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"Falling down"

has rated Boundary Park 1.5 out of 5.

facebook-user-86951's review of Boundary Park

Last Saturday saw me visit Boundary Park via train. Overall the place is in a bit of a state with only the two ends fully open. The side opposite the main stand is closed as is parts of the main stand as they can't/haven't been converted from standing to seating.

Away fans receive about a third of the stand, which I would guess is around 500 seats. The view is good.

The worst thing about the ground is the pitch, it's awful. Even though it was fully covered in grass it was very bumpy and did not make for a good passing game.


About 15 minutes walk from Oldham Weneth station. Plenty of parking


Comfort was fine, the view was very good with no obstructions


The loos were clean

Food & Drink

I didn't have food or drink inside the ground, but I went to the bar at the Premier Inn that was just down from the ground, which was well priced.

The food is being catered by the same people as do Roots Hall, so probably not much good.

Police & Stewards

They seem fine.


The atmosphere was ok, but I never like the home and away fans being in the same stand.

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Police & StewardsN/A
OverallOverall rating: 0.0 stars

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