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United Counties League Division 1 Football Grounds in England

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United Counties League Division 1 0/20 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Aylestone Park 
Saffron Lane
Birstall United 
Meadow Lane
Lincoln Road
Bourne Town 
Abbey Lawn
Bugbrooke St Michaels 
Birds Close
Burton Park Wanderers 
Latimer Park
Harrowby United 
The Environcom Stadium
South Kesteven Stadium (old ground)
Holwell Sports 
Melton Road
Huntingdon Town 
Jubilee Park
Irchester United 
The Irchester Sports Association
Long Buckby 
Station Road
Lutterworth Athletic 
Hall Park
Dunley Way (old ground)
Melton Town 
Melton Sports Village
Saxby Road (old ground)
Northampton Sileby Rangers 
Fernie Fields Sportsground
Raunds Town 
Kiln Park
The Berristers (old ground)
Rushden & Higham United 
Hayden Road
Saffron Dynamo 
Cambridge Road
St Andrews 
Canal Street
Wellingborough Whitworth 
London Road
Whittlesey Athletic 
Feldale Field

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Grounds in United Counties League Division 1 Ordered by Capacity

1.Abbey Lawn home to Bourne Town5,000
2.Kiln Park home to Raunds Town3,000
3.Latimer Park home to Burton Park Wanderers2,400
4.Hayden Road home to Rushden & Higham United2,000
5.The Environcom Stadium home to Harrowby United1,500
6.The Irchester Sports Association home to Irchester United1,500
7.Lincoln Road home to Blackstones1,200
8.Saffron Lane home to Aylestone Park1,128
9.Birds Close home to Bugbrooke St Michaels1,000
10.Cambridge Road home to Saffron Dynamo1,000
11.Canal Street home to St Andrews1,000
12.Feldale Field home to Whittlesey Athletic1,000
13.Fernie Fields Sportsground home to Northampton Sileby Rangers1,000
14.Hall Park home to Lutterworth Athletic1,000
15.Jubilee Park home to Huntingdon Town1,000
16.Meadow Lane home to Birstall United1,000
17.Melton Road home to Holwell Sports1,000
18.Melton Sports Village home to Melton Town1,000
19.Station Road home to Long Buckby1,000
20.London Road home to Wellingborough Whitworth800
  • Average capacity in United Counties League Division 1: 1,406

Best supported teams in United Counties League Division 1

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Bourne Town2
2.Holwell Sports1
3.Irchester United1
4.Northampton Sileby Rangers1
5.St Andrews1
6.Aylestone Park0
7.Birstall United0
9.Bugbrooke St Michaels0
10.Burton Park Wanderers0
11.Harrowby United0
12.Huntingdon Town0
13.Long Buckby0
14.Lutterworth Athletic0
15.Melton Town0
16.Raunds Town0
17.Rushden & Higham United0
18.Saffron Dynamo0
19.Wellingborough Whitworth0
20.Whittlesey Athletic0
  • Average # fans in United Counties League Division 1: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in United Counties League Division 1?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Irchester United96.00
2.Northampton Sileby Rangers63.00
3.Holwell Sports39.00
4.Bourne Town35.00
5.St Andrews0.00
6.Aylestone Park0.00
7.Birstall United0.00
9.Bugbrooke St Michaels0.00
10.Burton Park Wanderers0.00
11.Harrowby United0.00
12.Huntingdon Town0.00
13.Long Buckby0.00
14.Lutterworth Athletic0.00
15.Melton Town0.00
16.Raunds Town0.00
17.Rushden & Higham United0.00
18.Saffron Dynamo0.00
19.Wellingborough Whitworth0.00
20.Whittlesey Athletic0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in United Counties League Division 1: 11.10

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