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Division 2 Norra Gotaland Football Grounds in Sweden

Map of Division 2 Norra Gotaland stadiums

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List of Division 2 Norra Gotaland stadiums

0/14 grounds visited (0%)

Ahlafors IFAhlafors IF
Svenska Stenhus Arena
Angered BKAngered BK
Grebbestads IFGrebbestads IF
Herrestads AIFHerrestads AIF
IFK KumlaIFK Kumla
Kumla IP
IK GauthiodIK Gauthiod
Lunnevi IP
Karlslunds IFKarlslunds IF
Karlslund Arena
Lidkopings FKLidkopings FK
Framnas IP
Mjolby AI FFMjolby AI FF
Nordvarmlands FFNordvarmlands FF
Lillangens IP
Saffle SKSaffle SK
Sporthalla IP
Stenungsunds IFStenungsunds IF
Vanersborgs FKVanersborgs FK
Yxhults IKYxhults IK

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Division 2 Norra Gotaland Information

NameDivision 2 Norra Gotaland
Level on pyramid4
Same level asDivision 2 Norra Svealand
Division 2 Norrland
Division 2 Sodra Gotaland
Division 2 Sodra Svealand
Division 2 Vastra Gotaland
Promotion to (one of)Division 1 Norra
Division 1 Sodra
Relegation to (one of)Division 3 Mellersta Gotaland
Division 3 Mellersta Norrland
Division 3 Nordostra Gotaland
Division 3 Nordvastra Gotaland
Division 3 Norra Norrland
Division 3 Norra Svealand
Division 3 Sodra Gotaland
Division 3 Sodra Norrland
Division 3 Sodra Svealand
Division 3 Sydostra Gotaland
Division 3 Sydvastra Gotaland
Division 3 Vastra Svealand

Grounds in Division 2 Norra Gotaland Ordered by Capacity

1.Hjallbovallen home to Angered BK3,000
2.Nosnasvallen home to Stenungsunds IF3,000
3.Framnas IP home to Lidkopings FK2,500
4.Karlslund Arena home to Karlslunds IF2,000
5.Kumla IP home to IFK Kumla2,000
6.Lunnevi IP home to IK Gauthiod1,500
7.Siljevi home to Grebbestads IF1,500
8.Vanersvallen home to Vanersborgs FK1,300
9.Svenska Stenhus Arena home to Ahlafors IF1,000
10.Lillangens IP home to Nordvarmlands FF300
  • Biggest stadium in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 3,000 - Hjallbovallen
  • Smallest stadium in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 300 - Lillangens IP
  • Total capacity in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 18,100
  • Average capacity in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 1,645

Best supported teams in Division 2 Norra Gotaland

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Ahlafors IF0
2.Angered BK0
3.Grebbestads IF0
4.Herrestads AIF0
5.IFK Kumla0
6.IK Gauthiod0
7.Karlslunds IF0
8.Lidkopings FK0
9.Mjolby AI FF0
10.Nordvarmlands FF0
11.Saffle SK0
12.Stenungsunds IF0
13.Vanersborgs FK0
14.Yxhults IK0
  • Most fans in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 0 - Ahlafors IF
  • Fewest fans in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 0 - Yxhults IK
  • Total Division 2 Norra Gotaland fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Division 2 Norra Gotaland?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Ahlafors IF0.00
2.Angered BK0.00
3.Grebbestads IF0.00
4.Herrestads AIF0.00
5.IFK Kumla0.00
6.IK Gauthiod0.00
7.Karlslunds IF0.00
8.Lidkopings FK0.00
9.Mjolby AI FF0.00
10.Nordvarmlands FF0.00
11.Saffle SK0.00
12.Stenungsunds IF0.00
13.Vanersborgs FK0.00
14.Yxhults IK0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 0 grounds visited - Ahlafors IF
  • Least travelled fans in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 0 grounds visited - Yxhults IK
  • Average # grounds visited in Division 2 Norra Gotaland: 0.00

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