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Division 1 Norra Football Grounds in Sweden

Map of Division 1 Norra stadiums

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List of Division 1 Norra stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

BK ForwardBK Forward
Trangens IP
FC Stockholm InternazionaleFC Stockholm Internazionale
Kristinebergs IP
Gefle IFGefle IF
Stromvallen (old ground)
Hammarby TFFHammarby TFF
Hammarby IP
IF SylviaIF Sylvia
IFK HaningeIFK Haninge
Torvalla IP 1
Karlstad FotbollKarlstad Fotboll
Tingvalla IP
Motala AIFMotala AIF
Motala Idrottspark
Orebro SyrianskaOrebro Syrianska
Ornsro IP
Trangens IP (old ground)
Pitea IFPitea IF
LF Arena
Sandvikens IFSandvikens IF
Sollentuna FKSollentuna FK
Team ThorengruppenTeam Thorengruppen
Umea Energi Arena SOL (Gammliavallen)
Umea FCUmea FC
Umea Energi Arena SOL (Gammliavallen)
Vasalunds IFVasalunds IF
Skytteholms IP

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Last updated: March 2022

Division 1 Norra Information

NameDivision 1 Norra
Level on pyramid3
Same level asDivision 1 Sodra
Promotion toSuperettan
Relegation to (one of)Division 2 Norra Gotaland
Division 2 Norra Svealand
Division 2 Norrland
Division 2 Sodra Gotaland
Division 2 Sodra Svealand
Division 2 Vastra Gotaland

Grounds in Division 1 Norra Ordered by Capacity

1.Ostgotaporten home to IF Sylvia17,234
2.Umea Energi Arena SOL (Gammliavallen) home to Team Thorengruppen9,000
3.Umea Energi Arena SOL (Gammliavallen) home to Umea FC9,000
4.Motala Idrottspark home to Motala AIF8,500
5.Jernvallen home to Sandvikens IF7,000
6.Gavlevallen home to Gefle IF6,500
7.Trangens IP home to BK Forward4,700
8.Sollentunavallen home to Sollentuna FK4,500
9.LF Arena home to Pitea IF3,950
10.Skytteholms IP home to Vasalunds IF3,000
11.Tingvalla IP home to Karlstad Fotboll1,100
12.Ornsro IP home to Orebro Syrianska1,000
13.Tibblevallen home to Taby1,000
14.Torvalla IP 1 home to IFK Haninge1,000
15.Kristinebergs IP home to FC Stockholm Internazionale930
  • Biggest stadium in Division 1 Norra: 17,234 - Ostgotaporten
  • Smallest stadium in Division 1 Norra: 930 - Kristinebergs IP
  • Total capacity in Division 1 Norra: 78,414
  • Average capacity in Division 1 Norra: 4,901

Best supported teams in Division 1 Norra

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Gefle IF1
2.Umea FC1
3.BK Forward0
4.FC Stockholm Internazionale0
5.Hammarby TFF0
6.IF Sylvia0
7.IFK Haninge0
8.Karlstad Fotboll0
9.Motala AIF0
10.Orebro Syrianska0
11.Pitea IF0
12.Sandvikens IF0
13.Sollentuna FK0
15.Team Thorengruppen0
16.Vasalunds IF0
  • Most fans in Division 1 Norra: 1 - Gefle IF
  • Fewest fans in Division 1 Norra: 0 - Vasalunds IF
  • Total Division 1 Norra fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Division 1 Norra: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Division 1 Norra?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Gefle IF16.00
2.Umea FC0.00
3.BK Forward0.00
4.FC Stockholm Internazionale0.00
5.Hammarby TFF0.00
6.IF Sylvia0.00
7.IFK Haninge0.00
8.Karlstad Fotboll0.00
9.Motala AIF0.00
10.Orebro Syrianska0.00
11.Pitea IF0.00
12.Sandvikens IF0.00
13.Sollentuna FK0.00
15.Team Thorengruppen0.00
16.Vasalunds IF0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Division 1 Norra: 16 grounds visited - Gefle IF
  • Least travelled fans in Division 1 Norra: 0 grounds visited - Vasalunds IF
  • Average # grounds visited in Division 1 Norra: 0.94

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