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A groundhopping guide to Lisbon

Best football stadiums to visit in Lisbon

Portugal's hilly capital city is located on the River Tagus and is home to 2 of Europe's biggest football clubs - Benfica and Sporting Club de Portugal (also (incorrectly) known as Sporting Lisbon to us Brits).

Lisbon is the Westernmost capital city in Europe and has a football-mad population of just over 500,000. Adding Benfica and Sporting‘s attendances together, almost 100,000 watch football on a regular basis.

2 hours 45 mins • 1 • 100 miles • Late August - late May • Portuguese • Euro (€)

Map of football stadiums in Lisbon

Estadio da Luz (Benfica)

Benfica's Estadio da Luz
Estadio da Lus - home of SL Benfica

The impressive Estadio da Luz has been home to Benfica since it was opened in 2003. The 64,642 capacity cost €162 to build and is located close to the site of the former stadium (also called the Estadio da Luz) which was Europe's largest stadium when it opened in 1954.

The current Estadio da Luz is the largest ground is Portugal and regularly hosts matches for the Portuguese national team as well as local giants Benfica. It is a UEFA category 4 stadium and has hosted prestigious matches such as the Euro 2004 final and 2014 Champions League final. In 2014, it was voted the most beautiful stadium in Europe by L'Equipe.

Estadio da Luz 64,642 capacity • 5,655 visits logged •

Estadio da Luz Tickets & Tours

Estadio Jose Alvalade (Sporting Club de Portugal)

Sporting Portugal's Estadio Jose Alvalade
Estadio Jose Alvalade - home of Sporting Club de Portugal

Just up the road from Benfica (literally a couple of miles away on the same road) is the Estadio Jose Alvalade, which has been home to Sporting Club de Portugal since it was opened in 2003. Its capacity of 50,095 makes it the second biggest stadium in the country, just 60 seats more than Porto's Estadio do Dragao.

As well as being Sporting's home, the Jose Alvalade has also hosted several Portuguese national team matches as well as 5 games as Euro 2004 and the 2005 UEFA cup final where Sporting were defeated 3-1 by CSKA Moscow.

The stadium is part of a larger complex known as the Alvalade XXI which also includes a shopping centre, cinema, health club, office block and the club's museum. The entire complex cost €162 to build and is situated close to the old stadium (which was confusingly also called the Estadio Jose Alvalade).

Jose de Alvalade XXI 50,095 capacity • 3,593 visits logged •

Estadio do Restelo (OS Belenenses)

Belenenses' Estadio do Restelo
Estadio do Restelo - home of OS Belenenses

The Estadio do Restelo is a 19,856 capacity stadium which is home to newly formed OS Belenenses after Belenenses SAD split into 2 teams in 2019.

The stadium was built on the site of an old quarry and has views of the famous Pont de 25 Abril suspension bridge from the north and west stands. An estimated 100,000 people crammed into the Restelo to see Pope John Paul II in the early 1980s.

The ground played host to the Women's Champions League Final in 2014 and holds the record for the largest attendance at a women's football match in Portugal when 15,000 saw Benfica Ladies play Sporting Ladies to raise money for the people of Mozambique after Cyclone Idai in 2019.

As well as football, the stadium has also hosted several large concerts with acts such as Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica performing there.

If you're going to Lisbon to see the tourist sights, note that this is very close to the famous Pasteis de Belem, home to Lisbon's famous Pasteis de Nata. It is also only a short walk away from the Padrao dos Descobrimentos monument.

Estadio do Restelo 19,856 capacity • 433 visits logged •

Estadio Nacional (Belenenses SAD)

Estadio Nacional
Estadio Nacional - home of Belenenses SAD

The Estadio Nacional is Portugal's National Stadium and is located 10 miles west of the city centre.

This historic stadium was opened in 1944 and has a current capacity of 37,593. The Portuguese national team regularly used the stadium until the late 1980s, but only a couple of games have taken place there in the last 30 years.

The ground is now home to Belenenses SAD, after their move from the Estadio do Restelo (above).

Whilst nowhere near the size of Benfica, Sporting or Porto in terms of fan base, Belenenses SAD were the first team outside of the "big 3" to win the Portuguese league, claiming their one and only title in 1946.

The stadium is also the venue for the Portuguese Cup final, having hosted it over 50 times since 1946. It also hosted the 1967 European Cup final where Celtic beat Inter 2-1 to become the first British team to win a European trophy.

One more interesting fact for you - the Estadio Nacional was the venue for the first ever European Cup match as Sporting drew 3-3 with Partizan Belgrade on September 4th, 1955.

Estadio Nacional 37,593 capacity • 197 visits logged •

Campo de Jogos do Pragal (Almada Atletico)

Almada Atletico's Campo de Jogos do Pragal
Campo de Jogos do Pragal - home of Almada Atletico

Almada Atletico have spent most of their history in the lower leagues of the Portuguese footballing pyramid, winning the 3rd division a couple of times in the 1940s and 1950s but never making it to the Premiera Liga.

So, why are they in this guide? Quite simple really, their 3,000 capacity stadium is located to the south of the Pont de 25 Abril bridge, smack bang next to the giant Cristo Rei (Christ the King) statue.

A non-League ground right next to one of Portugal's biggest tourist attractions. Awesome.

Campo de Jogos do Pragal 2,500 capacity • 5 visits logged •

Estadio da Tapadinha (Atletico Clube de Portugal)

Atletico Clube de Portugal's Estadio da Tapadinha
Estadio da Tapadinha - home of Atletico Clube de Portugal

The Estadio da Tapadinha is a 4,000 seater stadium directly north of the famous bridge. Built in 1926, it is home to both Atletico Clube de Portugal and Benfica's women's team.

Estadio da Tapadinha 4,000 capacity • 77 visits logged •

Further afield

Whilst there's plenty of grounds close to the centre of Lisbon, if you're happy to travel a little there are a couple of decent grounds just outside the city...

Estadio do Bonfim (Vitoria Setubal)

Vitoria Setubal's Estadio do Bonfin
Estadio do Bonfim - home of Vitoria Setubal

Other than the "big 3", Vitoria are one of the most successful teams in the country, winning three Portuguese cups since their formation in 1910 (there illustrating the dominance of Benfica, Sporting and Porto).

Setubal is located around 30 miles south of Lisbon and have played at the Estadio do Bomfin since it was built in 1962. The current capacity of 15,497 is a shadow of the stadium's record attendance, set when an estimated 40,000 saw Vitoria face Spartak Moscow in the 1971 European Cup.

The ground has hosted half a dozen Portuguese national team matches, the last of which being in 2004.

At almost 60 years old, the Bomfin is an aging structure, but is easy to get to, located just over half a mile away from the city's main train station.

Do Bonfim 15,479 capacity • 266 visits logged •

Estadio Antonio Coimbra da Mota (Estoril)

Estoril's Estadio Antonio Coimbra da Mota
Estadio Antonio Coimbra da Mota - home of Estoril

Slightly nearer is the town of Estoril, located just over 20 miles to the west of the capital. GD Estoril Praia play their home games at the Estadio Antonio Coimbra da Mota, an 8,000 capacity stadium first opened in 1939.

The ground also hosts Estoril's reserve team and has been used for Women's international friendlies and Portuguese U21 matches. It was also used as Sweden's training base for Euro 2004.

The stadium's age started to show in November 2018 when a crack appeared in the away stand during Vitoria's game with Porto. The crack was deemed serious enough to force an evacuation and the match was eventually abandoned at half time. I can't find any more information, so I assume they fixed it… it's probably totally safe to visit!

Estadio Antonio Coimbra da Mota 8,015 capacity • 226 visits logged •

Other things to do in Lisbon

List of football stadiums in Lisbon

#Ground & Team(s)Cap.Dist.%
1Parque de Jogos do Operario FC Lisboa
Operario FC Lisboa (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-1.34 (0.00%)
2Estadio das Amoreiras
SL Benfica former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
-1.830 (0.00%)
3Estadio da Tapadinha
Atletico Clube de Portugal (Portugal » Campeonato de Portugal Prio Group D step 4)
Atletico Clube de Portugal Fermino (Portugal » Other Portuguese Womens Teams)
SL Benfica Fermino (Portugal » Campeonato Nacional Feminino)
SL Benfica B former ground (Portugal » Liga Portugal 2 step 2)
4,0002.3877 (0.05%)
4Campo de Jogos do Pragal
Almada Atletico (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
2,5002.755 (0.00%)
5Campo Engenheiro Carlos Salema
Clube Oriental Lisboa (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
8,5002.8953 (0.03%)
6Campo das Salésias
Os Belenenses former ground (Portugal » Liga 3 Serie B step 3)
-3.192 (0.00%)
7Estadio Municipal Jose Martins Vieira
Clube Desportivo Cova da Piedade (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
3,0003.2635 (0.02%)
8Campo Jose Ramos
SF Palmense (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-3.395 (0.00%)
9Estadio do Campo Grande
SL Benfica former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
Sporting Club de Portugal former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
-3.770 (0.00%)
10Estadio do Restelo
Os Belenenses (Portugal » Liga 3 Serie B step 3)
Belenenses SAD former ground (Portugal » Liga Portugal 2 step 2)
19,8563.84433 (0.26%)
11Campo de Futebol de Olivais Sul
CCD Olivais Sul (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
CF Chelas (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
2003.926 (0.00%)
12Jose de Alvalade XXI
Sporting Club de Portugal (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
50,0953.933,593 (2.15%)
13Campo do CIF
-3.955 (0.00%)
14Estadio Jose Alvalade (1956-2003)
Sporting Club de Portugal former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
52,4113.98119 (0.07%)
15Complexo Desportivo do Bairro da Boavista
Domingos Savio (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
Lisboa e Aguias (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-45 (0.00%)
16Estadio da Luz (1954-2003)
SL Benfica former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
78,0004.05122 (0.07%)
17Estadio da Luz
Portugal (National » UEFA step 1)
SL Benfica (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
64,6424.055,655 (3.38%)
18Campo Branca Lucas
SL Olivais (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-4.084 (0.00%)
19Sitio das Mouras
Sporting Club de Portugal former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
-4.110 (0.00%)
20Pina Manique
Casa Pia Atletico Clube former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
5,0004.1750 (0.03%)
21Estadio do Lumiar
Sporting Club de Portugal former ground (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
-4.181 (0.00%)
22Complexo Desportivo do Alto do Lumiar
Aguias da Musgueira (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
Alta de Lisboa (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
1,5004.736 (0.00%)
23Estadio Francisco Lazaro
CF Benfica (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
CF Benfica Feminino (Portugal » Other Portuguese Womens Teams)
1,5004.7528 (0.02%)
24Estadio do Bravo
SL Benfica B former ground (Portugal » Liga Portugal 2 step 2)
2,7204.9250 (0.03%)
25Estadio Dr. Simoes Alves
UDR Alges (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-4.933 (0.00%)
26Estadio Alfredo Marques Augusto
Desportivo Olivais e Moscavide (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-4.9511 (0.01%)
27Campo Fernando Perfeito
ADCEO (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
1,0004.967 (0.00%)
28Complexo Desportivo Carlos Lourenco
CAC Pontinha (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
5005.044 (0.00%)
29Estadio Dr. Agostinho Lourenco
CD Reguengo (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
CF Unidos (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-5.123 (0.00%)
30Estadio da Medideira
Amora Futebol Clube (Portugal » Liga 3 Serie B step 3)
Amora Futebol Clube Fermino (Portugal » Campeonato Nacional Feminino)
5,0005.2510 (0.01%)
31Benfica Futebol Campos
SL Benfica B (Portugal » Liga Portugal 2 step 2)
SL Benfica U19 (Portugal » Portuguese Youth Teams)
1,6005.3219 (0.01%)
32Parque desportivo Eugénia e Joaquim Cannas da Silva
Sport Futebal Damaiense (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
5005.462 (0.00%)
33Campo da Verderena
Futebol Clube Barreirense (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
1,5005.4714 (0.01%)
34Alfredo da Silva
Grupo Desportivo Fabril do Barreiro (Portugal » Campeonato de Portugal Prio Group D step 4)
22,0005.6417 (0.01%)
35Campo Desportivo UDR Santa Maria
UDR Santa Maria (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-5.682 (0.00%)
36Estadio Jose Gomes
Estrela Amadora (Portugal » Liga Portugal 2 step 2)
11,6355.8125 (0.07%)
37Campo do Sacavenense
Santa Iria (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
Sport Grupo Sacavenense (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
3,2005.9817 (0.01%)
38Estadio Fernando Magalhaes
Sporting Clube De Linda-a-Velha (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
3,0005.993 (0.00%)
39Parque de Jogos CER Tenente Valdez
Odivelas (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
Tenente Valdez (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-6.125 (0.00%)
40Complexo Desportivo Monte da Galega
Sport Futebol Damaiense Fermino (Portugal » Campeonato Nacional Feminino)
2,0006.322 (0.00%)
41Complexo De Jamor Campo 3
Os Belenenses II (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-6.472 (0.00%)
42Estadio Nacional
Belenenses SAD (Portugal » Liga Portugal 2 step 2)
Casa Pia Atletico Clube (Portugal » Primeira Liga step 1)
Portugal former ground (National » UEFA step 1)
37,5936.69197 (0.12%)
43Parque Desportivo Municipal da Bobadela
AD Bobadelense (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
2,5006.983 (0.00%)
44Estadio dos Pescadores
GD Pescadores (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-7.016 (0.00%)
45Complexo Desportivo do Real Sport Clube
Real Sport Clube (Portugal » Liga 3 Serie B step 3)
3,5007.7931 (0.02%)
46Campo de Jogos António Pinheiro Pinto Basto
CD Belas (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
1,0008.144 (0.00%)
47Campo do Sport Club Sanjoanense
SC Sanjoanense (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-8.226 (0.00%)
48Campo de Jogos Jose Silva Faria
Loures (Portugal » Campeonato de Portugal Prio Group C step 4)
2,0008.446 (0.00%)
49Campo do Juncal
Oriental Dragon FC (Portugal » Campeonato de Portugal Prio Group D step 4)
UFC Moitense (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-8.863 (0.00%)
50Estadio Municipal de Mario Wilson
Associacao Desportiva Oeiras (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
5,0979.0229 (0.02%)
51Campo da Liberdade
Olimpico do Montijo (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
1,0009.143 (0.00%)
52Complexo Desportivo de Porto Salvo
Porto Salvo (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-9.296 (0.00%)
53Campo de Jogos Tomaz Reynolds
Santa Iria former ground (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-9.872 (0.00%)
54Campo Fernando Sabido
Talaide (Portugal » Other Portuguese Teams)
-9.92 (0.00%)

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