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4. Liga Divize C Football Grounds in Czech Republic

Map of 4. Liga Divize C stadiums

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List of 4. Liga Divize C stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

FC HlinskoFC Hlinsko
Mestsky Stadion Hlinsko
FC Horky nad JizerouFC Horky nad Jizerou
Stadion FC Horky nad Jizerou
FK CaslavFK Caslav
Stadion Pod Hradkem
FK NachodFK Nachod
Sportivni Areal Nachod
FK OEZ LetohradFK OEZ Letohrad
Stadion FK OEZ Letohrad
FK Sparta Kutna HoraFK Sparta Kutna Hora
Stadion Sparta CKD Kutna Hora
FK Velke HamryFK Velke Hamry
Fotbalove Hriste Velke Hamry
MFK TrutnovMFK Trutnov
Stadion FK Trutnov
SK Benatky nad JizerouSK Benatky nad Jizerou
Mestsky Stadion Benatky nad Jizerou
SK KosmonosySK Kosmonosy
Fotbalovy stadion Kosmonosy
SK PoricanySK Poricany
Hriste Poricany
SK TochoviceSK Tochovice
Stadion Tochovice
SK Vysoke MytoSK Vysoke Myto
Mestsky Stadion Vysoke Myto
Sparta KolinSparta Kolin
Mestsky Stadion
TJ Dvur KraloveTJ Dvur Kralove
Stadion Pod Hankovym Domem
TJ Sokol LibisTJ Sokol Libis
Fotbalovy Stadion Libis

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4. Liga Divize C Information

Name4. Liga Divize C
CountryCzech Republic
Level on pyramid4
Same level as4. Liga Divize A
4. Liga Divize B
4. Liga Divize D
4. Liga Divize E
4. Liga Divize F
Promotion to (one of)CFL A

Grounds in 4. Liga Divize C Ordered by Capacity

1.Sportivni Areal Nachod home to FK Nachod5,000
2.Stadion Pod Hankovym Domem home to TJ Dvur Kralove4,250
3.Mestsky Stadion Benatky nad Jizerou home to SK Benatky nad Jizerou4,000
4.Stadion Sparta CKD Kutna Hora home to FK Sparta Kutna Hora4,000
5.Mestsky Stadion Vysoke Myto home to SK Vysoke Myto3,000
6.Stadion FK OEZ Letohrad home to FK OEZ Letohrad3,000
7.Mestsky Stadion home to Sparta Kolin2,800
8.Stadion Pod Hradkem home to FK Caslav2,575
9.Hriste Poricany home to SK Poricany1,500
10.Stadion FC Horky nad Jizerou home to FC Horky nad Jizerou1,500
11.Fotbalove Hriste Velke Hamry home to FK Velke Hamry1,000
12.Fotbalovy Stadion Libis home to TJ Sokol Libis1,000
13.Mestsky Stadion Hlinsko home to FC Hlinsko1,000
14.Stadion FK Trutnov home to MFK Trutnov800
  • Biggest stadium in 4. Liga Divize C: 5,000 - Sportivni Areal Nachod
  • Smallest stadium in 4. Liga Divize C: 800 - Stadion FK Trutnov
  • Total capacity in 4. Liga Divize C: 35,425
  • Average capacity in 4. Liga Divize C: 2,362

Best supported teams in 4. Liga Divize C

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.FC Hlinsko0
2.FC Horky nad Jizerou0
3.FK Caslav0
4.FK Nachod0
5.FK OEZ Letohrad0
6.FK Sparta Kutna Hora0
7.FK Velke Hamry0
8.MFK Trutnov0
9.SK Benatky nad Jizerou0
10.SK Kosmonosy0
11.SK Poricany0
12.SK Tochovice0
13.SK Vysoke Myto0
14.Sparta Kolin0
15.TJ Dvur Kralove0
16.TJ Sokol Libis0
  • Most fans in 4. Liga Divize C: 0 - FC Hlinsko
  • Fewest fans in 4. Liga Divize C: 0 - TJ Sokol Libis
  • Total 4. Liga Divize C fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in 4. Liga Divize C: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in 4. Liga Divize C?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.FC Hlinsko0.00
2.FC Horky nad Jizerou0.00
3.FK Caslav0.00
4.FK Nachod0.00
5.FK OEZ Letohrad0.00
6.FK Sparta Kutna Hora0.00
7.FK Velke Hamry0.00
8.MFK Trutnov0.00
9.SK Benatky nad Jizerou0.00
10.SK Kosmonosy0.00
11.SK Poricany0.00
12.SK Tochovice0.00
13.SK Vysoke Myto0.00
14.Sparta Kolin0.00
15.TJ Dvur Kralove0.00
16.TJ Sokol Libis0.00
  • Most travelled fans in 4. Liga Divize C: 0 grounds visited - FC Hlinsko
  • Least travelled fans in 4. Liga Divize C: 0 grounds visited - TJ Sokol Libis
  • Average # grounds visited in 4. Liga Divize C: 0.00

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