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Championnat National 3 Normandie Football Grounds in France

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Championnat National 3 Normandie 0/14 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
AF Virois 
Stade Pierre Compte
AG Caennaise 
Stade de Venoix Terrain Honneur
Avranches II 
Stade Rene Fenouillere
Bayeux FC 
Stade Henri Jeanne
Stade Maurice Postaire
CMS Oissel 
Stade Marcel Billard
Evreux FC 27 
Stade Jean Bouin
FC Dieppe 
Stade Jean Dasnias
FC St Lo 
Stade Louis Villemer
Le Havre II 
Stade Charles Argentin
Jules Deschaseaux (old ground)
Stade Maurice Bacquet (old ground)
Romilly-Pont St Pierre FC 
Stade Gaston Philbert
SU Dives-Cabourg 
Stade Andre Heurtematte
US Alencon 61 
Stade Jacques Fould
US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole II 
Stade Michel Mutel

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Grounds in Championnat National 3 Normandie Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Maurice Postaire home to Cherbourg7,000
2.Stade Charles Argentin home to Le Havre II6,000
3.Stade Rene Fenouillere home to Avranches II5,000
4.Stade Louis Villemer home to FC St Lo4,659
5.Stade Jean Dasnias home to FC Dieppe3,100
6.Stade Jean Bouin home to Evreux FC 273,000
7.Stade Marcel Billard home to CMS Oissel3,000
8.Stade Michel Mutel home to US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole II2,300
9.Stade Andre Heurtematte home to SU Dives-Cabourg2,000
10.Stade Jacques Fould home to US Alencon 611,500
11.Stade Pierre Compte home to AF Virois1,500
12.Stade de Venoix Terrain Honneur home to AG Caennaise1,000
13.Stade Gaston Philbert home to Romilly-Pont St Pierre FC1,000
14.Stade Henri Jeanne home to Bayeux FC1,000
  • Average capacity in Championnat National 3 Normandie: 2,804

Best supported teams in Championnat National 3 Normandie

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AF Virois0
2.AG Caennaise0
3.Avranches II0
4.Bayeux FC0
6.CMS Oissel0
7.Evreux FC 270
8.FC Dieppe0
9.FC St Lo0
10.Le Havre II0
11.Romilly-Pont St Pierre FC0
12.SU Dives-Cabourg0
13.US Alencon 610
14.US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole II0
  • Average # fans in Championnat National 3 Normandie: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Championnat National 3 Normandie?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AF Virois0.00
2.AG Caennaise0.00
3.Avranches II0.00
4.Bayeux FC0.00
6.CMS Oissel0.00
7.Evreux FC 270.00
8.FC Dieppe0.00
9.FC St Lo0.00
10.Le Havre II0.00
11.Romilly-Pont St Pierre FC0.00
12.SU Dives-Cabourg0.00
13.US Alencon 610.00
14.US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole II0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Championnat National 3 Normandie: 0.00

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