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"Fairly good day out"

has rated Ewood Park 4.0 out of 5.

facebook-user-73649's review of Ewood Park

All in all I enjoyed my visit to Ewood Park. The stadium is very, very nice, made for a very good picture on the camera. I saw a very good game of football in one of the nicest grounds I've visited but unfortunately the atmosphere was very poor. Other than that I found it a very good day out.


I got club coach travel as I went there as a travelling Arsenal supporter, so anything I have to say on the ground location may not be too valid. I don't know how far away it is from a station either, so do your research before you go. Sorry!


In my only visit to Ewood Park I got an excellent view of the game. I was seated behind the goal in the Darwen end. The seats were fairly comfortable and the legroom was adequate.


They're good for toilets, no better no worse than any other ground I've been to. They were quite clean.

Food & Drink

I didn't buy any food or drink at the ground, so I am not in a position to comment.

Police & Stewards

The stewards, I found, were quite friendly here. I asked for help finding my seat and I got a polite and helpful response.
They did take a bit of issue with our fans standing during the game, going as far as to make a stadium announcement telling our supporters to sit down, something I've never had before and which personally I thought was a bit over-the-top but maybe that's just because I'm pro-standing up at matches. (To this announcement, our fans ironically replied "stand up, for the Arsenal". The look on the poor ol steward's face, she looked a bit scared :S ! hehe)


A loud, bright and very noisy atmosphere resonated around this ground. Loud voices, creative songs, clapping, cheering... what a shame it was all from the away end.
From the moment the players came out to the final whistle, our away support was singing, whilst the rovers fans were quite quiet. They might've been sleeping. In fairness, we did win 4-0, so I don't imagine they had a lot to sing about, but even at 0-0 the away support was on top.
It's also worth mentioning here that there were rather a lot of empty seats in the home sections of the stadium and they were getting emptier throughout the second half. when we put the third goal in, it emptied like a bath without a plughole, and one with very little water in it to begin with. If theres one thing that irritates me, it's supporters who leave before the end, something that I have never done whenever I see Arsenal (though in fairness to Blackburn a lot of our fans do it as well, no matter who your team yer shouldn't do it no matter what). A visit from Arsenal would've been a category A game for Blackburn, so to see that it wasn't full to begin with was disappointing. Hopefully next time I visit Blackburn, whether it's as an away Arsenal fan or as a neutral in the home end, they will be a bit more vocal. Sorry guys.

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Ratings for Ewood Park

ViewAspect 2 rating: 4.0 stars
FacilitiesAspect 3 rating: 4.0 stars
Food & DrinkN/A
Police & StewardsAspect 5 rating: 3.5 stars
AtmosphereAspect 6 rating: 0.5 stars
OverallOverall rating: 3.5 stars

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