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1. Division Serie 1 Football Grounds in Luxembourg

Map of 1. Division Serie 1 stadiums

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List of 1. Division Serie 1 stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

AS Colmar-BergAS Colmar-Berg
Stade Grand Duc Henri
AS HosingenAS Hosingen
Stade Op Der Hei
FC 47 BastendorfFC 47 Bastendorf
FC Alliance AischdallFC Alliance Aischdall
Stade Koericherberg
FC Avenir BeggenFC Avenir Beggen
Stade Rue Henri Dunant
FC Erpeldange 72FC Erpeldange 72
Stadion an der Trell
FC Jeunesse UseldangeFC Jeunesse Useldange
Terrain Rue de Boevange
FC KehlenFC Kehlen
Stade Albert Berchem
FC LorentzweilerFC Lorentzweiler
Terrain rue de Hunsdorf
FC Minerva LintgenFC Minerva Lintgen
Stade Jean Donnersbach
FC Pratzerthal-RedangeFC Pratzerthal-Redange
Stade Emile Schlesser
FCM Young Boys DiekirchFCM Young Boys Diekirch
Stade Municipal Diekirch
FF Norden 02FF Norden 02
Stade Auf Dem Kiemel
Sporting MertzigSporting Mertzig
Terrain an de Burwiesen
US Berdorf Consdorf 01US Berdorf Consdorf 01
Terrain um Kuerzwenkel
US FeulenUS Feulen
Terrain In Bertzent

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Last updated: September 2022

1. Division Serie 1 Information

Name1. Division Serie 1
Level on pyramid3
Same level as1. Division Serie 2
Promotion toEierepromotioun

Grounds in 1. Division Serie 1 Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Rue Henri Dunant home to FC Avenir Beggen4,830
2.Stade Koericherberg home to FC Alliance Aischdall2,120
3.Stade Municipal Diekirch home to FCM Young Boys Diekirch2,000
4.Stade Jean Donnersbach home to FC Minerva Lintgen1,700
5.Stade Albert Berchem home to FC Kehlen1,500
6.Stade Grand Duc Henri home to AS Colmar-Berg1,500
7.Stade Op Der Hei home to AS Hosingen1,500
8.Terrain um Kuerzwenkel home to US Berdorf Consdorf 011,500
9.Milleweiss home to FC 47 Bastendorf1,000
10.Stade Auf Dem Kiemel home to FF Norden 021,000
11.Stadion an der Trell home to FC Erpeldange 721,000
12.Terrain an de Burwiesen home to Sporting Mertzig1,000
13.Terrain In Bertzent home to US Feulen1,000
14.Terrain Rue de Boevange home to FC Jeunesse Useldange1,000
15.Terrain rue de Hunsdorf home to FC Lorentzweiler1,000
  • Biggest stadium in 1. Division Serie 1: 4,830 - Stade Rue Henri Dunant
  • Smallest stadium in 1. Division Serie 1: 1,000 - Terrain rue de Hunsdorf
  • Total capacity in 1. Division Serie 1: 23,650
  • Average capacity in 1. Division Serie 1: 1,478

Best supported teams in 1. Division Serie 1

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AS Colmar-Berg0
2.AS Hosingen0
3.FC 47 Bastendorf0
4.FC Alliance Aischdall0
5.FC Avenir Beggen0
6.FC Erpeldange 720
7.FC Jeunesse Useldange0
8.FC Kehlen0
9.FC Lorentzweiler0
10.FC Minerva Lintgen0
11.FC Pratzerthal-Redange0
12.FCM Young Boys Diekirch0
13.FF Norden 020
14.Sporting Mertzig0
15.US Berdorf Consdorf 010
16.US Feulen0
  • Most fans in 1. Division Serie 1: 0 - AS Colmar-Berg
  • Fewest fans in 1. Division Serie 1: 0 - US Feulen
  • Total 1. Division Serie 1 fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in 1. Division Serie 1: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in 1. Division Serie 1?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AS Colmar-Berg0.00
2.AS Hosingen0.00
3.FC 47 Bastendorf0.00
4.FC Alliance Aischdall0.00
5.FC Avenir Beggen0.00
6.FC Erpeldange 720.00
7.FC Jeunesse Useldange0.00
8.FC Kehlen0.00
9.FC Lorentzweiler0.00
10.FC Minerva Lintgen0.00
11.FC Pratzerthal-Redange0.00
12.FCM Young Boys Diekirch0.00
13.FF Norden 020.00
14.Sporting Mertzig0.00
15.US Berdorf Consdorf 010.00
16.US Feulen0.00
  • Most travelled fans in 1. Division Serie 1: 0 grounds visited - AS Colmar-Berg
  • Least travelled fans in 1. Division Serie 1: 0 grounds visited - US Feulen
  • Average # grounds visited in 1. Division Serie 1: 0.00

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