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Mainland League Football Grounds in New Zealand

Map of Mainland League stadiums

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List of Mainland League stadiums

0/12 grounds visited (0%)

Cashmere TechnicalCashmere Technical
Garrick Memorial Park
ASB Football (English) Park
Christchurch UnitedChristchurch United
Christchurch Football Centre
Queen Elizabeth II Park (old ground)
Coastal SpiritCoastal Spirit
Cuthberts Green
ASB Football (English) Park
Ferrymead BaysFerrymead Bays
Ferrymead Park
ASB Football (English) Park
Nelson SuburbsNelson Suburbs
Saxton Fields
Nomads UnitedNomads United
ASB Football (English) Park
Tulett Park
Selwyn UnitedSelwyn United
Foster Park
Western AFCWestern AFC
Walter Park S1

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Mainland League Information

NameMainland League
CountryNew Zealand
Level on pyramid2
Same level asCentral League
Northern League
South League
Promotion toNZ Premiership

Grounds in Mainland League Ordered by Capacity

1.ASB Football (English) Park home to Coastal Spirit8,000
2.ASB Football (English) Park home to Cashmere Technical8,000
3.ASB Football (English) Park home to Ferrymead Bays8,000
4.ASB Football (English) Park home to Nomads United8,000
5.Christchurch Football Centre home to Christchurch United1,000
6.Cuthberts Green home to Coastal Spirit1,000
7.Ferrymead Park home to Ferrymead Bays1,000
8.Foster Park home to Selwyn United1,000
9.Garrick Memorial Park home to Cashmere Technical1,000
10.Saxton Fields home to Nelson Suburbs1,000
11.Tulett Park home to Nomads United1,000
12.Walter Park S1 home to Western AFC1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Mainland League: 8,000 - ASB Football (English) Park
  • Smallest stadium in Mainland League: 1,000 - Walter Park S1
  • Total capacity in Mainland League: 40,000
  • Average capacity in Mainland League: 3,077

Best supported teams in Mainland League

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Selwyn United1
2.Cashmere Technical0
3.Christchurch United0
4.Coastal Spirit0
5.Ferrymead Bays0
6.Nelson Suburbs0
7.Nomads United0
8.Western AFC0
  • Most fans in Mainland League: 1 - Selwyn United
  • Fewest fans in Mainland League: 0 - Western AFC
  • Total Mainland League fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Mainland League: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Mainland League?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Selwyn United1.00
2.Cashmere Technical0.00
3.Christchurch United0.00
4.Coastal Spirit0.00
5.Ferrymead Bays0.00
6.Nelson Suburbs0.00
7.Nomads United0.00
8.Western AFC0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Mainland League: 1 grounds visited - Selwyn United
  • Least travelled fans in Mainland League: 0 grounds visited - Western AFC
  • Average # grounds visited in Mainland League: 0.11

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