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Somerset County League Division 2 Football Grounds in England

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Somerset County League Division 2 0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
AFC Brislington 
Ironmould Lane
Ashton & Backwell United Reserves 
Lancer Scott Stadium
Brislington Reserves 
Ironmould Lane
Castle Cary 
Donald Pither Memorial Field
Cheddar AFC Reserves 
Bowdens Park
Frome Town Sports 
Badgers Hill (The SpecialEffect Stadium)
Fry Club Reserves 
Abbey Moor Stadium
Hutton (Somerset) 
Springwood Pavilion
Imperial FC 
Sturminster Road
Long Ashton 
Keedwell Hill
Middlezoy Rovers Reserves 
The Aerodrome
Peasedown Miners Welfare 
Miners Welfare Recreation Ground
Portishead Reserves 
Bristol Road
Radstock Town Reserves 
Southfields Recreation Ground
Welton Rovers Reserves 
West Clewes

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Grounds in Somerset County League Division 2 Ordered by Capacity

1.Ironmould Lane home to AFC Brislington3,000
2.Ironmould Lane home to Brislington Reserves3,000
3.West Clewes home to Welton Rovers Reserves2,400
4.Badgers Hill (The SpecialEffect Stadium) home to Frome Town Sports2,200
5.Bristol Road home to Portishead Reserves1,400
6.Southfields Recreation Ground home to Radstock Town Reserves1,250
7.Bowdens Park home to Cheddar AFC Reserves1,105
8.Abbey Moor Stadium home to Glastonbury1,000
9.Donald Pither Memorial Field home to Castle Cary1,000
10.Keedwell Hill home to Long Ashton1,000
11.Lancer Scott Stadium home to Ashton & Backwell United Reserves1,000
12.Miners Welfare Recreation Ground home to Peasedown Miners Welfare1,000
13.Sommerdale home to Fry Club Reserves1,000
14.Springwood Pavilion home to Hutton (Somerset)1,000
15.Sturminster Road home to Imperial FC1,000
16.The Aerodrome home to Middlezoy Rovers Reserves1,000
  • Average capacity in Somerset County League Division 2: 1,374

Best supported teams in Somerset County League Division 2

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AFC Brislington0
2.Ashton & Backwell United Reserves0
3.Brislington Reserves0
4.Castle Cary0
5.Cheddar AFC Reserves0
6.Frome Town Sports0
7.Fry Club Reserves0
9.Hutton (Somerset)0
10.Imperial FC0
11.Long Ashton0
12.Middlezoy Rovers Reserves0
13.Peasedown Miners Welfare0
14.Portishead Reserves0
15.Radstock Town Reserves0
16.Welton Rovers Reserves0
  • Average # fans in Somerset County League Division 2: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Somerset County League Division 2?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AFC Brislington0.00
2.Ashton & Backwell United Reserves0.00
3.Brislington Reserves0.00
4.Castle Cary0.00
5.Cheddar AFC Reserves0.00
6.Frome Town Sports0.00
7.Fry Club Reserves0.00
9.Hutton (Somerset)0.00
10.Imperial FC0.00
11.Long Ashton0.00
12.Middlezoy Rovers Reserves0.00
13.Peasedown Miners Welfare0.00
14.Portishead Reserves0.00
15.Radstock Town Reserves0.00
16.Welton Rovers Reserves0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Somerset County League Division 2: 0.00

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