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Championnat National 2 (Group C) Football Grounds in France

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Championnat National 2 (Group C) 0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
LEnvol Stadium
Stade Roger Baudras (old ground)
AS Monaco FC II 
Stade Prince Hereditaire Jacques
Stade Lucien Rhein (old ground)
CMB Training Centre (old ground)
Stade Pierre de Coubertin (old ground)
Aubagne FC 
Stade De Lattre de Tassigny
Etoile Football Club Frejus Saint Raphael 
Stade Louis-Hon, Saint-Raphael
Stade Pourcin (old ground)
FC Martigues 
Stade Francis Turcan
GFA Rumilly-Vallieres 
Stade des Grangettes
Grand Ouest Association Lyonnaise  
Stade Ludovic Giuly
Stade Municipal de Moirans (old ground)
Hyeres FC 
Stade Perruc
Jura Sud-Foot 
Stade du Champ de Bienne
Stade Municipal de Moirans (old ground)
Stade du Bram
Lyon II 
Groupama OL Training Center
Plaine des Jeux de Gerland (old ground)
Groupama OL Academy (old ground)
Marignane Gignac 
Stade Saint-Exupery
Marseille II 
Stade Marcel Cerdan
Stade Sevan (old ground)
Stade Paul Le Cesne (old ground)
Racing Club de Grasse 
Stade Jean Girard
Stade De La Paoute (old ground)
Stade Jacques Joly
SC Toulon 
Stade Bon Rencontre
Stade Felix Mayol (old ground)

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Grounds in Championnat National 2 (Group C) Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Francis Turcan home to FC Martigues11,500
2.Stade du Bram home to Louhans-Cuiseaux8,400
3.Stade Bon Rencontre home to SC Toulon8,000
4.LEnvol Stadium home to Andrezieux5,000
5.Stade Ludovic Giuly home to Grand Ouest Association Lyonnaise 5,000
6.Stade De Lattre de Tassigny home to Aubagne FC3,000
7.Stade Louis-Hon, Saint-Raphael home to Etoile Football Club Frejus Saint Raphael3,000
8.Stade Jean Girard home to Racing Club de Grasse2,665
9.Stade Jacques Joly home to Saint-Priest2,000
10.Stade Perruc home to Hyeres FC1,820
11.Stade Marcel Cerdan home to Marseille II1,700
12.Stade des Grangettes home to GFA Rumilly-Vallieres1,500
13.Stade du Champ de Bienne home to Jura Sud-Foot1,500
14.Stade Saint-Exupery home to Marignane Gignac1,500
15.Groupama OL Training Center home to Lyon II1,000
16.Stade Prince Hereditaire Jacques home to AS Monaco FC II1,000
  • Average capacity in Championnat National 2 (Group C): 3,446

Best supported teams in Championnat National 2 (Group C)

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.AS Monaco FC II0
3.Aubagne FC0
4.Etoile Football Club Frejus Saint Raphael0
5.FC Martigues0
6.GFA Rumilly-Vallieres0
7.Grand Ouest Association Lyonnaise 0
8.Hyeres FC0
9.Jura Sud-Foot0
11.Lyon II0
12.Marignane Gignac0
13.Marseille II0
14.Racing Club de Grasse0
16.SC Toulon0
  • Average # fans in Championnat National 2 (Group C): 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Championnat National 2 (Group C)?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.AS Monaco FC II0.00
3.Aubagne FC0.00
4.Etoile Football Club Frejus Saint Raphael0.00
5.FC Martigues0.00
6.GFA Rumilly-Vallieres0.00
7.Grand Ouest Association Lyonnaise 0.00
8.Hyeres FC0.00
9.Jura Sud-Foot0.00
11.Lyon II0.00
12.Marignane Gignac0.00
13.Marseille II0.00
14.Racing Club de Grasse0.00
16.SC Toulon0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Championnat National 2 (Group C): 0.00

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