"Horrible. Everything that is wrong with football"

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Ok, I may be blinkered with this as I generally hate the MK Dons for everything they mean to football - for me, they are the symbol of everything that is wrong with Modern Football - everything about the Club I cannot stand. Stadium MK has no atmosphere to speak of - from the game I went to the only chants/singing etc. came from us in the away end. The stewards insisted on telling us to sit down (evidently opposed to any type of atmosphere being created). It feels "plastic" - fabricated and like the Dons themselves, trying desperately to have some sort of history and personality that a club that's been in existence for years can only have. It felt wrong and pretentious and I was glad to get out of there (not just because we lost).


If you live in and around MK I'm sure it's easy as to get to. For away fans however, it's a pig to get to. Apparently it is "well signposted". We only saw 2 signposts for the Stadium - one on a roundabout saying "Stadium MK straight on" and one bang opposite the stadium Saying Stadium MK --->. In a place where only a moron would need a sign to show them where the stadium was.


Actually, I quite grudgingly have to accept that in terms of customer service etc., they have it down to a tee. The seats were comfortable (for seats in a football ground), plenty of room and had a good view of the game.


Again, have to begrudgingly accept that they've done well - the facilities are modern and in fact, good enough for you to momentarily think you're in a restaurant instead of a football stadium

Food & Drink

Only had a beer in there but was served quickly and pleasantly and found the beer to be very reasonably priced. Normally in a pub or other football ground you could easily pay 3.50-4.00 for a pint, or just less. At Stadium MK it was 3. Which is pretty reasonable, but I guess they have to make up for the lack of pubs or watering holes in the area around the ground.

Police & Stewards

Jobsworths. All of them. Had an insistence on making EVERYONE sit down. In my opinion, if football fans want to stand at a ground they should be allowed to. If you stood up to even get a better view of your team on the attack they would be "sit down, sit down". That said, fair play to them for seemingly ignoring the ridiculous "no swearing" rule as found in the programme. Which is ridiculous at a football ground - football fans have a tendency to swear. I'm not condoning it, but it can only be expected at a football game.


Constantly told to sit down and seemingly discouraged from any kind of songs. The home fans only started singing after going 1-0 up 'cos of a mistake from our keeper.

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