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Championnat National Football Grounds in France

Map of Championnat National stadiums

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List of Championnat National stadiums

0/17 grounds visited (0%)

AS NancyAS Nancy
Stade Marcel Picot
Stade Rene Fenouillere
Stade Guy-Piriou
CS Sedan ArdennesCS Sedan Ardennes
Stade Louis Dugauguez
FC MartiguesFC Martigues
Stade Francis Turcan
FC Versailles 78FC Versailles 78
Stade Jean Bouin Paris
Stade Montbauron (old ground)
Football Bourg-en-Bresse Peronnas 01Football Bourg-en-Bresse Peronnas 01
Stade Marcel Verchere
Stade Municipal de Peronnas (old ground)
La Berrichonne ChateaurouxLa Berrichonne Chateauroux
Gaston Petit
Le MansLe Mans
MMA Arena
Stade Leon Bollee (old ground)
Stade de La Pincenardiere (old ground)
Complexe Sportif du Clos Fleuri (old ground)
Le Puy 43Le Puy 43
Stade Charles Massot
Paris 13 AtleticoParis 13 Atletico
Stade Boutroux
Red StarRed Star
Stade Bauer
Stade Jean Bouin Paris (old ground)
SO CholetSO Cholet
Omnisports Stadium
Stade Olympique Choletais (old ground)
Stade BriochinStade Briochin
Stade Fred Aubert
US OrleansUS Orleans
Stade de la Source
USL DunkerqueUSL Dunkerque
Stade Marcel Tribut
Stade Armand Chouffet
Stade Pierre Montmartin (old ground)

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Last updated: June 2022

Championnat National Information

NameChampionnat National
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toLigue 2
Relegation to (one of)Championnat National 2 (Group A)
Championnat National 2 (Group B)
Championnat National 2 (Group C)
Championnat National 2 (Group D)

Grounds in Championnat National Ordered by Capacity

1.MMA Arena home to Le Mans25,064
2.Stade Louis Dugauguez home to CS Sedan Ardennes23,189
3.Stade Marcel Picot home to AS Nancy20,087
4.Stade Jean Bouin Paris home to FC Versailles 7820,000
5.Gaston Petit home to La Berrichonne Chateauroux17,072
6.Stade Fred Aubert home to Stade Briochin13,500
7.Stade Francis Turcan home to FC Martigues11,500
8.Stade Marcel Verchere home to Football Bourg-en-Bresse Peronnas 0111,400
9.Stade Bauer home to Red Star10,000
10.Omnisports Stadium home to SO Cholet8,000
11.Stade de la Source home to US Orleans7,812
12.Stade Guy-Piriou home to Concarneau6,500
13.Stade Rene Fenouillere home to Avranches5,000
14.Stade Charles Massot home to Le Puy 434,800
15.Stade Marcel Tribut home to USL Dunkerque4,200
16.Stade Armand Chouffet home to Villefranche3,200
17.Stade Boutroux home to Paris 13 Atletico2,000
  • Biggest stadium in Championnat National: 25,064 - MMA Arena
  • Smallest stadium in Championnat National: 2,000 - Stade Boutroux
  • Total capacity in Championnat National: 193,324
  • Average capacity in Championnat National: 10,740

Best supported teams in Championnat National

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.La Berrichonne Chateauroux8
2.AS Nancy5
3.Le Mans3
4.Red Star2
5.US Orleans1
8.CS Sedan Ardennes0
9.FC Martigues0
10.FC Versailles 780
11.Football Bourg-en-Bresse Peronnas 010
12.Le Puy 430
13.Paris 13 Atletico0
14.SO Cholet0
15.Stade Briochin0
16.USL Dunkerque0
  • Most fans in Championnat National: 8 - La Berrichonne Chateauroux
  • Fewest fans in Championnat National: 0 - Villefranche
  • Total Championnat National fans: 19
  • Average number of fans in Championnat National: 1

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Championnat National?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Red Star62.00
2.AS Nancy15.20
3.US Orleans9.00
4.Le Mans5.67
5.La Berrichonne Chateauroux0.00
8.CS Sedan Ardennes0.00
9.FC Martigues0.00
10.FC Versailles 780.00
11.Football Bourg-en-Bresse Peronnas 010.00
12.Le Puy 430.00
13.Paris 13 Atletico0.00
14.SO Cholet0.00
15.Stade Briochin0.00
16.USL Dunkerque0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Championnat National: 62 grounds visited - Red Star
  • Least travelled fans in Championnat National: 0 grounds visited - Villefranche
  • Average # grounds visited in Championnat National: 5.10

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