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Treca HNL Istok Football Grounds in Croatia

Map of Treca HNL Istok stadiums

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List of Treca HNL Istok stadiums

0/18 grounds visited (0%)

Bedem IvankovoBedem Ivankovo
Igraliste Grac
Gradski stadion Belisce
Granicar ZupanjaGranicar Zupanja
Spomen Stadion Prve Nogometne Lopte
HNK Dakovo-CroatiaHNK Dakovo-Croatia
Stadion na Pazaristu
NASK NasiceNASK Nasice
Gradski Stadion Nasice
NK CepinNK Cepin
Stadion NK Cepin
NK DardaNK Darda
Stadion NK Darda
NK KutjevoNK Kutjevo
Stadion Kutjevo
NK Marsonia 1909NK Marsonia 1909
Gradski Stadion uz Savu
NK Vukovar 91NK Vukovar 91
Stadion u Borovom Naselju
NK Vuteks-Sloga VukovarNK Vuteks-Sloga Vukovar
Vuteksov stadion na Sajmistu
Omladinad Gornja VrbaOmladinad Gornja Vrba
Igraliste SRC Goran Juric
Oriolik OriovacOriolik Oriovac
Igraliste NK Oriolik
Slavija PleternicaSlavija Pleternica
Stadion Stjepan Zdenko Sivo
Slavonac BukovljeSlavonac Bukovlje
Stadion Bukovlje
Slavonija PozegaSlavonija Pozega
Stadion Kraj Orljave
Sloga Nova GradiskaSloga Nova Gradiska
Gradski Stadion Nova Gradiska
Zrinski JurjevacZrinski Jurjevac
Bara Stadion

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Treca HNL Istok Information

NameTreca HNL Istok
Level on pyramid3
Same level asTreca HNL Centro
Treca HNL Jug
Treca HNL Sjever
Treca HNL Zapad
Promotion toDruga HNL

Grounds in Treca HNL Istok Ordered by Capacity

1.Gradski stadion Belisce home to Belisce5,000
2.Stadion Kraj Orljave home to Slavonija Pozega4,000
3.Vuteksov stadion na Sajmistu home to NK Vuteks-Sloga Vukovar4,000
4.Stadion u Borovom Naselju home to NK Vukovar 913,550
5.Gradski Stadion Nova Gradiska home to Sloga Nova Gradiska3,000
6.Stadion na Pazaristu home to HNK Dakovo-Croatia3,000
7.Gradski Stadion Nasice home to NASK Nasice2,500
8.Stadion NK Cepin home to NK Cepin2,500
9.Igraliste NK Oriolik home to Oriolik Oriovac2,000
10.Spomen Stadion Prve Nogometne Lopte home to Granicar Zupanja2,000
11.Bara Stadion home to Zrinski Jurjevac1,000
12.Gradski Stadion uz Savu home to NK Marsonia 19091,000
13.Igraliste Grac home to Bedem Ivankovo1,000
14.Stadion Bukovlje home to Slavonac Bukovlje1,000
15.Stadion Kutjevo home to NK Kutjevo1,000
16.Stadion Stjepan Zdenko Sivo home to Slavija Pleternica700
  • Biggest stadium in Treca HNL Istok: 5,000 - Gradski stadion Belisce
  • Smallest stadium in Treca HNL Istok: 700 - Stadion Stjepan Zdenko Sivo
  • Total capacity in Treca HNL Istok: 37,250
  • Average capacity in Treca HNL Istok: 2,191

Best supported teams in Treca HNL Istok

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Bedem Ivankovo0
3.Granicar Zupanja0
4.HNK Dakovo-Croatia0
5.NASK Nasice0
6.NK Cepin0
7.NK Darda0
8.NK Kutjevo0
9.NK Marsonia 19090
10.NK Vukovar 910
11.NK Vuteks-Sloga Vukovar0
12.Omladinad Gornja Vrba0
13.Oriolik Oriovac0
14.Slavija Pleternica0
15.Slavonac Bukovlje0
16.Slavonija Pozega0
17.Sloga Nova Gradiska0
18.Zrinski Jurjevac0
  • Most fans in Treca HNL Istok: 0 - Bedem Ivankovo
  • Fewest fans in Treca HNL Istok: 0 - Zrinski Jurjevac
  • Total Treca HNL Istok fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Treca HNL Istok: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Treca HNL Istok?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Bedem Ivankovo0.00
3.Granicar Zupanja0.00
4.HNK Dakovo-Croatia0.00
5.NASK Nasice0.00
6.NK Cepin0.00
7.NK Darda0.00
8.NK Kutjevo0.00
9.NK Marsonia 19090.00
10.NK Vukovar 910.00
11.NK Vuteks-Sloga Vukovar0.00
12.Omladinad Gornja Vrba0.00
13.Oriolik Oriovac0.00
14.Slavija Pleternica0.00
15.Slavonac Bukovlje0.00
16.Slavonija Pozega0.00
17.Sloga Nova Gradiska0.00
18.Zrinski Jurjevac0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Treca HNL Istok: 0 grounds visited - Bedem Ivankovo
  • Least travelled fans in Treca HNL Istok: 0 grounds visited - Zrinski Jurjevac
  • Average # grounds visited in Treca HNL Istok: 0.00

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