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Regional 1 Mediterranee Football Grounds in France

Map of Regional 1 Mediterranee stadiums

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List of Regional 1 Mediterranee stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

AS Cagnes Le CrosAS Cagnes Le Cros
Stade Pierre Sauvaigo
AS GemenosienneAS Gemenosienne
Stade Guy Delestrade
AS Monaco FC IIIAS Monaco FC III
Stade Didier Deschamps
AS Sainte MaximeAS Sainte Maxime
Stade Gilles David
Berre SPCBerre SPC
Stade Roger Martin
Stade Marcel Cerdan
Entente UGA ArdzivEntente UGA Ardziv
Stade Sevan
ES FosES Fos
Stade des Pins
Etoile Sportive ZacharienneEtoile Sportive Zacharienne
Stade Francois Coulomb
ROS MentonROS Menton
Stade Lucien Rhein
Salon Bel Air FootSalon Bel Air Foot
Stade Marcel Roustan
SC Toulon IISC Toulon II
Stade Auguste Delaune
Stade Bon Rencontre (old ground)
Six Fours Le BruscSix Fours Le Brusc
Stade Antoine Baptiste
SPC CourthezonSPC Courthezon
Stade de la Roquette
Stade MarseillaisStade Marseillais
Stade Roger Lebert
US Carqueiranne La CrauUS Carqueiranne La Crau
Complexe Sportif LEstagnol

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Regional 1 Mediterranee Information

NameRegional 1 Mediterranee
Level on pyramid6
Same level asRegional 1 Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Poule A
Regional 1 Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Poule B
Regional 1 Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Poule C
Regional 1 Corsica
Regional 1 Grand-Est Groupe A
Regional 1 Grand-Est Groupe B
Regional 1 Grand-Est Groupe C
Regional 1 Grand-Est Groupe D
Regional 1 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Poule 1
Regional 1 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Poule 2
Regional 1 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Poule 3
Promotion to (one of)Championnat National 3 Auvergne Rhone Alpes
Championnat National 3 Bourgogne Franche Comte
Championnat National 3 Bretagne
Championnat National 3 Centre Val de Loire
Championnat National 3 Corse Mediterranee
Championnat National 3 Grand Est
Championnat National 3 Hauts de France
Championnat National 3 Normandie
Championnat National 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine
Championnat National 3 Occitanie
Championnat National 3 Paris Ile de France
Championnat National 3 Pays de la Loire

Grounds in Regional 1 Mediterranee Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Marcel Roustan home to Salon Bel Air Foot4,000
2.Stade Antoine Baptiste home to Six Fours Le Brusc3,000
3.Stade Lucien Rhein home to ROS Menton2,500
4.Complexe Sportif LEstagnol home to US Carqueiranne La Crau2,000
5.Stade Sevan home to Entente UGA Ardziv2,000
6.Stade Marcel Cerdan home to Carnoux1,700
7.Stade Auguste Delaune home to SC Toulon II1,500
8.Stade Didier Deschamps home to AS Monaco FC III1,500
9.Stade Pierre Sauvaigo home to AS Cagnes Le Cros1,500
10.Stade Roger Martin home to Berre SPC1,400
11.Stade de la Roquette home to SPC Courthezon1,000
12.Stade des Pins home to ES Fos1,000
13.Stade Francois Coulomb home to Etoile Sportive Zacharienne1,000
14.Stade Gilles David home to AS Sainte Maxime1,000
15.Stade Guy Delestrade home to AS Gemenosienne1,000
16.Stade Roger Lebert home to Stade Marseillais1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 4,000 - Stade Marcel Roustan
  • Smallest stadium in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 1,000 - Stade Roger Lebert
  • Total capacity in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 27,100
  • Average capacity in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 1,594

Best supported teams in Regional 1 Mediterranee

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.AS Cagnes Le Cros0
3.AS Gemenosienne0
4.AS Monaco FC III0
5.AS Sainte Maxime0
6.Berre SPC0
7.Entente UGA Ardziv0
8.ES Fos0
9.Etoile Sportive Zacharienne0
10.ROS Menton0
11.Salon Bel Air Foot0
12.SC Toulon II0
13.Six Fours Le Brusc0
14.SPC Courthezon0
15.Stade Marseillais0
16.US Carqueiranne La Crau0
  • Most fans in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 1 - Carnoux
  • Fewest fans in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 0 - US Carqueiranne La Crau
  • Total Regional 1 Mediterranee fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Regional 1 Mediterranee?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.AS Cagnes Le Cros0.00
3.AS Gemenosienne0.00
4.AS Monaco FC III0.00
5.AS Sainte Maxime0.00
6.Berre SPC0.00
7.Entente UGA Ardziv0.00
8.ES Fos0.00
9.Etoile Sportive Zacharienne0.00
10.ROS Menton0.00
11.Salon Bel Air Foot0.00
12.SC Toulon II0.00
13.Six Fours Le Brusc0.00
14.SPC Courthezon0.00
15.Stade Marseillais0.00
16.US Carqueiranne La Crau0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 0 grounds visited - Carnoux
  • Least travelled fans in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 0 grounds visited - US Carqueiranne La Crau
  • Average # grounds visited in Regional 1 Mediterranee: 0.00

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