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Other Welsh Teams Football Grounds in Wales

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Other Welsh Teams 0/47 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Abergavenny Town Reserves 
Pen-Y-Pound Stadium
Aberystwyth University Reserves 
Vicarage Fields
Acrefair Youth 
The Bont
AFC Wattstown 
The Oval Ynyshir
Airbus UK Broughton Youth 
The Airfield
Bailey Rangers 
Mardy Park
Bryntirion Athletic 
Bryntirion Park
Caernarfon Wanderers 
Cae Top
Cardiff Grange Harlequins 
Pontcanna Fields
Cardiff International Sports Stadium (old ground)
Carne Park
Ewenny Rangers 
Great Western Avenue
FC Cefn 
The Dell
Gap Connah's Quay U18 
The Quay 3G
Garden Village Reserves 
Stafford Common
Gwersyllt Athletic 
The Wauns
HMP Prescoed 
HMP Prescoed Prison
Holyhead Hotspur Reserves 
The New Oval
Holyhead Town Reserves 
Millbank Sports Field
Llandudno Amateurs Reserves 
Maesdu Park
Llanfairfechan Town Reserves 
The Recreation Ground
King George's Field
Llansantffraid Village F.C. Reserves 
The Recreation Ground
Wddyn Park
Machynlleth Reserves 
Plas Grounds
Gresford Colliery Club
Marshfield Village Hall
Mathern Athletic Club
Mynydd Tigers 
Bangor City 3G
Navi FC 
High Street
Old Colwyn 
Glan y Don
Pencader United 
Pencader Park
Pentraeth Reserves 
Panton Arms
Pentwyn Dynamo 
Pentwyn Leisure Centre
The Castle Ground (Hanson Cement Works)
Pontlottyn AFC 
Pontlottyn Welfare
RAF Brawdy 
RAF Brawdy Base
Recite Scaffolding 
Lysaghts Park
Rhuddlan Town Reserves 
Pengwern College
Alexandra Road
St Asaph City Reserves 
Roe Plas
Swansea Bay 
Ashleigh Road
Tranch AFC Reserves 
Tranch Recreation Ground
Tynte Rovers 
Glasbrook Park
Usk Town Reserves 
The Island
Ventrue Community 
The Dunks
West of St Julians 
Whiteheads Rhisga 
Ty-Isaf Park

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Grounds in Other Welsh Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Bryntirion Park home to Bryntirion Athletic3,000
2.The Recreation Ground home to Llansantffraid Village F.C. Reserves3,000
3.Ty-Isaf Park home to Whiteheads Rhisga3,000
4.The Airfield home to Airbus UK Broughton Youth2,100
5.Stafford Common home to Garden Village Reserves2,000
6.The New Oval home to Holyhead Hotspur Reserves2,000
7.The Oval Ynyshir home to AFC Wattstown2,000
8.Pen-Y-Pound Stadium home to Abergavenny Town Reserves1,500
9.Maesdu Park home to Llandudno Amateurs Reserves1,013
10.Glasbrook Park home to Tynte Rovers1,000
11.Gresford Colliery Club home to Maesgwyn1,000
12.Lysaghts Park home to Recite Scaffolding1,000
13.Panton Arms home to Pentraeth Reserves1,000
14.Plas Grounds home to Machynlleth Reserves1,000
15.Roe Plas home to St Asaph City Reserves1,000
16.The Dunks home to Ventrue Community1,000
17.Vicarage Fields home to Aberystwyth University Reserves1,000
18.Westfield home to West of St Julians1,000
19.Millbank Sports Field home to Holyhead Town Reserves500
20.Pentwyn Leisure Centre home to Pentwyn Dynamo500
  • Average capacity in Other Welsh Teams: 1,410

Best supported teams in Other Welsh Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Acrefair Youth1
2.Ventrue Community1
3.Abergavenny Town Reserves0
4.Aberystwyth University Reserves0
5.AFC Wattstown0
6.Airbus UK Broughton Youth0
7.Bailey Rangers0
8.Bryntirion Athletic0
9.Caernarfon Wanderers0
10.Cardiff Grange Harlequins0
12.Ewenny Rangers0
13.FC Cefn0
14.Gap Connah's Quay U180
15.Garden Village Reserves0
16.Gwersyllt Athletic0
17.HMP Prescoed0
18.Holyhead Hotspur Reserves0
19.Holyhead Town Reserves0
20.Llandudno Amateurs Reserves0
21.Llanfairfechan Town Reserves0
23.Llansantffraid Village F.C. Reserves0
25.Machynlleth Reserves0
29.Mynydd Tigers0
30.Navi FC0
31.Old Colwyn0
32.Pencader United0
33.Pentraeth Reserves0
34.Pentwyn Dynamo0
36.Pontlottyn AFC0
37.RAF Brawdy0
38.Recite Scaffolding0
39.Rhuddlan Town Reserves0
41.St Asaph City Reserves0
42.Swansea Bay0
43.Tranch AFC Reserves0
44.Tynte Rovers0
45.Usk Town Reserves0
46.West of St Julians0
47.Whiteheads Rhisga0
  • Average # fans in Other Welsh Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Welsh Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Ventrue Community24.00
2.Acrefair Youth0.00
3.Abergavenny Town Reserves0.00
4.Aberystwyth University Reserves0.00
5.AFC Wattstown0.00
6.Airbus UK Broughton Youth0.00
7.Bailey Rangers0.00
8.Bryntirion Athletic0.00
9.Caernarfon Wanderers0.00
10.Cardiff Grange Harlequins0.00
12.Ewenny Rangers0.00
13.FC Cefn0.00
14.Gap Connah's Quay U180.00
15.Garden Village Reserves0.00
16.Gwersyllt Athletic0.00
17.HMP Prescoed0.00
18.Holyhead Hotspur Reserves0.00
19.Holyhead Town Reserves0.00
20.Llandudno Amateurs Reserves0.00
21.Llanfairfechan Town Reserves0.00
23.Llansantffraid Village F.C. Reserves0.00
25.Machynlleth Reserves0.00
29.Mynydd Tigers0.00
30.Navi FC0.00
31.Old Colwyn0.00
32.Pencader United0.00
33.Pentraeth Reserves0.00
34.Pentwyn Dynamo0.00
36.Pontlottyn AFC0.00
37.RAF Brawdy0.00
38.Recite Scaffolding0.00
39.Rhuddlan Town Reserves0.00
41.St Asaph City Reserves0.00
42.Swansea Bay0.00
43.Tranch AFC Reserves0.00
44.Tynte Rovers0.00
45.Usk Town Reserves0.00
46.West of St Julians0.00
47.Whiteheads Rhisga0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Welsh Teams: 0.50

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