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Who will win EURO 2024: A detailed analysis

Who will win EURO 2024: A detailed analysis

The UEFA European Championship 2024 will begin in Germany on June 14th and will be aimed at selecting the premier football team. The current crop of Italy team is at the top but England appears to be on the right track to reclaim the position this year. Having explored which teams will go on to the playoffs and the likelihood of each becoming the Euro champions this year.

Participating Teams in the Final Matches

The qualifying matches for Euro 2024 began on March 23, 2023, comprising 10 qualifications. Fifty-three teams participated in the qualifying games, divided into 10 groups: 7 groups with 5 teams each and 3 groups with 6 teams each. As a result of the qualifying matches, the following teams advanced to the final stage: France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Scotland, Turkey, Austria, England, Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia. Additionally, three participating teams were determined through playoff matches: Ukraine, Georgia, and Poland. Germany also earned an automatic spot in the finals as the host country for EURO 2024 this year.

At the preliminary stage of the tournament, the groups were distributed as follows. Below, you will find information on the coefficients offered by the meilleur casino crypto and bookmakers for each group.

Germany Spain Slovenia Poland Belgium Turkey
Scotland Croatia Denmark Netherlands Slovakia Georgia
Hungary Italy Serbia Austria Romania Portugal
Switzerland Albania England France Ukraine Czech Republic

Group A

In all previous tournaments, Switzerland has consistently shown good results and almost always advances to the playoffs. As for Hungary and Scotland, they have performed quite decently in the qualifying matches. If we analyze the ratings and bookmakers' odds, the positions in Group A are distributed as follows:

Position Nation
1 Germany
2 Switzerland
3 Hungary
4 Scotland

Group B

Not long ago, Spain managed to defeat Italy in the UEFA Nations League, which means they have quite good chances at Euro 24. However, it's worth remembering that it was Italy who left the Spanish behind in the last Euro, winning in a penalty shootout and taking home the main prize. Croatia also has good chances; the team showcased its strengths during the qualifiers, securing a victory against Brazil in the World Cup. Bookmakers consider Albania the underdog of this group.

Position Nation
1 Spain
2 Italy
3 Croatia
4 Albania

Group C

The most watched team in this group is England, which has impressed itself in the group stage. It is highly likely that this year, England will do everything possible to become the best European team. It is worth noting that in Group C, there are quite strong teams, and there are no outstanding underdogs here. However, bookmakers still give Slovenia 4th place in the group.

Position Nation
1 England
2 Denmark
3 Serbia
4 Slovenia

Group D

France hasn't claimed the Euro's top prize since 2000, but now the team is dominated by harmony, led by one of the world's best players, Kylian Mbappé. All of this ensures fairly high chances of reaching the playoffs. As for the underdog, bookmakers place Poland in last position, although the team has performed quite decently in the group stage matches.

Position Nation
1 France
2 Austria
3 Netherlands
4 Poland

Group E

Belgium got lucky this year to find itself in a rather modest group, so the country has every chance to rise to the top spot. One of the main competitors is the Ukrainian national team, which also performed well during the playoff matches. The Slovakian and Romanian teams include quite a few young footballers who don't yet have enough experience in such major championships.

Position Nation
1 Belgium
2 Ukraine
3 Romania
4 Slovakia

Group F

In 2016, the Portuguese national team only secured third place in their group but then went on to epically win the entire championship, leaving their opponents behind. Now, they have every chance of topping the group, although the Turkish and Czech teams are capable of providing worthy competition. Bookmakers consider Georgia the underdog, as even in the group matches, they struggled.

Position Nation
1 Portugal
2 Turkey
3 Czech Republic
4 Georgia

Who will reach the semi-finals and final of Euro 2024

While we are awaiting the group stage matches, which will kick off in mid-June, there is time to play football machines a sous gratuites to have fun. Fr-SlotsUp expert Hakim Kraiem has analyzed all the information about the upcoming matches, the condition of the teams, and the odds provided by bookmakers and has determined a list of potential winners of Euro 2024.

Let's start with the semi-final matches. Judging by the odds of top bookmakers such as Bet365, Bwin, BetMGM, the following teams are expected to reach the semi-finals:

Germany will play against Portugal, and the latter has every chance of surpassing the German team and securing a place in the final. Under the leadership of Cristiano Ronaldo, the team could well repeat their success of 2016.

In the semi-final match, France and England will also play against each other, and as experts and bookmakers suggest, England will once again be without the main football prize this year.

In the end, the final will see Portugal and France facing off. The match promises to be unpredictable and quite tense. Most likely, it will be France who will do everything possible to become the winner of Euro 2024. This is currently indicated by the preliminary odds of the bookmakers.

Who will be the top scorer

Let's also talk about who the experts consider contenders for the Golden Boot in 2024. If we analyze the group stage matches, Mbappe, Ronaldo, and Harry Kane from the national teams of France, Portugal, and England respectively have performed well. They will likely top the rankings, with bookmakers' odds changing as matches are played.


Hurry up to choose the best bookmakers and prepare for betting on Euro 2024. Keep an eye on the odds, watch live broadcasts, and don't forget to consult our expert opinion.

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