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1. Division Serie 2 Football Grounds in Luxembourg

Map of 1. Division Serie 2 stadiums

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List of 1. Division Serie 2 stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

CS GrevenmacherCS Grevenmacher
Op Flohr Stadion
CS OberkornCS Oberkorn
Terrain Woiwer
CS SanemCS Sanem
Stade CS Sanem
FC Avenir BeggenFC Avenir Beggen
Stade Rue Henri Dunant
FC Blo-Waiss IzegFC Blo-Waiss Izeg
Stade Albert Kongs
FC CeBra 01FC CeBra 01
Complexe Sportif Boy Konen
FC Koeppchen WormeldangeFC Koeppchen Wormeldange
Stade Am Ga
FC Luna ObercornFC Luna Obercorn
Terrain rue d'Alscheidt
FC Residence WalferdangeFC Residence Walferdange
Stade Prince Henri
FC Sporting BertrangeFC Sporting Bertrange
Plaine des Jeux Andre Wolff
FC US SandweilerFC US Sandweiler
Stade Norbert Hubsch
Red Black Egalite 07Red Black Egalite 07
Stade Gaston Diderich
SC SteinfortSC Steinfort
Stade Demy Steichen
Syra MensdorfSyra Mensdorf
Stade Op Biirk
Union 05 Kayl-TetangeUnion 05 Kayl-Tetange
Stade Victor Marchal
Union Remich-BousUnion Remich-Bous
Op der Millen

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1. Division Serie 2 Information

Name1. Division Serie 2
Level on pyramid3
Same level as1. Division Serie 1
Promotion toEierepromotioun
Relegation to (one of)2. Division Serie 1
2. Division Serie 2

Grounds in 1. Division Serie 2 Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Rue Henri Dunant home to FC Avenir Beggen4,830
2.Op Flohr Stadion home to CS Grevenmacher4,062
3.Plaine des Jeux Andre Wolff home to FC Sporting Bertrange2,000
4.Stade Albert Kongs home to FC Blo-Waiss Izeg2,000
5.Stade Norbert Hubsch home to FC US Sandweiler2,000
6.Stade Gaston Diderich home to Red Black Egalite 071,500
7.Stade Demy Steichen home to SC Steinfort1,300
8.Stade Op Biirk home to Syra Mensdorf1,220
9.Complexe Sportif Boy Konen home to FC CeBra 011,000
10.Op der Millen home to Union Remich-Bous1,000
11.Stade Am Ga home to FC Koeppchen Wormeldange1,000
12.Stade CS Sanem home to CS Sanem1,000
13.Stade Prince Henri home to FC Residence Walferdange1,000
14.Stade Victor Marchal home to Union 05 Kayl-Tetange1,000
15.Terrain rue d'Alscheidt home to FC Luna Obercorn1,000
16.Terrain Woiwer home to CS Oberkorn1,000
  • Biggest stadium in 1. Division Serie 2: 4,830 - Stade Rue Henri Dunant
  • Smallest stadium in 1. Division Serie 2: 1,000 - Terrain Woiwer
  • Total capacity in 1. Division Serie 2: 26,912
  • Average capacity in 1. Division Serie 2: 1,583

Best supported teams in 1. Division Serie 2

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.CS Grevenmacher0
2.CS Oberkorn0
3.CS Sanem0
4.FC Avenir Beggen0
5.FC Blo-Waiss Izeg0
6.FC CeBra 010
7.FC Koeppchen Wormeldange0
8.FC Luna Obercorn0
9.FC Residence Walferdange0
10.FC Sporting Bertrange0
11.FC US Sandweiler0
12.Red Black Egalite 070
13.SC Steinfort0
14.Syra Mensdorf0
15.Union 05 Kayl-Tetange0
16.Union Remich-Bous0
  • Most fans in 1. Division Serie 2: 0 - CS Grevenmacher
  • Fewest fans in 1. Division Serie 2: 0 - Union Remich-Bous
  • Total 1. Division Serie 2 fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in 1. Division Serie 2: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in 1. Division Serie 2?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.CS Grevenmacher0.00
2.CS Oberkorn0.00
3.CS Sanem0.00
4.FC Avenir Beggen0.00
5.FC Blo-Waiss Izeg0.00
6.FC CeBra 010.00
7.FC Koeppchen Wormeldange0.00
8.FC Luna Obercorn0.00
9.FC Residence Walferdange0.00
10.FC Sporting Bertrange0.00
11.FC US Sandweiler0.00
12.Red Black Egalite 070.00
13.SC Steinfort0.00
14.Syra Mensdorf0.00
15.Union 05 Kayl-Tetange0.00
16.Union Remich-Bous0.00
  • Most travelled fans in 1. Division Serie 2: 0 grounds visited - CS Grevenmacher
  • Least travelled fans in 1. Division Serie 2: 0 grounds visited - Union Remich-Bous
  • Average # grounds visited in 1. Division Serie 2: 0.00

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