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"Surprisingly modern."

has rated Deepdale 3.5 out of 5.

samwaters' review of Deepdale

Upon arriving in Preston we were given a police escort to the ground, this and the policing throughout the day was very professional and friendly. The nearest pub, the Sumners was just down from the ground. This pub was very nice however I did notice the smell inside the pub was not good.

Entering the ground I was greeted by a man on the turnstiles, which is much better than the robotic machines some modern stadiums have. The concourse had a low ceiling and this made for a very good atmosphere. They did not sell cheesy chips inside the ground however pies were available. The view from my seat was halfway up and right behind the goal in the away end, this must have been the best view I've ever had at an away game in the football league.

The atmosphere inside Deepdale was intimidating at times despite empty seats, this was due to the fans in the side stands joining along with the Preston chants at times. After the game I went to grab a picture with my mate at the front of the stadium, some of the stewards jumped in the background and joined in with the picture which was quite funny.

All in all, Deepdale is a nice ground, which despite its early build date is relatively modern, the police and stewards were friendly, and despite the result, it was a good awayday. I'd definitely recommend visiting Sainsbury's too as this is on the way to the Sumners and provides cheap food and beer.

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