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A groundhopping guide to Barcelona

Best football stadiums to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, famed for it Gaudi architecture and tourist attractions such as the still unfinished Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas.

But we're not bothered about that... we're interested in the football grounds you can go to whilst you're there!

When to go and how to get Barcelona

The Spanish season starts and finishes a little later than England, usually beginning towards the end of August and ending towards the end of May. Watch out for Christmas though as Spanish football usually shuts down for a couple of weeks over the festive period.

Barcelona is a very popular destination and so flights are plentiful with many low cost airlines flying there several times per day.

2 hours 30 mins • 850 miles • Late August - late May • Spanish • Euro (€)

What football grounds can I visit in Barcelona?

Surprisingly, Spain's second city doesn't actually have that many big grounds when compared to somewhere like London. However this is most likely down to the difference in population with London's 8m people far exceeding Barcelona's 1.6m inhabitants. But that doesn't mean it's not worth going...

Map of football stadiums in Barcelona

Nou Camp (FC Barcelona)

Barcelona's Nou Camp
Camp Nou - home of FC Barcelona

The Nou Camp or Camp Nou, if you prefer, has been Barcelona's home stadium since it was opened in 1957.

The current capacity of 99,354 make it the largest ground in Spain, largest in Europe and 3rd largest football stadium in the world - behind North Korea's May 1st Stadium and Melbourne's MCG… which are both used by national teams, making the Camp Nou the largest club ground in the world.

Barcelona's record attendance was set as recently as 1986 as an estimated 120,000 saw Barca take on Juventus in the European Cup semi-final.

Like rivals Real Madrid, Barcelona are looking to renovate the stadium, adding an extra 6,000 seats to take capacity to 105,000. A new roof will also cover half of the seats in the stadium. The €600m project is due to be completed for the start of the 2021/2022 season.

Nou Camp 99,354 capacity • 26,400 visits logged •

Estadio El Prat (Espanyol)

Espanyol's Estadio El Prat
Estadio El Prat - home of Espanyol

Barcelona's second team is Espanyol. Historically, they're much less successful than Barca, with just a couple of Copa del Rey wins to their name in their 119 year history.

Their ground is pretty impressive though. Known as the Estadio el Prat (or the much more boring RCDE Stadium), the ground holds 40,500 people. Opened in 2009, it took 3 years to build at a cost of around €60m.

The club's tendency for mid-table finishes means that the stadium is often only half full, so tickets are easy to find for any holiday making groundhoppers.

Estadi Cornella-El Prat (RCDE Stadium) 40,000 capacity • 774 visits logged •

Estadi Olympic Lluis Companys (currently unused)

Estadio Lluis Companys
Estadio Lluis Companys - no team currently plays here

Espanyol's previous home was the Estadi Olympic Lluis Companys and whilst no team currently plays there, this historic old old ground is still standing and definitely worth a visit.

Original built in 1927, it has a capacity of 60,713 and was Espanyol's home between 1997 and 2009.

As well as Espanyol matches, the stadium has a long history of hosting Copa del Rey finals as well as the Spanish national team and occasionally, the Andorran national team (twice for England matches). As well as football, the stadium has also hosted several other notable events including athletics, rugby and American football.

Estadio Olimpico de Montjuic (Lluis Companys) 55,926 capacity • 5,478 visits logged •

Mini Estadi (Barcelona B and Youth)

Barcelona B's Mini Estadi
Mini Estadi - home of FC Barcelona B and Youth teams

The 3rd biggest active ground in Barcelona is actually owned by FC Barcelona and sits right next door to the Camp Nou. The Mini Estadi is a 15,000 capacity stadium where Barcelona's B team play their home games (reserve teams are allowed to enter the main leagues in Spain and Barcelona's B team regularly compete in the Segunda (2nd division and Segunda B (third division)).

Opened in 1982, the Mini Estadi is occasionally home to FC Barcelona's youth teams, known as Juventil A. The City of Barcelona's NFL team played one season at the stadium until they were disbanded in 2003. The ground has also hosted several Andorran international matches.

The Mini Estadi is due to be replaced by the new Estadi Johan Cruyff - a 6,000 seat stadium currently under construction. This is due to FC Barcelona selling the Mini Estadi to finance the redevelopment plans for the Camp Nou. This will see the Mini Estadi demolished in the near future.

Mini Estadi 15,276 capacity • 258 visits logged •

Smaller grounds in Barcelona

Aside from Barca and Espanyol, there aren't that many big teams in Barcelona. There are however a number of smaller grounds which are used by teams in the regionalised Tercera Division (the 4th level of football in Spain). Here's a quick list of some of the grounds within 10 miles of the city centre with a capacity above 5,000:

Further afield

Whilst the centre of Barcelona isn't awash with big football grounds, there are a couple of decent sized ones not too far away from the city centre...

Nou Estadi de Tarragona (Gimnastic)

Gimnastic's Estadio de Tarragona
Estadio de Tarragona - home of Gimnastic

Gimnastic's imaginatively named Nou Estadi de Tarragona (literal translation: New Stadium in Tarragona) was, ironically, built in 1972… I think they can drop the "nou" part now!

Nevertheless, this 14,591 seater stadium is a good option for groundhoppers staying outside Barcelona. The ground is located just over an hour away from Spain's 2nd city, but is only 20 minutes away from the popular Spanish resort of Salou.

"Nastic", as they're commonly known, have spent most of their recent history in Spain's Segunda and Segunda B divisions - the 2nd and 3rd levels of Spain's football pyramid.

Claim to fame: The stadium was used for the opening and closing ceremony for the 2018 Mediterranean Games.

Nou Estadi 14,591 capacity • 154 visits logged •

Estadi Municipal de Badalona (Badalona)

Badalona's Municipal de Badalona
Municipal de Badalona - home of Badalona

Located to the north west of Barcelona is the town of Badalona and the Estadi Municipal de Badalona. This relatively new stadium was opened in January 2017 at a cost of just over €7m.

It replaced Badalona's old ground the Camp del Centenari which has now been demolished. The new stadium has a capacity of 4,170 and also plays host to the local women's team, CE Seagull.

Estadi Municipal de Badalona 4,170 capacity • 24 visits logged •

Estadi de la Nova Creu Alta (CE Sabadell)

CE Sabadell's Estadi de la Nova Creu Alta
Estadi de la Nova Creu Alta - home of CE Sabadell

Located around 25 miles north of Barcelona is the Estadi de la Nova Creu Alta, home of CE Sabadell. This 12,000 seater stadium was built in 1967 and hosted 6 football matches in the 1992 Summer Olympics, including 2 Colombian matches. The games failed to catch the public imagination though, with attendances ranging from a high of 6,000 (for Mexico v Ghana) to a low of just 2,000 (Egypt v Qatar).

Estadi de la Nova Creu Alta 20,000 capacity • 53 visits logged

List of all football stadiums in Barcelona

#Ground & Team(s)Cap.Dist.%
1Campo Municipal Levante Las Planas
Levante Las Planas (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
2,0001.682 (0.00%)
2Camp Municipal Pubilla Cases
CE Pubilla Casas (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-1.71 (0.00%)
3Nou Estadi Municipal de Les Grases
Santfeliuenc (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
2,5001.878 (0.00%)
4Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper
Barcelona Femeni former ground (Spain » Primera Iberdrola)
1,5001.875 (0.00%)
5Estadi Johan Cruyff
Barcelona B (Spain » Primera Division RFEF Grupo 2 step 3)
Barcelona Femeni (Spain » Primera Iberdrola)
6,0002.0428 (0.02%)
6Estadio Sant Ildefons
UE Sant Ildefons (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-2.251 (0.00%)
7Mini Estadi
Barcelona B former ground (Spain » Primera Division RFEF Grupo 2 step 3)
Barcelona Femeni former ground (Spain » Primera Iberdrola)
15,2762.29258 (0.16%)
8Nou Camp
Barcelona (Spain » Primera Liga step 1)
Catalonia (National » Other National / Regional Teams)
99,3542.4826,400 (16.50%)
9Camp municipal Fontsanta-Fatjo
CD Fontsanta-Fatjo (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
1,5002.482 (0.00%)
10Estadi de Sarria
Espanyol former ground (Spain » Primera Liga step 1)
44,0002.8266 (0.04%)
11Camp de Les Corts
Barcelona former ground (Spain » Primera Liga step 1)
-3.012 (0.00%)
12Estadi Cornella-El Prat (RCDE Stadium)
Espanyol (Spain » Primera Liga step 1)
40,0003.25774 (0.48%)
13Campo Nuevo Municipal de Cornella
UE Cornella (Spain » Primera Division RFEF Grupo 2 step 3)
1,5003.2725 (0.02%)
14Centre D'Esports I'Hospitalet
Hospitalet (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 5 (Catalonia) step 5)
6,7403.5123 (0.01%)
15Camp de Futbol de lEnergia
UE Sants (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 5 (Catalonia) step 5)
1,0003.7912 (0.01%)
16Camp de Futbol La Bascula
UE Sants Juvenil (Spain » Spanish Youth Teams)
1,0004.316 (0.00%)
17Camp de Futbol Zem Fernando Munoz Carrasco
CF Palleja (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-4.422 (0.00%)
18Nou Sardenya
CE Europa (Spain » Segunda Division RFEF Grupo 3 step 4)
7,0004.4548 (0.03%)
19Estadio Municipal Joan Baptista Mila
Santboia (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
5,2004.474 (0.00%)
20Estadio Olimpico de Montjuic (Lluis Companys)
Andorra former ground (National » UEFA step 1)
Espanyol former ground (Spain » Primera Liga step 1)
55,9264.55,478 (3.42%)
21Camp Municipal de Futbol La Satalia
CE Apa Poble Sec (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-4.672 (0.00%)
22Estade Feliu i Codina
Horta (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
5,0005.0717 (0.01%)
23Estadio Municipal del Guinardo
Martinenc (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
1,0005.110 (0.01%)
24Estadio Municipal Sagnier
AE Prat (Spain » Segunda Division RFEF Grupo 3 step 4)
5005.1611 (0.01%)
25CEM Guineueta
EE Guineueta (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 5 (Catalonia) step 5)
-5.783 (0.00%)
26Club de Futbol La Catalana
CF Barceloneta (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
8005.911 (0.01%)
27Camp d Alzamora
Alzamora CF (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
1,0005.955 (0.00%)
28Campo Municipal de Futbol Porta
Sant Andreu former ground (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 5 (Catalonia) step 5)
-5.962 (0.00%)
29Clot de la Mel
CE Vila Olimpica (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-6.174 (0.00%)
30Campo Municipal Menorca- Sant Marti
PE Sant Jordi (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 11 (Balearic) step 5)
-6.243 (0.00%)
31Nou Barris
CF Montanyesa (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-6.319 (0.01%)
32Narcis Sala
Sant Andreu (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 5 (Catalonia) step 5)
6,5576.3771 (0.04%)
33Camp del Centenari
Sant Andreu II (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-6.483 (0.00%)
34Municipal Andrade
FC Sant Marti Condal (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-6.513 (0.00%)
35Camp Municipal de la Verneda
CEM Jupiter (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
6,0006.6215 (0.01%)
36La Bobila
Gava (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
5,0007.0415 (0.01%)
37La Bobila-Pinetons
Cerdanyola del Valles (Spain » Segunda Division RFEF Grupo 3 step 4)
-7.120 (0.00%)
38Estadio Municipal Les Fontetes
Cerdanyola del Valles former ground (Spain » Segunda Division RFEF Grupo 3 step 4)
1,0007.214 (0.00%)
39Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque
Espanyol B (Spain » Segunda Division RFEF Grupo 3 step 4)
Espanyol Femeni (Spain » Other Spanish Womens Teams)
6,0007.2941 (0.03%)
40Nou Municipal de Gramenet
FE Grama (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 5 (Catalonia) step 5)
5,0007.5615 (0.01%)
41Camp de futbol Llefia
Unificacion Llefia (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-7.683 (0.00%)
42Campo Badalona Sud
Young Talent (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-8.061 (0.00%)
43Camp de Futbol Jose Luis Ruiz Casado
Sant Gabriel (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
8008.143 (0.00%)
44Municipal Corbera de Llobregat
CF Corbera (Spain » Other Spanish Teams)
-8.241 (0.00%)
45Estadio Els Canyars
Castelldefels (Spain » Tercera Division RFEF Grupo 5 (Catalonia) step 5)
2,5008.744 (0.00%)
46Estadi Municipal de Badalona
Badalona (Spain » Segunda Division RFEF Grupo 3 step 4)
4,1709.2224 (0.01%)
47Camp del Centenari
Badalona former ground (Spain » Segunda Division RFEF Grupo 3 step 4)
-9.9115 (0.01%)

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