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facebook-user-12727's review of Boundary Park

Boundary Park is a funny ground as it only has 3 stands. The empty side (which runs down one side of the pitch) is completely open and there for really lets the wind in. It has to be one of the coldest grounds in England! The 3 stands they do have aren't the best either. Two of them look pretty old and the newest one they give to away fans. How generous. Considering this WAS a Premier League ground I was shocked at how poor it looked.


Boundary park is right off the motorway and is also visible when you get off it, so it's not the hardest to find.
They have a rather large car park outside the ground, that is fenced off so you don't have to worry about your car during the match. It isn't the best-kept car park ever as there are pot-holes all over it. Getting out of the car park isn't the easiest as there isn't any organisation and its 'everyone for themselves' so be prepared for a short wait.


The stand for away supporters looks the newest of all the stands and has no obstructions so it's a good view. The stand is split in to two sections - one a lot larger than the other. Away fans usually get the smaller section of the stand unless there is going to be a large following (like we did). Both sections are well separated and well stewarded. The larger section of the stand holds probably about 3000 fans.


There is a bar at the back of the stand and a place to buy food from.The problem is it's not undercover. So be prepared to have your pint and pie whilst getting wet. It is a pretty large area tho so there isn't to much problems for overcrowding.

Food & Drink

Food and drink are pretty cheap (but it is a Northern club). They offer a bar inside the ground for away supporters (if in the larger section of the stand) which most clubs don't tend to do.

Police & Stewards

The stewards didn't really seem to know what to do with a large away following. This was indicated with the fact the called for help and used some of ours. They were petty about sitting in the correct seats and when you tried to explain you wanted to sit with your friends but all your tickets were separate, they just spat their dummies out and threated to throw us out or get the police. It's pretty pathetic and they just tried to spoil the day. In the end they buckled because they weren't honestly going to throw the majority of the crowd out. They need to realise its League 1 now, not Premiership!
To be fair to the police and stewards tho, they do have a bit of work on their hands because of the distance not being to far, between the two sets of fans.


With the home fans and away fans being separated by only a couple of metal barriers and a few stewards it makes for a good atmosphere. Especially when its a local derby like ours was. The stand was completely full and both sides were trying to out sing each other and occasionally making light hearted banter towards one another. They weren't the most friendly fans but there not that intimidating either. It's one of the best atmospheres I have been involved in tho.

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LocationAspect 1 rating: 2.5 stars
ViewAspect 2 rating: 5.0 stars
FacilitiesAspect 3 rating: 2.0 stars
Food & DrinkAspect 4 rating: 4.0 stars
Police & StewardsAspect 5 rating: 0.5 stars
AtmosphereAspect 6 rating: 4.0 stars
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