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Treca HNL Centro Football Grounds in Croatia

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Treca HNL Centro 0/18 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Dugo Selo 
Gradski stadion Dugo Selo
HASK Zagreb 
SRC Pescenica
Jarun Zagreb 
Igraliste Nogometni Klub Jarun
Maksimir Zagreb 
Stadion Oboj
Mladost Petrinja 
Gradski Stadion Petrinja
NK Bistra 
Stadion Donja Bistra
NK Gaj Mace 
Igraliste NK Gaj Mace
NK Kurilovec 
SRC Kurilovec
NK Lucko 
Stadion Kranjceviceva
Igraliste Luckog
NK Orijent 1919 
Stadion Krimeja
NK Ponikve 
SRC Ponikve Stadion
NK Vinogradar 
Sportskog Centra Vojarna
NK Vrbovec 
Gradski Stadion kraj Sajmista
NK Zagorec Krapina 
SRC Podgora
Spansko Zagreb 
Stadion NK Spansko
Trnje Zagreb 
Stadion Trnje
Vrapse Zagreb 
Igraliste Vrapca

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Grounds in Treca HNL Centro Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Kranjceviceva home to NK Lucko8,850
2.Gradski Stadion Petrinja home to Mladost Petrinja5,000
3.Gradski Stadion kraj Sajmista home to NK Vrbovec4,000
4.SRC Pescenica home to HASK Zagreb3,000
5.SRC Ponikve Stadion home to NK Ponikve3,000
6.Stadion Krimeja home to NK Orijent 19193,000
7.Gradski stadion Dugo Selo home to Dugo Selo2,000
8.Igraliste Luckog home to NK Lucko2,000
9.Igraliste NK Gaj Mace home to NK Gaj Mace2,000
10.Sportskog Centra Vojarna home to NK Vinogradar2,000
11.SRC Podgora home to NK Zagorec Krapina2,000
12.SRC Kurilovec home to NK Kurilovec1,800
13.Igraliste Nogometni Klub Jarun home to Jarun Zagreb1,000
14.Igraliste Vrapca home to Vrapse Zagreb1,000
15.Stadion Donja Bistra home to NK Bistra1,000
16.Stadion NK Spansko home to Spansko Zagreb1,000
17.Stadion Oboj home to Maksimir Zagreb1,000
18.Stadion Trnje home to Trnje Zagreb1,000
  • Average capacity in Treca HNL Centro: 2,350

Best supported teams in Treca HNL Centro

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Dugo Selo0
2.HASK Zagreb0
3.Jarun Zagreb0
4.Maksimir Zagreb0
5.Mladost Petrinja0
6.NK Bistra0
7.NK Gaj Mace0
8.NK Kurilovec0
9.NK Lucko0
10.NK Orijent 19190
11.NK Ponikve0
12.NK Vinogradar0
13.NK Vrbovec0
14.NK Zagorec Krapina0
15.Spansko Zagreb0
16.Trnje Zagreb0
17.Vrapse Zagreb0
  • Average # fans in Treca HNL Centro: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Treca HNL Centro?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Dugo Selo0.00
2.HASK Zagreb0.00
3.Jarun Zagreb0.00
4.Maksimir Zagreb0.00
5.Mladost Petrinja0.00
6.NK Bistra0.00
7.NK Gaj Mace0.00
8.NK Kurilovec0.00
9.NK Lucko0.00
10.NK Orijent 19190.00
11.NK Ponikve0.00
12.NK Vinogradar0.00
13.NK Vrbovec0.00
14.NK Zagorec Krapina0.00
15.Spansko Zagreb0.00
16.Trnje Zagreb0.00
17.Vrapse Zagreb0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Treca HNL Centro: 0.00

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