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Championnat National 2 (Group B) Football Grounds in France

Map of Championnat National 2 (Group B) stadiums

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List of Championnat National 2 (Group B) stadiums

0/15 grounds visited (0%)

AS Furiani-AglianiAS Furiani-Agliani
Stade dErbajolo
Stade du Bastio (old ground)
ASM BelfortaineASM Belfortaine
Stade Roger Serzian
Stade de la Liberation
Stade Dominique Duvauchelle
FC 93 Bobigny-Bagnolet-GagnyFC 93 Bobigny-Bagnolet-Gagny
Stade Auguste Delaune Bobigny
Henri Wallon Stadium (old ground)
FC Metz IIFC Metz II
Stade Dezavelle
FCSR HaguenauFCSR Haguenau
Parc des Sports Haguenau
Fleury 91Fleury 91
Stade Auguste Gentelet
Stade Robert Bobin (old ground)
Olympique St QuentinOlympique St Quentin
Stade Paul Debresie
Racing BesanconRacing Besancon
Stade Leo Lagrange
Sainte GenevieveSainte Genevieve
Parc des Sports Leo Lagrange
SR ColmarSR Colmar
Colmar Stadium
St Maur LusitanosSt Maur Lusitanos
Complexe Sportif Louison Bobet
Stade Adolphe-Cheron (old ground)
Stade Reims IIStade Reims II
Stade Louis Bleriot 4
Stade Marcel Thil (old ground)
Stade Louis Bleriot (Neuvilette) (old ground)
Stade Louis Bleriot 2 (old ground)
Wasquehal Wasquehal
Complexe Sportif Lucien Montagne

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Last updated: October 2022

Championnat National 2 (Group B) Information

NameChampionnat National 2 (Group B)
Level on pyramid4
Same level asChampionnat National 2 (Group A)
Championnat National 2 (Group C)
Championnat National 2 (Group D)
Promotion toChampionnat National
Relegation to (one of)Championnat National 3 Auvergne Rhone Alpes
Championnat National 3 Bourgogne Franche Comte
Championnat National 3 Bretagne
Championnat National 3 Centre Val de Loire
Championnat National 3 Corse Mediterranee
Championnat National 3 Grand Est
Championnat National 3 Hauts de France
Championnat National 3 Normandie
Championnat National 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine
Championnat National 3 Occitanie
Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France
Championnat National 3 Pays de la Loire

Grounds in Championnat National 2 (Group B) Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Dominique Duvauchelle home to Creteil-Lusitanos12,050
2.Stade Leo Lagrange home to Racing Besancon10,500
3.Stade de la Liberation home to Boulogne7,300
4.Colmar Stadium home to SR Colmar7,000
5.Stade Roger Serzian home to ASM Belfortaine5,500
6.Parc des Sports Haguenau home to FCSR Haguenau5,000
7.Stade Paul Debresie home to Olympique St Quentin4,000
8.Parc des Sports Leo Lagrange home to Sainte Genevieve3,000
9.Stade Auguste Gentelet home to Fleury 912,000
10.Stade dErbajolo home to AS Furiani-Agliani1,600
11.Stade Dezavelle home to FC Metz II1,500
12.Complexe Sportif Louison Bobet home to St Maur Lusitanos1,000
13.Stade Louis Bleriot 4 home to Stade Reims II1,000
14.Complexe Sportif Lucien Montagne home to Wasquehal 500
  • Biggest stadium in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 12,050 - Stade Dominique Duvauchelle
  • Smallest stadium in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 500 - Complexe Sportif Lucien Montagne
  • Total capacity in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 61,950
  • Average capacity in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 4,130

Best supported teams in Championnat National 2 (Group B)

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.AS Furiani-Agliani0
3.ASM Belfortaine0
5.FC 93 Bobigny-Bagnolet-Gagny0
6.FC Metz II0
7.FCSR Haguenau0
8.Fleury 910
9.Olympique St Quentin0
10.Racing Besancon0
11.Sainte Genevieve0
12.SR Colmar0
13.St Maur Lusitanos0
14.Stade Reims II0
15.Wasquehal 0
  • Most fans in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 1 - Creteil-Lusitanos
  • Fewest fans in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 0 - Wasquehal
  • Total Championnat National 2 (Group B) fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Championnat National 2 (Group B)?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.AS Furiani-Agliani0.00
3.ASM Belfortaine0.00
5.FC 93 Bobigny-Bagnolet-Gagny0.00
6.FC Metz II0.00
7.FCSR Haguenau0.00
8.Fleury 910.00
9.Olympique St Quentin0.00
10.Racing Besancon0.00
11.Sainte Genevieve0.00
12.SR Colmar0.00
13.St Maur Lusitanos0.00
14.Stade Reims II0.00
15.Wasquehal 0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 46 grounds visited - Creteil-Lusitanos
  • Least travelled fans in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 0 grounds visited - Wasquehal
  • Average # grounds visited in Championnat National 2 (Group B): 2.88

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