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Ontario Cup Football Grounds in Canada

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Ontario Cup 0/39 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Aurora Hearts 
Highland Park
Bradford Wolves 
Cericola Arena
Caledon FC 
Caledon East Soccer Complex
Caledon FC PW 
Caledon East Soccer Complex
Cambridge Supersonics 
Sonics Park
Cavan FC 
Maple Leaf Park
Croatia Windsor 
Croatia Park
Durham Celtic 
LAmoreaux Park
Durham United FA MENS 
Kinsmen Park
Futsal Club Toronto 
Gloucester Celtic 
Tauvette Park
Hamilton Serbians 
Shady Acres
HNNK Hrvat St Catharines 
Lancaster Park
Jagiellonia London  
TD Stadium
London Marconi 
Marconi CLub of London
Mississauga AC Diavoli 
Civic Stadium
Mississauga HNNK Zagreb 
Centennial Park
Mississauga Lakeshore UTD 
Memorial Park Mississauga
Mississauga Portofino SC 
Huron Park
Mustang FC Milton 
Lions Park Milton
Oakville Wisla United 
River Oaks Turf
Ottawa AC Fiorentina 
MLA Leitrim Road South
Ottawa Eagles 
Terry Fox North
Ottawa Fiorentina Viola 
Millenium Turf
Ottawa Hellenic 
Claudette Cain Park
Ottawa St Anthony MP 
Algonquin College Athletic Field Complex
Ottawa TFC MP 
Millenium Park
Panathinaikos Toronto 
Esther Shiner Stadium
Polish Eagles Kitchener 
Woodside Park
Riverside FC Waterloo 
Woodside Park
Scarborough Azzurri Blues 
LAmoreaux Park
Scarborough G.S. United 
LAmoreaux Park
Stratford City 
Festival Hydro Park - Cowan Field
Toronoto Irish 
Monarch Park Stadium
Toronto Golden Eagles 
Weston Lions Park
West Toronto United 
Carmine Stefano Community Centre
Windsor Ciociaro Premier 
Ciociaro Park
Windsor Soccer Club Fury 
Gignac Park
Woodbridge Strikers II 
Vaughan Grove
Woodstock Stallions 
Cowan Sportsplex

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Grounds in Ontario Cup Ordered by Capacity

1.Monarch Park Stadium home to Toronoto Irish5,000
2.Esther Shiner Stadium home to Panathinaikos Toronto3,000
3.LAmoreaux Park home to Durham Celtic2,000
4.LAmoreaux Park home to Scarborough G.S. United2,000
5.LAmoreaux Park home to Scarborough Azzurri Blues2,000
6.Civic Stadium home to Mississauga AC Diavoli1,500
7.Huron Park home to Mississauga Portofino SC1,000
8.Kinsmen Park home to Durham United FA MENS1,000
9.Vaughan Grove home to Woodbridge Strikers II1,000
  • Average capacity in Ontario Cup: 1,850

Best supported teams in Ontario Cup

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Aurora Hearts0
2.Bradford Wolves0
3.Caledon FC0
4.Caledon FC PW0
5.Cambridge Supersonics0
6.Cavan FC0
7.Croatia Windsor0
8.Durham Celtic0
9.Durham United FA MENS0
10.Futsal Club Toronto0
11.Gloucester Celtic0
12.Hamilton Serbians0
13.HNNK Hrvat St Catharines0
14.Jagiellonia London 0
15.London Marconi0
16.Mississauga AC Diavoli0
17.Mississauga HNNK Zagreb0
18.Mississauga Lakeshore UTD0
19.Mississauga Portofino SC0
20.Mustang FC Milton0
21.Oakville Wisla United0
22.Ottawa AC Fiorentina0
23.Ottawa Eagles0
24.Ottawa Fiorentina Viola0
25.Ottawa Hellenic0
26.Ottawa St Anthony MP0
27.Ottawa TFC MP0
28.Panathinaikos Toronto0
29.Polish Eagles Kitchener0
30.Riverside FC Waterloo0
31.Scarborough Azzurri Blues0
32.Scarborough G.S. United0
33.Stratford City0
34.Toronoto Irish0
35.Toronto Golden Eagles0
36.West Toronto United0
37.Windsor Ciociaro Premier0
38.Windsor Soccer Club Fury0
39.Woodbridge Strikers II0
40.Woodstock Stallions0
  • Average # fans in Ontario Cup: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Ontario Cup?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Aurora Hearts0.00
2.Bradford Wolves0.00
3.Caledon FC0.00
4.Caledon FC PW0.00
5.Cambridge Supersonics0.00
6.Cavan FC0.00
7.Croatia Windsor0.00
8.Durham Celtic0.00
9.Durham United FA MENS0.00
10.Futsal Club Toronto0.00
11.Gloucester Celtic0.00
12.Hamilton Serbians0.00
13.HNNK Hrvat St Catharines0.00
14.Jagiellonia London 0.00
15.London Marconi0.00
16.Mississauga AC Diavoli0.00
17.Mississauga HNNK Zagreb0.00
18.Mississauga Lakeshore UTD0.00
19.Mississauga Portofino SC0.00
20.Mustang FC Milton0.00
21.Oakville Wisla United0.00
22.Ottawa AC Fiorentina0.00
23.Ottawa Eagles0.00
24.Ottawa Fiorentina Viola0.00
25.Ottawa Hellenic0.00
26.Ottawa St Anthony MP0.00
27.Ottawa TFC MP0.00
28.Panathinaikos Toronto0.00
29.Polish Eagles Kitchener0.00
30.Riverside FC Waterloo0.00
31.Scarborough Azzurri Blues0.00
32.Scarborough G.S. United0.00
33.Stratford City0.00
34.Toronoto Irish0.00
35.Toronto Golden Eagles0.00
36.West Toronto United0.00
37.Windsor Ciociaro Premier0.00
38.Windsor Soccer Club Fury0.00
39.Woodbridge Strikers II0.00
40.Woodstock Stallions0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Ontario Cup: 0.00

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