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir - home of Racing Colombes 92

The Yves-du-Manoir is home to Racing Colombes 92 who currently ply their trade in the fifth tier of French football. Opened in 1907, this 14,000 capacity venue is located in the suburb of Colombes to the north west of Paris.

The stadium hosts a number of sports including football, athletics and (of course) rugby. It was used as the main stadium for the 1924 Summer Olympics when it had a capacity of 45,000.

As a side note, Racing are one of oldest clubs in France, founded back in 1882. They are also one of the founder members of Ligue 1, the top level of football in the country.

Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir 14,000 capacity • 17 visits logged

Stade Dominique Duvauchelle (Creteil-Lusitanos)

Creteil-Lusitanos' Stade Dominique Duvauchelle
Stade Dominique Duvauchelle - home of Creteil-Lusitanos

Home to Creteil-Lusitanos, the Stade Dominique Duvauchelle is a 12,000 capacity stadium located to the south east of Paris, first opened in 1983. It was named after a local journalist who died in a car accident shortly before it was completed.

Also used for athletics, the stadium's record attendance was set for a friendly match between Cameroon and Senegal back in 2005, drawing a sell out crowd of 12,000.

Stade Dominique Duvauchelle 12,050 capacity • 83 visits logged •

Stade Robert Bobin

Stade Robert Bobin
Stade Robert Bobin

The last of our major grounds in Paris is the Stade Robert Bobin. This one is a little further out, at around 25 miles south of the city centre but is the current home of Paris FC Feminine.

This 18,850 capacity stadium was built in 1993 and hosts rugby and athletics as well as football. In the 90s it was a regular venue for American football as well.

The stadium's record attendance of 18,500 was set in 2004 when PSG played Juventus in a pre-season friendly.

Stade Robert Bobin 18,850 capacity • 3 visits logged •

Football stadiums near Disneyland Paris

One of Paris' largest attractions is Disneyland (or EuroDisney as it used to be called, or DLP if you're down with the cool Disney kids). It's located around 45 miles east of Paris, but only has a couple of grounds nearby if you're wanting to escape the "happiest place on Earth" for a spot of groundhopping...

If you'd rather visit one of the largest stadiums that Paris has to offer, a train from Disney to the centre of the capital will take around 35 minutes. Note that Disney has an on-site train station (Marne-la-Valle-Chessy) making a day out to a match in another city a very real possibility. Some of the biggest cities in France are easy to get to with direct trains to...

This does come with a quick warning though - the 4 options above are all relatively new stadiums, so don't expect a 5 minute walk from the train station the stadium. They're all located away from the city centre.

Other things to do in Paris

List of football stadiums in Paris

#Ground & Team(s)Cap.Dist.%
1Stade Sebastien Charlety
Paris FC (France » Ligue 2 step 2)
Paris St Germain Feminine (France » Division 1 Feminine)
20,0002.79165 (0.10%)
2Complexe Sportif Didot
CA Paris (France » Division 2 Feminine Group A)
-2.870 (0.00%)
3Stade Boutroux
Paris 13 Atletico (France » Championnat National 2 (Group A) step 4)
2,0002.957 (0.00%)
4Stade Dejerine
Paris FC II (France » Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France step 5)
Paris FC former ground (France » Ligue 2 step 2)
1,0003.0814 (0.01%)
5Stade Maryse Hilsz
UJA Maccabi Paris former ground (France » Other French Teams)
-3.170 (0.00%)
6Stade Bauer
Red Star (France » Championnat National step 3)
Paris St Germain former ground (France » Ligue 1 step 1)
10,0003.3102 (0.06%)
7Stade Gabriel Voisin
AS Ararat Issy (France » Other French Teams)
-3.850 (0.00%)
8Stade Andre Karman
FCM Aubervilliers (France » Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France step 5)
2,5003.883 (0.00%)
9Stade Clerville
US Ivry (France » Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France step 5)
2,0003.951 (0.00%)
10Stade Marcel Cerdan
USM Malakoff (France » Other French Teams)
-3.981 (0.00%)
11Stade Roger Couderc
FC Vitry (France » Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France step 5)
-4.180 (0.00%)
12Parc des Sports
FC Lilas (France » Other French Teams)
-4.190 (0.00%)
13Stade Jean Bouin Paris
FC Versailles 78 (France » Championnat National step 3)
Paris St Germain former ground (France » Ligue 1 step 1)
Red Star former ground (France » Championnat National step 3)
20,0004.3344 (0.03%)
14Parc des Princes
Paris St Germain (France » Ligue 1 step 1)
Paris FC former ground (France » Ligue 2 step 2)
47,9294.355,990 (3.45%)
15Stade de France
France (National » UEFA step 1)
80,6984.587,354 (4.24%)
16Stade Maurice Cubizolles
FC Maisons Alfort (France » Other French Teams)
-5.240 (0.00%)
17Henri Wallon Stadium
FC 93 Bobigny-Bagnolet-Gagny former ground (France » Championnat National 2 (Group B) step 4)
3,0005.361 (0.00%)
18Stade Robert Legros
RSC Montreuil (France » Other French Teams)
-5.393 (0.00%)
19Stade Pershing
-5.450 (0.00%)
20Stade Salvador Allende
O Noisy le Sec (France » Other French Teams)
3,0005.493 (0.00%)
21Parc departemental des Sports de Marville
Paris FC former ground (France » Ligue 2 step 2)
-5.680 (0.00%)
22Stade Marcel Payen
AF Garenne Colombes (France » Other French Teams)
-6.071 (0.00%)
23Stade Auguste Delaune Bobigny
FC 93 Bobigny-Bagnolet-Gagny (France » Championnat National 2 (Group B) step 4)
-6.251 (0.00%)
24Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir
Racing Club de France (France » Championnat National 2 (Group A) step 4)
Paris St Germain former ground (France » Ligue 1 step 1)
14,0006.5617 (0.01%)
25Stade Lucien Choine
Racing Club de France (France » Championnat National 2 (Group A) step 4)
1,5006.653 (0.00%)
26Stade Marcel Bec
AC Boulogne-Billancourt (France » Other French Teams)
Issy FF (France » Division 2 Feminine Group A)
2,0006.781 (0.00%)
27Stade Charles Sage
JA Drancy (France » Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France step 5)
2,5006.963 (0.00%)
28Stade Jean Bouin
AS Choisy le Roi (France » Other French Teams)
1,0007.391 (0.00%)
29Parc Departemental des Sports
UJA Maccabi Paris (France » Other French Teams)
-7.393 (0.00%)
30Stade Lucien Grelinger
US Rungis (France » Other French Teams)
1,0007.481 (0.00%)
31Stade Adolphe Cheron
F94 Le Perreux AS (France » Other French Teams)
-7.621 (0.00%)
32Stade Adolphe-Cheron
VGA St Maur Feminine (France » Other French Women Teams)
St Maur Lusitanos former ground (France » Championnat National 2 (Group B) step 4)
2,5207.693 (0.00%)
33Stade Georges-Pompidou
Villemomble Sports (France » Other French Teams)
9008.125 (0.00%)
34Stade Dominique Duvauchelle
Creteil-Lusitanos (France » Championnat National 2 (Group B) step 4)
Creteil-Lusitanos II (France » Other French Teams)
12,0508.2383 (0.05%)
35Stade des Corneilles
VGA St Maur (France » Other French Teams)
-8.392 (0.00%)
36Stade Pierre de Coubertin
FCM Garges les Gonesse (France » Other French Teams)
-8.540 (0.00%)
37Parc des Sports Michel Hidalgo
LEntente SSG (France » Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France step 5)
8,0008.5919 (0.01%)
38Stade Gerard Roussel
FC Cheminots Villeneuvois (France » Other French Teams)
-9.31 (0.00%)
39Stade Porchefontaine
-9.690 (0.00%)
40Stade Alan Mimoun
Noisy-le-Grand (France » Other French Teams)
1,0009.820 (0.00%)

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