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4. Liga Divize A Football Grounds in Czech Republic

Map of 4. Liga Divize A stadiums

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List of 4. Liga Divize A stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Cesky lev-Union BerounCesky lev-Union Beroun
Stadion Na Ostrove
Dynamo Ceske Budejovice IIDynamo Ceske Budejovice II
Stadion TCM Mlade SCM Sloziste
FC RokycanyFC Rokycany
Stadion Pod Husovymi Sady
FC Viktoria Marianske LazneFC Viktoria Marianske Lazne
Stadion u Ferdinandova Pramene
FK HorovickoFK Horovicko
Mestsky Stadion
FK Hvezda ChebFK Hvezda Cheb
Stadion TJ Lokomotiva Cheb
FK Jindrichuv Hradec 1910FK Jindrichuv Hradec 1910
Stadion Vajgar
FK Spartak SobeslavFK Spartak Sobeslav
Fotbalovy Stadion FK Raselina Sobeslav
SK KlatovySK Klatovy
Na razvoji Klatovy
SK Otava KatoviceSK Otava Katovice
Hriste Katovice
SK Petrin PlzenSK Petrin Plzen
Stadion TJ Dynamo ZCE Plzen
SK Senco DoubravkaSK Senco Doubravka
Sportovni areal v Chrastecke Ulice
TJ PresticeTJ Prestice
Stadion TJ Prestice
TJ Slavoj MytoTJ Slavoj Myto
Fotbalove Hriste TJ Slavoj Myto
TJ Sokol LomTJ Sokol Lom
Stadion Svepomoc
TJ Tatran SedlcanyTJ Tatran Sedlcany
Stadion TJ Tatran Sedlcany

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4. Liga Divize A Information

Name4. Liga Divize A
CountryCzech Republic
Level on pyramid4
Same level as4. Liga Divize B
4. Liga Divize C
4. Liga Divize D
4. Liga Divize E
4. Liga Divize F
Promotion to (one of)CFL A

Grounds in 4. Liga Divize A Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion TJ Lokomotiva Cheb home to FK Hvezda Cheb15,000
2.Na razvoji Klatovy home to SK Klatovy3,000
3.Stadion Pod Husovymi Sady home to FC Rokycany3,000
4.Stadion TJ Dynamo ZCE Plzen home to SK Petrin Plzen3,000
5.Stadion u Ferdinandova Pramene home to FC Viktoria Marianske Lazne3,000
6.Mestsky Stadion home to FK Horovicko2,500
7.Stadion Na Ostrove home to Cesky lev-Union Beroun2,500
8.Stadion TJ Tatran Sedlcany home to TJ Tatran Sedlcany2,500
9.Stadion Vajgar home to FK Jindrichuv Hradec 19102,000
10.Fotbalove Hriste TJ Slavoj Myto home to TJ Slavoj Myto1,500
11.Sportovni areal v Chrastecke Ulice home to SK Senco Doubravka1,500
12.Stadion TCM Mlade SCM Sloziste home to Dynamo Ceske Budejovice II1,500
13.Fotbalovy Stadion FK Raselina Sobeslav home to FK Spartak Sobeslav1,000
14.Hriste Katovice home to SK Otava Katovice1,000
15.Stadion TJ Prestice home to TJ Prestice1,000
  • Biggest stadium in 4. Liga Divize A: 15,000 - Stadion TJ Lokomotiva Cheb
  • Smallest stadium in 4. Liga Divize A: 1,000 - Stadion TJ Prestice
  • Total capacity in 4. Liga Divize A: 44,000
  • Average capacity in 4. Liga Divize A: 2,750

Best supported teams in 4. Liga Divize A

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Cesky lev-Union Beroun0
2.Dynamo Ceske Budejovice II0
3.FC Rokycany0
4.FC Viktoria Marianske Lazne0
5.FK Horovicko0
6.FK Hvezda Cheb0
7.FK Jindrichuv Hradec 19100
8.FK Spartak Sobeslav0
9.SK Klatovy0
10.SK Otava Katovice0
11.SK Petrin Plzen0
12.SK Senco Doubravka0
13.TJ Prestice0
14.TJ Slavoj Myto0
15.TJ Sokol Lom0
16.TJ Tatran Sedlcany0
  • Most fans in 4. Liga Divize A: 0 - Cesky lev-Union Beroun
  • Fewest fans in 4. Liga Divize A: 0 - TJ Tatran Sedlcany
  • Total 4. Liga Divize A fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in 4. Liga Divize A: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in 4. Liga Divize A?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Cesky lev-Union Beroun0.00
2.Dynamo Ceske Budejovice II0.00
3.FC Rokycany0.00
4.FC Viktoria Marianske Lazne0.00
5.FK Horovicko0.00
6.FK Hvezda Cheb0.00
7.FK Jindrichuv Hradec 19100.00
8.FK Spartak Sobeslav0.00
9.SK Klatovy0.00
10.SK Otava Katovice0.00
11.SK Petrin Plzen0.00
12.SK Senco Doubravka0.00
13.TJ Prestice0.00
14.TJ Slavoj Myto0.00
15.TJ Sokol Lom0.00
16.TJ Tatran Sedlcany0.00
  • Most travelled fans in 4. Liga Divize A: 0 grounds visited - Cesky lev-Union Beroun
  • Least travelled fans in 4. Liga Divize A: 0 grounds visited - TJ Tatran Sedlcany
  • Average # grounds visited in 4. Liga Divize A: 0.00

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