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National Division 1 Football Grounds in Belgium

Map of National Division 1 stadiums

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List of National Division 1 stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

FCV Dender EHFCV Dender EH
Van Roystadion
Francs BorainsFrancs Borains
Stade Robert Urbain
K Patro Eisden MaasmechelenK Patro Eisden Maasmechelen
Patro Stadion
K Rupel BoomK Rupel Boom
Gemeentelijk Parkstadion
KFC Dessel SportKFC Dessel Sport
Armand Melis Stadion
Lorzestraat (old ground)
KFC Mandel UnitedKFC Mandel United
OMS Ingelmunster Stadion
Sint-Jorisstraat (old ground)
KSK HeistKSK Heist
Gemeentelijk Sportcentrum
KSV RoeselareKSV Roeselare
Schiervelde Stadion
KVK Tienen-HagelandKVK Tienen-Hageland
KVV Thes Sport TessenderloKVV Thes Sport Tessenderlo
Gemeentelijk Sportpark
La Louvière CentreLa Louvière Centre
Stade du Tivoli
RFC LiegeRFC Liege
Stade Rue de la Tonne
Stade de la rue Gilles Magnee (old ground)
Stade Velodrome de Rocourt (old ground)
ROC Charleroi MarchienneROC Charleroi Marchienne
Stade de la Neuville
Stade Adrien Mura (Compleexe des Sabliers) (old ground)
Terrain Chatelet-Farciennes (old ground)
Royal KnokkeRoyal Knokke
Stedelijk Sportstadium De Taeye
Stadion Olivier (old ground)
Sint Eloois-WinkelSint Eloois-Winkel
Sportpark Terschueren
Stade de la Cite de LOie

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National Division 1 Information

NameNational Division 1
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toFirst Division B
Relegation to (one of)Division 2 ACFF
Division 2 VFV A
Division 2 VFV B

Grounds in National Division 1 Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade du Tivoli home to La Louvière Centre13,500
2.Stade de la Neuville home to ROC Charleroi Marchienne12,164
3.Stade Robert Urbain home to Francs Borains8,500
4.Schiervelde Stadion home to KSV Roeselare8,340
5.Van Roystadion home to FCV Dender EH8,157
6.Gemeentelijk Parkstadion home to K Rupel Boom8,000
7.Bergestadion home to KVK Tienen-Hageland7,100
8.Gemeentelijk Sportcentrum home to KSK Heist7,000
9.Patro Stadion home to K Patro Eisden Maasmechelen6,490
10.Stade de la Cite de LOie home to URSL Vise5,460
11.OMS Ingelmunster Stadion home to KFC Mandel United5,000
12.Armand Melis Stadion home to KFC Dessel Sport4,500
13.Gemeentelijk Sportpark home to KVV Thes Sport Tessenderlo4,000
14.Sportpark Terschueren home to Sint Eloois-Winkel4,000
15.Stade Rue de la Tonne home to RFC Liege3,468
16.Stedelijk Sportstadium De Taeye home to Royal Knokke1,500
  • Biggest stadium in National Division 1: 13,500 - Stade du Tivoli
  • Smallest stadium in National Division 1: 1,500 - Stedelijk Sportstadium De Taeye
  • Total capacity in National Division 1: 107,179
  • Average capacity in National Division 1: 6,305

Best supported teams in National Division 1

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.KVK Tienen-Hageland1
2.RFC Liege1
3.FCV Dender EH0
4.Francs Borains0
5.K Patro Eisden Maasmechelen0
6.K Rupel Boom0
7.KFC Dessel Sport0
8.KFC Mandel United0
9.KSK Heist0
10.KSV Roeselare0
11.KVV Thes Sport Tessenderlo0
12.La Louvière Centre0
13.ROC Charleroi Marchienne0
14.Royal Knokke0
15.Sint Eloois-Winkel0
16.URSL Vise0
  • Most fans in National Division 1: 1 - KVK Tienen-Hageland
  • Fewest fans in National Division 1: 0 - URSL Vise
  • Total National Division 1 fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in National Division 1: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in National Division 1?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.KVK Tienen-Hageland124.00
2.RFC Liege72.00
3.FCV Dender EH0.00
4.Francs Borains0.00
5.K Patro Eisden Maasmechelen0.00
6.K Rupel Boom0.00
7.KFC Dessel Sport0.00
8.KFC Mandel United0.00
9.KSK Heist0.00
10.KSV Roeselare0.00
11.KVV Thes Sport Tessenderlo0.00
12.La Louvière Centre0.00
13.ROC Charleroi Marchienne0.00
14.Royal Knokke0.00
15.Sint Eloois-Winkel0.00
16.URSL Vise0.00
  • Most travelled fans in National Division 1: 124 grounds visited - KVK Tienen-Hageland
  • Least travelled fans in National Division 1: 0 grounds visited - URSL Vise
  • Average # grounds visited in National Division 1: 11.53

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