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CFL B Football Grounds in Czech Republic

Map of CFL B stadiums

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List of CFL B stadiums

0/17 grounds visited (0%)

Banik SousBanik Sous
Stadion Zdenka Fibicha
FC Hradec Kralove IIFC Hradec Kralove II
Hriste TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove
FK Chlumec nad CidlinouFK Chlumec nad Cidlinou
Mestsky Fotbalovy Stadion Chlumec
FK Jablonec IIFK Jablonec II
Stadion Jiskra Mseno
FK Pardubice IIFK Pardubice II
Stadion Pod Vinici
FK PrepereFK Prepere
Hriste FK Prepere
FK Usti nad LabemFK Usti nad Labem
Mestsky Stadion Usti nad Labem
Mlada Boleslav IIMlada Boleslav II
Lokotrans Arena
SK BenesovSK Benesov
Mestsky Stadion Benesov
SK Sokol BrozanySK Sokol Brozany
Stadion Sokol Brozany
SK ZapySK Zapy
Stadion TJ Sokol Zapy
Slovan VelvarySlovan Velvary
Stadion TJ Slovan Velvary
Sparta KolinSparta Kolin
Mestsky Stadion
Teplice IITeplice II
Dubi Pozorka
TJ Sokol ZivaniceTJ Sokol Zivanice
Sportovni Areal Zivanice
Viktoria ZizkovViktoria Zizkov
Stadion Prosek
eFotbol arena

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Last updated: September 2022

CFL B Information

CountryCzech Republic
Level on pyramid3
Same level asCFL A
Promotion toFNL
Relegation to (one of)4. Liga Divize A
4. Liga Divize B
4. Liga Divize C
4. Liga Divize D
4. Liga Divize E
4. Liga Divize F

Grounds in CFL B Ordered by Capacity

1.Mestsky Stadion Benesov home to SK Benesov8,000
2.eFotbol arena home to Viktoria Zizkov5,600
3.Lokotrans Arena home to Mlada Boleslav II5,000
4.Sportovni Areal Zivanice home to TJ Sokol Zivanice3,400
5.Mestsky Stadion Usti nad Labem home to FK Usti nad Labem3,000
6.Stadion Pod Vinici home to FK Pardubice II3,000
7.Mestsky Stadion home to Sparta Kolin2,800
8.Mestsky Fotbalovy Stadion Chlumec home to FK Chlumec nad Cidlinou2,700
9.Stadion Zdenka Fibicha home to Banik Sous2,500
10.Stadion Jiskra Mseno home to FK Jablonec II2,000
11.Stadion Sokol Brozany home to SK Sokol Brozany2,000
12.Stadion TJ Slovan Velvary home to Slovan Velvary2,000
13.Hriste TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove home to FC Hradec Kralove II1,500
14.Dubi Pozorka home to Teplice II1,000
15.Hriste FK Prepere home to FK Prepere1,000
16.Stadion TJ Sokol Zapy home to SK Zapy1,000
17.Stadion Prosek home to Viktoria Zizkov920
  • Biggest stadium in CFL B: 8,000 - Mestsky Stadion Benesov
  • Smallest stadium in CFL B: 920 - Stadion Prosek
  • Total capacity in CFL B: 47,420
  • Average capacity in CFL B: 2,634

Best supported teams in CFL B

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Viktoria Zizkov4
2.Banik Sous0
3.FC Hradec Kralove II0
4.FK Chlumec nad Cidlinou0
5.FK Jablonec II0
6.FK Pardubice II0
7.FK Prepere0
8.FK Usti nad Labem0
9.Mlada Boleslav II0
10.SK Benesov0
11.SK Sokol Brozany0
12.SK Zapy0
13.Slovan Velvary0
14.Sparta Kolin0
15.Teplice II0
16.TJ Sokol Zivanice0
  • Most fans in CFL B: 4 - Viktoria Zizkov
  • Fewest fans in CFL B: 0 - TJ Sokol Zivanice
  • Total CFL B fans: 4
  • Average number of fans in CFL B: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in CFL B?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Viktoria Zizkov36.25
2.Banik Sous0.00
3.FC Hradec Kralove II0.00
4.FK Chlumec nad Cidlinou0.00
5.FK Jablonec II0.00
6.FK Pardubice II0.00
7.FK Prepere0.00
8.FK Usti nad Labem0.00
9.Mlada Boleslav II0.00
10.SK Benesov0.00
11.SK Sokol Brozany0.00
12.SK Zapy0.00
13.Slovan Velvary0.00
14.Sparta Kolin0.00
15.Teplice II0.00
16.TJ Sokol Zivanice0.00
  • Most travelled fans in CFL B: 36 grounds visited - Viktoria Zizkov
  • Least travelled fans in CFL B: 0 grounds visited - TJ Sokol Zivanice
  • Average # grounds visited in CFL B: 2.13

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