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"Rules Are Rules."

has rated Prenton Park 3.0 out of 5.

samwaters' review of Prenton Park

The stewards and staff at this game were very tense, due to this I have produced a small guide to help new visitors to this ground understand some of the hidden rules:

Firstly, when sitting you must only sit in certain locations, the stewards will let you know if you are sitting in the wrong place. Please note that sitting in the first few rows is banned so if you would like to sit in the sun like we wanted to this will not be possible.

To add to that, in order to get a tap water you must follow the following procedure (which i went through during my visit):
1. Ask snack bar for a tap water (they will then kindly advise you that they can give you tap water but do not have any cups. The tea and coffee cups are strictly for tea and coffee for some reason, and therefore cannot be used.)
2. Go to the other bar and ask for a tap water (the man will then advise you that the tap in his bar cannot be used for drinking water)
3. Ask the barman for a plastic cup.
4. Go back to the original bar and inform them that you have a cup and ask for it to be filled (they will then tell you that they are unsure if the water that comes from the same tap that is used for tea and coffee is drinking water)
5. Tell them you don't care and that you'll take it anyway
6. Attempt to carry your water into the stand before being stopped by a steward claiming you are holding a cup of straight vodka
7. Inform him otherwise and continue to your seat where you can enjoy your tap water.

A final rule to note is that when sitting in your seat you must sit with your feet in the following positions:

Beside the stewards, the ground itself has good facilities and has a good atmosphere. The Kop stand helps create a very good atmosphere. Ticket prices are steep for non-league, but the food and drink seems to be about average for a non-league football stadium.

The result on the day was 9-0, a new record for a loss in the 5th tier of english football... how embarrasing! The Tranmere fans were quick to mock us but were more than friendly on the way out.

Overall, ignoring the result, the day out at Prenton Park was great*, but if you are going you must remember to follow the rules!

*No cheesy chips or chip butties available.

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