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Ligue 2 Football Grounds in France

Map of Ligue 2 stadiums

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List of Ligue 2 stadiums

0/19 grounds visited (0%)

Stade de la Licorne
Parc des Sports
Parc des Sports 2 (old ground)
Chamois NiortaisChamois Niortais
Rene Gaillard
Stade Gaston Gerard
En Avant GuingampEn Avant Guingamp
Le Roudourou
FC MetzFC Metz
Saint-Symphorien-Nouvelle tribune
Stade des Alpes
Lesdiguieres (old ground)
Le HavreLe Havre
Stade Oceane
Jules Deschaseaux (old ground)
Nimes OlympiqueNimes Olympique
Stade des Costieres
Paris FCParis FC
Stade Sebastien Charlety
Stade Dejerine (old ground)
Nouste Camp
Stade du Hameau (old ground)
Stade Paul Lignon
Saint EtienneSaint Etienne
Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
SC BastiaSC Bastia
Stade Armand-Cesari-Furiani
SM CaenSM Caen
Stade Michel d'Ornano
Stade Venoix 3 (old ground)
Stade Bonal
Stade LavalloisStade Lavallois
Stade Francis Le Basser
US Quevilly-Rouen MetropoleUS Quevilly-Rouen Metropole
Stade Robert Diochon
Stade du Hainaut
Stade Nungesser (old ground)

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Ligue 2 Information

NameLigue 2
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toLigue 1
Relegation toChampionnat National

Grounds in Ligue 2 Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Geoffroy-Guichard home to Saint Etienne41,965
2.Saint-Symphorien-Nouvelle tribune home to FC Metz25,636
3.Stade Oceane home to Le Havre25,178
4.Stade du Hainaut home to Valenciennes24,926
5.Stade Michel d'Ornano home to SM Caen20,453
6.Stade des Alpes home to Grenoble20,068
7.Stade Bonal home to Sochaux20,005
8.Stade Sebastien Charlety home to Paris FC20,000
9.Le Roudourou home to En Avant Guingamp19,003
10.Stade Francis Le Basser home to Stade Lavallois18,607
11.Stade des Costieres home to Nimes Olympique18,482
12.Stade Gaston Gerard home to Dijon16,098
13.Parc des Sports home to Annecy15,660
14.Stade de la Licorne home to Amiens12,297
15.Stade Robert Diochon home to US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole12,018
16.Rene Gaillard home to Chamois Niortais11,352
17.Stade Armand-Cesari-Furiani home to SC Bastia10,460
18.Stade Paul Lignon home to Rodez5,955
19.Nouste Camp home to Pau4,144
  • Biggest stadium in Ligue 2: 41,965 - Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
  • Smallest stadium in Ligue 2: 4,144 - Nouste Camp
  • Total capacity in Ligue 2: 342,307
  • Average capacity in Ligue 2: 17,115

Best supported teams in Ligue 2

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Saint Etienne19
2.FC Metz11
3.En Avant Guingamp10
4.Nimes Olympique5
5.SM Caen5
11.Paris FC1
14.Chamois Niortais0
15.Le Havre0
17.SC Bastia0
18.Stade Lavallois0
19.US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole0
  • Most fans in Ligue 2: 19 - Saint Etienne
  • Fewest fans in Ligue 2: 0 - US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole
  • Total Ligue 2 fans: 66
  • Average number of fans in Ligue 2: 3

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Ligue 2?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.FC Metz41.91
4.En Avant Guingamp31.00
5.Saint Etienne27.37
6.Nimes Olympique23.60
8.SM Caen14.60
11.Paris FC0.00
14.Chamois Niortais0.00
15.Le Havre0.00
17.SC Bastia0.00
18.Stade Lavallois0.00
19.US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Ligue 2: 42 grounds visited - FC Metz
  • Least travelled fans in Ligue 2: 0 grounds visited - US Quevilly-Rouen Metropole
  • Average # grounds visited in Ligue 2: 11.49

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