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Treca HNL Centro Football Grounds in Croatia

Map of Treca HNL Centro stadiums

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List of Treca HNL Centro stadiums

0/19 grounds visited (0%)

HASK ZagrebHASK Zagreb
SRC Pescenica
Maksimir ZagrebMaksimir Zagreb
Stadion Oboj
Mladost PetrinjaMladost Petrinja
Gradski Stadion Petrinja
NK BistraNK Bistra
Stadion Donja Bistra
NK Dinamo Odranski ObrezNK Dinamo Odranski Obrez
Igraliste NK Dinamo Odranski Obrez
NK Gaj MaceNK Gaj Mace
Igraliste NK Gaj Mace
NK KurilovecNK Kurilovec
SRC Kurilovec
NK LuckoNK Lucko
Stadion Kranjceviceva
Igraliste Luckog
NK Lukavec 1947NK Lukavec 1947
SRC Kurilovec
NK PonikveNK Ponikve
SRC Ponikve Stadion
NK SamoborNK Samobor
Sportski Centar NK Samobora
NK Sava StrmecNK Sava Strmec
Sportski Centar Lazina
NK TresnjevkaNK Tresnjevka
Stadion NK Tresnjevka
NK Zagorec KrapinaNK Zagorec Krapina
SRC Podgora
NK ZelinaNK Zelina
SRC Sveti Ivan Zelina
Segesta SisakSegesta Sisak
Gradski stadion Sisak
Tondach BedekovcinaTondach Bedekovcina
Igraliste NK Tondach
Vrapse ZagrebVrapse Zagreb
Igraliste Vrapca

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Last updated: August 2023

Treca HNL Centro Information

NameTreca HNL Centro
Level on pyramid4
Same level asTreca HNL Istok
Treca HNL Jug
Treca HNL Sjever
Treca HNL Zapad
Promotion toDruga NL

Grounds in Treca HNL Centro Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Kranjceviceva home to NK Lucko8,850
2.Gradski stadion Sisak home to Segesta Sisak8,000
3.Gradski Stadion Petrinja home to Mladost Petrinja5,000
4.SRC Pescenica home to HASK Zagreb3,000
5.SRC Ponikve Stadion home to NK Ponikve3,000
6.Stadion NK Tresnjevka home to NK Tresnjevka2,200
7.Igraliste Luckog home to NK Lucko2,000
8.Igraliste NK Gaj Mace home to NK Gaj Mace2,000
9.SRC Podgora home to NK Zagorec Krapina2,000
10.SRC Kurilovec home to NK Kurilovec1,800
11.SRC Kurilovec home to NK Lukavec 19471,800
12.Igraliste Vrapca home to Vrapse Zagreb1,000
13.Stadion Donja Bistra home to NK Bistra1,000
14.Stadion Oboj home to Maksimir Zagreb1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Treca HNL Centro: 8,850 - Stadion Kranjceviceva
  • Smallest stadium in Treca HNL Centro: 1,000 - Stadion Oboj
  • Total capacity in Treca HNL Centro: 42,650
  • Average capacity in Treca HNL Centro: 2,843

Best supported teams in Treca HNL Centro

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.HASK Zagreb0
2.Maksimir Zagreb0
3.Mladost Petrinja0
4.NK Bistra0
5.NK Dinamo Odranski Obrez0
6.NK Gaj Mace0
7.NK Kurilovec0
8.NK Lucko0
9.NK Lukavec 19470
10.NK Ponikve0
11.NK Samobor0
12.NK Sava Strmec0
13.NK Tresnjevka0
14.NK Zagorec Krapina0
15.NK Zelina0
16.Segesta Sisak0
17.Tondach Bedekovcina0
18.Vrapse Zagreb0
  • Most fans in Treca HNL Centro: 0 - HASK Zagreb
  • Fewest fans in Treca HNL Centro: 0 - Vrapse Zagreb
  • Total Treca HNL Centro fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Treca HNL Centro: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Treca HNL Centro?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.HASK Zagreb0.00
2.Maksimir Zagreb0.00
3.Mladost Petrinja0.00
4.NK Bistra0.00
5.NK Dinamo Odranski Obrez0.00
6.NK Gaj Mace0.00
7.NK Kurilovec0.00
8.NK Lucko0.00
9.NK Lukavec 19470.00
10.NK Ponikve0.00
11.NK Samobor0.00
12.NK Sava Strmec0.00
13.NK Tresnjevka0.00
14.NK Zagorec Krapina0.00
15.NK Zelina0.00
16.Segesta Sisak0.00
17.Tondach Bedekovcina0.00
18.Vrapse Zagreb0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Treca HNL Centro: 0 grounds visited - HASK Zagreb
  • Least travelled fans in Treca HNL Centro: 0 grounds visited - Vrapse Zagreb
  • Average # grounds visited in Treca HNL Centro: 0.00

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