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Brawl Pirates strategy: can you make a big win?

Brawl Pirates strategy - How to use?

Modern entertainment in online casinos and betting companies is reaching a new level. Thanks to the evolution of new product developers, players are given great opportunities to play a cool exciting game and have a chance to get a big cash win. 1win Casino offers many such games - one of the most popular is Brawl Pirates, to try your luck on the website: But not every player understands how to play it correctly to guarantee themselves a win over the long haul. Let's talk in this article about what strategies for playing Brawl Pirates are relevant for modern players. We will highlight the best among all game models and give examples of the game.

Catch-up strategy

Quite a simple game model that involves increasing the bet amount 2 times after each loss. This is a mathematical strategy from casino entertainment, which is currently used in all possible gambling games. One of the main characteristics of this strategy is one point: players must stop the game cycle at the moment when it is possible to win a bet with odds of at least 2.00. Immediately after that, players must either stop the game, fix their profit, or start the cycle again with the minimum bet amount.

Note that nowadays users very often play this strategy in different entertainment - sports betting, casinos, as well as crash games. It is both in theory and in practice can lead to profit on the distance. We offer to see how it can be used to play Brawl Pirates.

How to use catch-up in Brawl Pirates

As we know, this game has the following meaning - three skulls appear on the playing field. Under one of them is the treasure of Davy Jones. Your task is to find this skull and click on it to take the reward. If you don't guess - Davy Jones will take the treasure along with your bet. If you win, you get x2.88 of the bet amount.

Accordingly, with such odds you can't double your bet, but increase it by about x1.6. For example, you bet $1, in case you lose - $1.6, further - $2.56, etc. As soon as you find the treasure - again return to the original bet amount of 1 $ and continue to play, or end the cycle and fix your profit.

Dalembert method: cool Brawl Pirates game strategy

The principle of this gambling strategy is that the player takes the par value of the bet as a unit. In case of losing the bet is increased by this unit, and in case of winning - decreases. Playing is necessary to achieve a specific goal for the money won. For example, to play +10 units, or to win $100 with an initial bet of $5. Each player defines the goal for himself independently.

Using the strategy in Brawl Pirates

So, let's see how to use this Brawl Pirates strategy. Let's imagine that the total amount of your deposit is $50. The initial par value of the bet is $1. The same amount will be your unit. Now make the first bet of $1. If it loses - bet $2. Another loss will increase the amount of the bet to 3 $, and if further, you win - you need to bet already 2 $. The scheme is quite simple, every player can easily cope with the game on this model. It is only necessary to determine the final goal and move toward it.

Anti-Martingale Brawl Pirates Strategy

This is the opposite model of the Dalembert method. If in the previous case, we increased the bet after a loss and decreased it after a win, here it is the other way round. The player chooses a unit, which will be the initial amount of the bet. Then he lowers the bet in case of a loss and increases it in case of a win. Quite a simple strategy, the goal of which is to get into a series of wins (at least 3-4 bets). Otherwise, it will be impossible to make a profit.

How to use Brawl Pirates game strategy

There is nothing complicated in using the strategy for Brawl Pirates. You determine the initial bet - for example, 0.5 $. The same amount will be our unit. Now if you win, we increase this amount by one unit - the bet will now be $ 1. If you win again - bet $1.5. In case of loss, we reduce to the amount of 1 $ per bet. According to this principle, we make bets until we can not collect the necessary winnings.

Brawl Pirates 1win hack

Do not try to hack the game. If even professional hackers can't do it - you can hardly expect success without being one. You will not be able to find a flaw or bug in the game, since all such points are immediately identified and corrected by the developers. The only way to beat the casino in this case is to use the above strategies.

Should you use strategies for Brawl Pirates?

Yes, it is the easiest and most legitimate way to beat the casino in this game. You can take advantage of the listed variants of game models. You can also try to invent your way of playing based on your practical experience. Remember that strategies only help you to stabilise your profits, but do not guarantee success 100%.

Other strategies for playing at 1win

In addition to overtaking, the Dalembert method and the Anti-Martingale strategy, you can try other available game strategy options for Brawl Pirates. For example, the ladder game. This is a variant of the strategy in which after winning, you bet the entire amount of money for the next round - the original bet and the winnings. If you win again - repeat the procedure. You should do this until you reach your goal of the amount of money you have won - for example, turn $1 into $10. Remember that you can also come up with your strategies and try to make a good profit with them.


What is the most effective Brawl Pirates strategy?

At the moment, the most effective strategy is the overtake strategy. It is used by a huge number of users around the world. Even though it does not guarantee users 100% earnings, it helps players to stabilize their profits and not lose their deposits. If used incorrectly, the strategy can contribute to losing the entire bank, so try to follow its rules.

Why do people use strategies to play Brawl Pirates?

If you play without any game model, there will be a very high probability of losing all your money. Mathematical strategies help players to keep their funds safe at least in the medium term.

Is it possible to come up with your own Brawl Pirates new strategy?

Of course, you can try to develop your game strategy and test it in the game. If it proves to be working and effective, you can also share your model with other players around the planet and help them earn money.

Why can't I Brawl Pirates hack?

The 1win service has an excellent team of professional developers who monitor the flow of the game continuously online. Even when technical flaws appear, the professionals immediately stop these errors and fix them. The game is built on the most modern security protocols, which are almost 100% safe from any kind of hacking.

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