Old/Folded Teams Football Grounds

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Old/Folded Teams 0/149 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Airdrieonians (Folded) 
Broomfield Park
Kings Field
Portway Stadium
Walled Meadow
Ballingry Rovers 
Ore Park
Bartley Green 
The Beeches
Beckton United 
East Ham Manorway
The Orchard
Biddulph Victoria 
Tunstall Road
Bloxwich Town 
Abbey Park
Bridgnorth Town 
Innage Lane
Brierley Hill & Withymoor 
The Grove
Brimsdown Rovers 
Goldsdown Road
Bromsgrove Rovers 
The Victoria Ground
Daffodil Lane Recreation Ground
Cambridge Regional College 
The Abbey Stadium
Castle Vale 
Vale Stadium
Celtic Nation 
Gillford Park Stadium
Chester City 
The Deva Stadium
Sealand Road
Chipping Norton Town 
Walterbush Road
Chivas USA 
StubHub Center
Chobham Recreation Ground
Cirencester United 
South Cerney Army Camp
Holm Park
New Kilbowie
Collier Row 
Station Road
Croydon Athletic 
The Keith Tuckey Stadium
Croydon Municipal 
Croydon Sports Arena
Dalian Shide Siwu 
Queenstown Stadium
Danson (Bexley Borough) 
Crook Log
Darenth Heathside 
The Heathside Club
Daventry United 
Royal Oak Way
Dawlish Town 
Sandy Lane
Denaby United 
Tickhill Square
Long Ditton Recreation Ground
Dosthill Colts 
Rene Road
East Ham United 
Ferndale Sports Ground
Eastwood Hanley 
Trentmill Road
Eastwood Town 
Coronation Park
Southbury Road
Evington FC 
Dorset Avenue
Fisher Athletic 
Champion Hill Stadium
Surrey Docks Stadium
Altcar Road
Brows Lane
Franklands Village 
Hardy Memorial Ground
Gateshead AFC 
Redheugh Park
Gedling Town 
Riverside Ground
Germinal Beerschot 
Olympisch Stadion
Gold Coast United 
Skilled Park
Granada 74 
Escribano Castilla
Great Harwood Town 
Hayes Gate 
Reynolds Field
Hereford United 
Edgar Street
Herfolge Stadion
Hinckley Downes 
Leicester Road
Hinckley United 
Leicester Road
Middlefield Lane
Histon Reserves 
Bridge Road (The Glassworld Stadium)
Horwich RMI 
Grundy Hill
Hounslow Town 
Denbigh Road
Ibstock United 
The Welfare
Inverness Thistle 
Kingsmills Park
Inverurie Juniors 
Colony Park
Italia Shooters 
Ontario Soccer Centre
Karat FK 
Ismet Gabiyou
Kentish Town 
Copthall Stadium
Knowsley United 
Alt Park
Koge Stadion
Leeds Carnegie 
Throstle Nest
Leigh Genesis 
Leigh Sports Village
Hilton Park
Leyland Motors 
County Ground
Leyton Stadium
Granleigh Road
Stebonheath Park
Mauritius Sports & Pennant 
The Mill Field
Metropolitan Police Bushey 
Metropolitan Police Sports Ground
Miami Fusion 
Lockhart Stadium
Milton Keynes City 
Wolverton Park
Monaghan United 
Kingspan Century Park
Moor Green 
The Moorlands
Mynydd Isa 
Argoed Sports Ground
New Zealand Knights 
Ericsson Stadium
North Harbour Stadium
Newcastle Blue Star 
Kingston Park
The Wheatsheaf
Newton Abbot 
Coach Road
North Queensland Fury 
Dairy Farmers Stadium
Northampton Spencer 
Kingsthorpe Mill
Norton Sports 
Norton Road
Oakwood Park
Bishopswood Sports Pavilion
Peterlee Town 
Eden Lane Park
Polisportiva Alghero 
Stadio Mariotti
Polisportiva Sassari Torres 
Stadio Vanni Sanna (Stadio Acquedotto)
Sprinters Leisure Centre
Quarry Nomads 
Margaret Road
Rainham Town 
Deri Park
Rosada Stadion
Ross Town 
Ross-on-Wye Sports Centre
Rossendale United 
Dark Lane
Rothwell Town 
Cecil Street
Valerie Park
Canal Street
Halton Stadium
Rushden & Diamonds 
Nene Park
Ryde Sports 
Smallbrook Stadium
Rye United 
The Salts
Salisbury City 
Raymond McEnhill Stadium
Victoria Park
San Fernando 
Bahia Sur
Sassari Torres 1903 
Stadio Vanni Sanna (Stadio Acquedotto)
The McCain Stadium
Sporting Fingal 
Morton Stadium
St Neots Town Saints 
New Rowley Park (Premier Plus Stadium)
Old Rowley Park
Stand Athletic 
Green Lane
Stonehouse Violet 
Tilework Park
Sudbury Town 
Priory Stadium
Sunderland Nissan 
Nissan Sports Complex
Tampa Bay Mutiny 
Tampa Stadium
Raymond James Stadium
Team Bath 
Twerton Park
Bath University
Thames Polytechnic 
University of Greenwich Athletic Ground
Third Lanark 
Cathkin Park
Tiptree United 
Chapel Road
Tiverton Town Reserves 
Torres Calcio 
Stadio Vanni Sanna (Stadio Acquedotto)
Trois-Rivieres Attak 
Stade de l'UQTR
Unirea Urziceni 
Stadionul Unirea Valahorum
College Grove
Belle Vue
Walthamstow Avenue 
Green Pond Road
Verdayne Playing Fields
Jubillee Park
Plough Lane
Selhurst Park
Windsor & Eton 
Stag Meadow
Windsor Border Stars 
Windsor Stadium
Witney United 
Marriott's Stadium
Wolverton Park
Woodstock Sports 
Woodstock Park
The Warren

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10 Shortest Away Trips in Old/Folded Teams

Salisbury City vs Team Bath
Team Bath vs Salisbury City
41.6 miles
83.2 miles
1 hour 11 mins
2 hours 22 mins
vs Cambridge Regional College
Cambridge Regional College vs
68.8 miles
137.6 miles
1 hour 43 mins
3 hours 26 mins
Salisbury City vs
vs Salisbury City
98.6 miles
197.2 miles
2 hours 1 min
4 hours 2 mins
vs Team Bath
Team Bath vs
121 miles
242 miles
2 hours 33 mins
5 hours 6 mins
Salisbury City vs Cambridge Regional College
Cambridge Regional College vs Salisbury City
140 miles
280 miles
2 hours 52 mins
5 hours 44 mins
Team Bath vs Cambridge Regional College
Cambridge Regional College vs Team Bath
167 miles
334 miles
3 hours 17 mins
6 hours 34 mins
Team Bath vs Chester City
Chester City vs Team Bath
190 miles
380 miles
3 hours 27 mins
6 hours 54 mins
Cambridge Regional College vs Chester City
Chester City vs Cambridge Regional College
195 miles
390 miles
3 hours 27 mins
6 hours 54 mins
Chester City vs Salisbury City
Salisbury City vs Chester City
211 miles
422 miles
3 hours 59 mins
7 hours 58 mins
Chester City vs
vs Chester City
228 miles
456 miles
4 hours 13 mins
8 hours 26 mins

10 Longest Away Trips in Old/Folded Teams

vs Chester City
Chester City vs
229 miles
458 miles
4 hours 6 mins
8 hours 12 mins
Salisbury City vs Chester City
Chester City vs Salisbury City
211 miles
422 miles
4 hours 3 mins
8 hours 6 mins
Chester City vs Cambridge Regional College
Cambridge Regional College vs Chester City
195 miles
390 miles
3 hours 29 mins
6 hours 58 mins
Team Bath vs Chester City
Chester City vs Team Bath
190 miles
380 miles
3 hours 27 mins
6 hours 54 mins
Cambridge Regional College vs Team Bath
Team Bath vs Cambridge Regional College
168 miles
336 miles
3 hours 17 mins
6 hours 34 mins
Cambridge Regional College vs Salisbury City
Salisbury City vs Cambridge Regional College
141 miles
282 miles
2 hours 52 mins
5 hours 44 mins
Team Bath vs
vs Team Bath
122 miles
244 miles
2 hours 39 mins
5 hours 18 mins
vs Salisbury City
Salisbury City vs
99.2 miles
198.4 miles
2 hours 2 mins
4 hours 4 mins
Cambridge Regional College vs
vs Cambridge Regional College
70.9 miles
141.8 miles
1 hour 40 mins
3 hours 20 mins
Team Bath vs Salisbury City
Salisbury City vs Team Bath
41.8 miles
83.6 miles
1 hour 12 mins
2 hours 24 mins

Grounds in Old/Folded Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Twerton Park home to Team Bath8,800
2.The Abbey Stadium home to Cambridge Regional College8,127
3.Edgar Street home to Hereford United7,100
4.Nene Park home to Rushden & Diamonds6,441
5.The Deva Stadium home to Chester City5,328
6.Bridge Road (The Glassworld Stadium) home to Histon Reserves3,800
7.Raymond McEnhill Stadium home to Salisbury City3,500
8.Altcar Road home to Formby-
9.Champion Hill Stadium home to Fisher Athletic-
10.Chobham Recreation Ground home to Chobham-
11.College Grove home to Wakefield-
12.Colony Park home to Inverurie Juniors-
13.Copthall Stadium home to Kentish Town-
14.Coronation Park home to Eastwood Town-
15.County Ground home to Leyland Motors-
16.Gillford Park Stadium home to Celtic Nation-
17.Goldsdown Road home to Brimsdown Rovers-
18.Innage Lane home to Bridgnorth Town-
19.Kings Field home to Aldeburgh-
20.Kingsthorpe Mill home to Northampton Spencer-
21.Ladysmead home to Tiverton Town Reserves-
22.Leicester Road home to Hinckley Downes-
23.Leicester Road home to Hinckley United-
24.Leyton Stadium home to Leyton-
25.Marriott's Stadium home to Witney United-
26.Metropolitan Police Sports Ground home to Metropolitan Police Bushey-
27.Norton Road home to Norton Sports-
28.Rene Road home to Dosthill Colts-
29.Reynolds Field home to Hayes Gate-
30.Riverside Ground home to Gedling Town-
31.Sandy Lane home to Dawlish Town-
32.Station Road home to Collingham-
33.StubHub Center home to Chivas USA-
34.The Beeches home to Bartley Green-
35.The Grove home to Brierley Hill & Withymoor-
36.The Mill Field home to Mauritius Sports & Pennant-
37.The Orchard home to Bedfont-
38.The Salts home to Rye United-
39.The Welfare home to Ibstock United-
40.Throstle Nest home to Leeds Carnegie-
41.Vale Stadium home to Castle Vale-
42.Valerie Park home to Runcorn-
43.Verdayne Playing Fields home to Warlingham-
44.Wolverton Park home to Milton Keynes City-
45.Wolverton Park home to Wolverton-
  • Average capacity in Old/Folded Teams: 937

Best supported teams in Old/Folded Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Hereford United259
2.Chester City145
3.Rushden & Diamonds139
5.Salisbury City54
7.Bromsgrove Rovers15
8.Leigh Genesis13
10.Airdrieonians (Folded)7
11.Hinckley United6
13.Witney United4
15.Brimsdown Rovers2
16.Croydon Athletic2
18.Fisher Athletic2
19.Germinal Beerschot2
20.Gold Coast United2
22.Tiptree United2
24.Biddulph Victoria1
25.Cambridge Regional College1
26.Dawlish Town1
27.Denaby United1
28.Evington FC1
31.Miami Fusion1
32.Monaghan United1
33.Newton Abbot1
34.North Queensland Fury1
35.Sporting Fingal1
36.Third Lanark1
38.Windsor & Eton1
40.Ballingry Rovers0
41.Bartley Green0
42.Beckton United0
44.Bloxwich Town0
45.Bridgnorth Town0
46.Brierley Hill & Withymoor0
48.Castle Vale0
49.Celtic Nation0
50.Chipping Norton Town0
51.Chivas USA0
53.Cirencester United0
54.Collier Row0
56.Croydon Municipal0
57.Dalian Shide Siwu0
58.Danson (Bexley Borough)0
59.Darenth Heathside0
60.Daventry United0
62.Dosthill Colts0
63.East Ham United0
64.Eastwood Hanley0
65.Eastwood Town0
67.Franklands Village0
68.Gateshead AFC0
69.Gedling Town0
70.Granada 740
71.Great Harwood Town0
72.Hayes Gate0
73.Hinckley Downes0
74.Histon Reserves0
75.Horwich RMI0
76.Hounslow Town0
77.Ibstock United0
78.Inverness Thistle0
79.Inverurie Juniors0
80.Italia Shooters0
81.Karat FK0
82.Kentish Town0
83.Knowsley United0
85.Leeds Carnegie0
86.Leyland Motors0
90.Mauritius Sports & Pennant0
91.Metropolitan Police Bushey0
92.Milton Keynes City0
93.Moor Green0
94.Mynydd Isa0
95.New Zealand Knights0
96.Newcastle Blue Star0
97.Northampton Spencer0
98.Norton Sports0
101.Peterlee Town0
102.Polisportiva Alghero0
103.Polisportiva Sassari Torres0
105.Quarry Nomads0
106.Rainham Town0
108.Ross Town0
109.Rossendale United0
110.Rothwell Town0
111.Ryde Sports0
112.Rye United0
113.San Fernando0
114.Sassari Torres 19030
115.St Neots Town Saints0
116.Stand Athletic0
117.Stonehouse Violet0
118.Sudbury Town0
119.Sunderland Nissan0
120.Tampa Bay Mutiny0
121.Team Bath0
122.Thames Polytechnic0
123.Tiverton Town Reserves0
124.Torres Calcio0
125.Trois-Rivieres Attak0
126.Unirea Urziceni0
127.Walthamstow Avenue0
129.Windsor Border Stars0
131.Woodstock Sports0
  • Average # fans in Old/Folded Teams: 6

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Old/Folded Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Dawlish Town839.00
3.Cambridge Regional College210.00
8.Windsor & Eton115.00
9.Croydon Athletic101.50
10.Witney United100.75
11.Denaby United79.00
13.Leigh Genesis65.46
14.Bromsgrove Rovers62.13
15.Monaghan United62.00
16.Hereford United59.80
18.Chester City56.43
19.Rushden & Diamonds56.37
20.Fisher Athletic52.50
22.Hinckley United50.00
23.Salisbury City49.22
24.Tiptree United40.50
25.Airdrieonians (Folded)38.57
28.Brimsdown Rovers8.00
29.Germinal Beerschot8.00
30.Gold Coast United6.00
31.North Queensland Fury1.00
32.Biddulph Victoria0.00
33.Evington FC0.00
35.Miami Fusion0.00
36.Newton Abbot0.00
37.Sporting Fingal0.00
38.Third Lanark0.00
40.Ballingry Rovers0.00
41.Bartley Green0.00
42.Beckton United0.00
44.Bloxwich Town0.00
45.Bridgnorth Town0.00
46.Brierley Hill & Withymoor0.00
48.Castle Vale0.00
49.Celtic Nation0.00
50.Chipping Norton Town0.00
51.Chivas USA0.00
53.Cirencester United0.00
54.Collier Row0.00
56.Croydon Municipal0.00
57.Dalian Shide Siwu0.00
58.Danson (Bexley Borough)0.00
59.Darenth Heathside0.00
60.Daventry United0.00
62.Dosthill Colts0.00
63.East Ham United0.00
64.Eastwood Hanley0.00
65.Eastwood Town0.00
67.Franklands Village0.00
68.Gateshead AFC0.00
69.Gedling Town0.00
70.Granada 740.00
71.Great Harwood Town0.00
72.Hayes Gate0.00
73.Hinckley Downes0.00
74.Histon Reserves0.00
75.Horwich RMI0.00
76.Hounslow Town0.00
77.Ibstock United0.00
78.Inverness Thistle0.00
79.Inverurie Juniors0.00
80.Italia Shooters0.00
81.Karat FK0.00
82.Kentish Town0.00
83.Knowsley United0.00
85.Leeds Carnegie0.00
86.Leyland Motors0.00
90.Mauritius Sports & Pennant0.00
91.Metropolitan Police Bushey0.00
92.Milton Keynes City0.00
93.Moor Green0.00
94.Mynydd Isa0.00
95.New Zealand Knights0.00
96.Newcastle Blue Star0.00
97.Northampton Spencer0.00
98.Norton Sports0.00
101.Peterlee Town0.00
102.Polisportiva Alghero0.00
103.Polisportiva Sassari Torres0.00
105.Quarry Nomads0.00
106.Rainham Town0.00
108.Ross Town0.00
109.Rossendale United0.00
110.Rothwell Town0.00
111.Ryde Sports0.00
112.Rye United0.00
113.San Fernando0.00
114.Sassari Torres 19030.00
115.St Neots Town Saints0.00
116.Stand Athletic0.00
117.Stonehouse Violet0.00
118.Sudbury Town0.00
119.Sunderland Nissan0.00
120.Tampa Bay Mutiny0.00
121.Team Bath0.00
122.Thames Polytechnic0.00
123.Tiverton Town Reserves0.00
124.Torres Calcio0.00
125.Trois-Rivieres Attak0.00
126.Unirea Urziceni0.00
127.Walthamstow Avenue0.00
129.Windsor Border Stars0.00
131.Woodstock Sports0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Old/Folded Teams: 24.72

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