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4. Liga Divize B Football Grounds in Czech Republic

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4. Liga Divize B 0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Banik Sous 
Stadion Zdenka Fibicha
FC Chomutov 
Letni stadion na Zadnich Vinohradech
FK Arsenal Ceska Lipa 
Mestsky Stadion u Plounice
FK Brandys nad Labem 
Na Sporilove
FK Meteor Praha VIII 
Fotbalovy Areal Liben
FK Neratovice-Byskovice 
Stadion Neratovice
FK Olympie Brezova 
Stadion FK Olympie
FK Ostrov 
Stadion FK Ostrov
FK SEKO Louny 
Mestsky Stadion (Louny)
MFK Dobris 
Stadion MFK Dobris
SK Aritma Prague 
Areal Aritmy UMT
SK Cesky Brod 
Stadion Na Kutlice
SK Kladno 
Stadion Frantiska Kloze
SK Mondi Steti 
Mestsky Stadion
SK Slany 
Stadion Za Nadrazim Slany
TJ Tatran RAKO Rakovnik 
Mestsky Stadion Samotka

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Grounds in 4. Liga Divize B Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Neratovice home to FK Neratovice-Byskovice6,291
2.Mestsky Stadion home to SK Mondi Steti5,000
3.Mestsky Stadion u Plounice home to FK Arsenal Ceska Lipa5,000
4.Letni stadion na Zadnich Vinohradech home to FC Chomutov4,800
5.Stadion Na Kutlice home to SK Cesky Brod4,200
6.Na Sporilove home to FK Brandys nad Labem4,000
7.Stadion Frantiska Kloze home to SK Kladno4,000
8.Fotbalovy Areal Liben home to FK Meteor Praha VIII3,000
9.Stadion FK Olympie home to FK Olympie Brezova3,000
10.Stadion Za Nadrazim Slany home to SK Slany3,000
11.Stadion Zdenka Fibicha home to Banik Sous2,500
12.Mestsky Stadion (Louny) home to FK SEKO Louny2,150
13.Areal Aritmy UMT home to SK Aritma Prague2,000
14.Stadion FK Ostrov home to FK Ostrov2,000
15.Mestsky Stadion Samotka home to TJ Tatran RAKO Rakovnik1,000
16.Stadion MFK Dobris home to MFK Dobris1,000
  • Average capacity in 4. Liga Divize B: 3,114

Best supported teams in 4. Liga Divize B

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Banik Sous0
2.FC Chomutov0
3.FK Arsenal Ceska Lipa0
4.FK Brandys nad Labem0
5.FK Meteor Praha VIII0
6.FK Neratovice-Byskovice0
7.FK Olympie Brezova0
8.FK Ostrov0
9.FK SEKO Louny0
10.MFK Dobris0
11.SK Aritma Prague0
12.SK Cesky Brod0
13.SK Kladno0
14.SK Mondi Steti0
15.SK Slany0
16.TJ Tatran RAKO Rakovnik0
  • Average # fans in 4. Liga Divize B: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in 4. Liga Divize B?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Banik Sous0.00
2.FC Chomutov0.00
3.FK Arsenal Ceska Lipa0.00
4.FK Brandys nad Labem0.00
5.FK Meteor Praha VIII0.00
6.FK Neratovice-Byskovice0.00
7.FK Olympie Brezova0.00
8.FK Ostrov0.00
9.FK SEKO Louny0.00
10.MFK Dobris0.00
11.SK Aritma Prague0.00
12.SK Cesky Brod0.00
13.SK Kladno0.00
14.SK Mondi Steti0.00
15.SK Slany0.00
16.TJ Tatran RAKO Rakovnik0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in 4. Liga Divize B: 0.00

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