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Gloucestershire County League Football Grounds in England

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Gloucestershire County League 0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
AEK Boco 
Greenbank Road
Broadwell Amateurs 
The Hawthorns
Bromley Heath United 
Pomphrey Hill
Frampton United 
The Bell Field
Gala Wilton 
Fairmile Gardens
Hanham Athletic 
The Playing Fields
Green Lane
Arnall Drive Playing Fields
Little Stoke 
Little Stoke Playing Fields
Patchway Town 
Scott Park
Quedgeley Wanderers 
Waterwells Sports Centre
Rockleaze Rangers 
UWE Hillside Gardens
Coombe Dingle Sports Complex (old ground)
Ruardean Hill Rangers 
Ruardean Hill Sports Club
Hamfields Leisure Centre
Penpole Lane
Wick (Bristol) 
Oldbury Lane

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Grounds in Gloucestershire County League Ordered by Capacity

1.The Playing Fields home to Hanham Athletic1,500
2.Arnall Drive Playing Fields home to Henbury1,000
3.Fairmile Gardens home to Gala Wilton1,000
4.Green Lane home to Hardwicke1,000
5.Greenbank Road home to AEK Boco1,000
6.Hamfields Leisure Centre home to Sharpness1,000
7.Oldbury Lane home to Wick (Bristol)1,000
8.Penpole Lane home to Shirehampton1,000
9.Pomphrey Hill home to Bromley Heath United1,000
10.Ruardean Hill Sports Club home to Ruardean Hill Rangers1,000
11.The Bell Field home to Frampton United1,000
12.The Hawthorns home to Broadwell Amateurs1,000
13.UWE Hillside Gardens home to Rockleaze Rangers1,000
14.Waterwells Sports Centre home to Quedgeley Wanderers1,000
15.Scott Park home to Patchway Town500
16.Little Stoke Playing Fields home to Little Stoke200
  • Average capacity in Gloucestershire County League: 894

Best supported teams in Gloucestershire County League

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AEK Boco0
2.Broadwell Amateurs0
3.Bromley Heath United0
4.Frampton United0
5.Gala Wilton0
6.Hanham Athletic0
9.Little Stoke0
10.Patchway Town0
11.Quedgeley Wanderers0
12.Rockleaze Rangers0
13.Ruardean Hill Rangers0
16.Wick (Bristol)0
  • Average # fans in Gloucestershire County League: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Gloucestershire County League?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AEK Boco0.00
2.Broadwell Amateurs0.00
3.Bromley Heath United0.00
4.Frampton United0.00
5.Gala Wilton0.00
6.Hanham Athletic0.00
9.Little Stoke0.00
10.Patchway Town0.00
11.Quedgeley Wanderers0.00
12.Rockleaze Rangers0.00
13.Ruardean Hill Rangers0.00
16.Wick (Bristol)0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Gloucestershire County League: 0.00

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