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"Atmospheric, traditional, AWFUL!!!"

has rated Goodison Park 2.5 out of 5.

smithybridge-blue's review of Goodison Park

Although Goodison Park is one of the late, great traditional football stadiums, the Upper/Lower Bullens and paddock let it down. This stand is one of the original structures built when stadiums first started getting roofs above spectators heads, when they used to charge a shilling (5p) to get in. For what value you get in the stand presently, they should still charge the same now! Despite this downside, Everton still has one of the best atmospheres in the land due the the vociferous support and intimidating attitude of the locals. Not top of my list for away days.


Located close to Stanley Park and The Anfield Cemetary, it is easy to get to by car, being on the continuation of the East Lancashire Road (A580), one of the main roads in and out of Liverpool. There are various, expensive, car parks around the stadium. There is rather an extensive restricted zone around the ground, so expect a sizeable walk should you wish to street park. Regular buses to and from the city centre.


Having experienced matches in all of the stands, the Main Stand (3rd - Upper Tier - scary height!), Gwladys Stand and Park Stand are all fine for viewing -but as for the Upper and Lower Bullens!!! The Upper contains wooden seats and supporting pillars giving restricted viewing of the playing area. The lower, although containing plastic seats, gives a very low view of the pitch, where the camber of the field of play is exceedingly noticable.


Upper/Lower Bullens. By far the worst in the Premier League and possibly the lowest value for money experience in the 92 considering what Everton charge for the "pleasure". Small, cramped toilets (seen bigger bogs in pubs), food/drink outlets so badly positioned that you can't queue properly as people are trying to move around near you due to the lack of space, and TV suspended for the roof so that it's impossible to view (or to nick!)

Food & Drink

Warm bottle of Fosters. Don't know the price as a mate decided to risk his life to queue for it.

Police & Stewards

Didn't notice much police presence. Stewards on entry to Visitors Section were rather over-zealous and unfriendly. By contrast, the stewards within the stadium were superb and deserve recognition. As the Lower Bullens is rather low down and was originally a paddock designed for standing, despite the tannoy appeals, the stewards let the away fans remain standing so that they could get a better view if the game. They also found empty seats (those separating the home fans from the away fans) so that any young kids could sit down and see the game. A brilliant gesture and a good bit of PR. Some of the stewards let their good work down though by enthusiastically celebrating Evertons goals (so much for impartiality whilst being paid to do their duty!)


This traditional ground holds the atmosphere, and being a "lads and dads" club, can be very loud and intimidating. Everton fans can be very extreme, either getting behind their team very vociferously, or have a good old audible moan.

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Ratings for Goodison Park

LocationAspect 1 rating: 2.5 stars
ViewAspect 2 rating: 2.0 stars
FacilitiesAspect 3 rating: 0.5 stars
Food & DrinkAspect 4 rating: 0.5 stars
Police & StewardsAspect 5 rating: 3.0 stars
AtmosphereAspect 6 rating: 4.0 stars
OverallOverall rating: 3.0 stars

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