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walkerboii's review of Goodison Park

Goodison Park is an old ground with plenty of character - almost perfect - all they need to do is make the toilets bigger and sort out the low roofs and it would definitely make my top 10 grounds


Really easy to find and depending on where you park it is really easy to get out of at the end. Plenty of street parking plus I have been told there is a big car park not too far away - on the down side I have also been told it takes a long time to get out of at the end of the game.


The seats are uncomfortable and wooden with no backs. The rain kept coming through the roof but at least my view was good. At half time I went to see some friends also in the away end and they couldn't even see the game because of the pillars and stupidly low roof.


As Goodison Park is a Premier League ground the facilities are very poor - toilets in the away end can only hold up to 20 people maximum meaning it is packed at half time, wooden terracing, wooden backless seats and ridiculously low roofs - the only good point is the quality of the food

Food & Drink

All I had was a Cornish pasty with was very nice and a bottle of Coke - even though it was good quality I still felt £5.00 was a little steep.

Police & Stewards

From what I saw - very good - the police by the away end did for some srange reason had battons but didnt use them - they were quiet and let the fans enjoy the game and the same for the stewards. The only down side is the fact the stewards did very harshly eject one supporter for "over celebrating" the QPR goal


What atmosphere? The only noise the home fans made all game was firstly to boo all of David Moyes' tactical changes and then to boo Everton off at full-time. The only atmosphere came from the QPR supporters who once again didnt stop singing all game - winning did help that though lol.

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Ratings for Goodison Park

LocationAspect 1 rating: 4.5 stars
ViewAspect 2 rating: 2.0 stars
FacilitiesAspect 3 rating: 2.5 stars
Food & DrinkAspect 4 rating: 3.0 stars
Police & StewardsAspect 5 rating: 4.5 stars
AtmosphereAspect 6 rating: 4.0 stars
OverallOverall rating: 4.5 stars

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