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Division 2 ACFF Football Grounds in Belgium

Map of Division 2 ACFF stadiums

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List of Division 2 ACFF stadiums

0/18 grounds visited (0%)

AFC TubizeAFC Tubize
Stade Leburton
Stade Raymond Dienne
Stade Domenico Schena (old ground)
FC GanshorenFC Ganshoren
Complexe Sportif de Ganshoren
La Louviere CentreLa Louviere Centre
Stade du Tivoli
R Stade WaremmienR Stade Waremmien
Stade Edmond Leburton
RCS de VerlaineRCS de Verlaine
Stade des Six Bonniers
RE Acren LessinesRE Acren Lessines
Stade des Camomilles
RFC de MeuxRFC de Meux
Stade des Vert et Blanc
RFC Seraing IIRFC Seraing II
RFCS Training Complex
RFC WarnantRFC Warnant
Complexe sportif Warnant-Dreye
Royal Union Saint-Gilloise IIRoyal Union Saint-Gilloise II
Stade Joseph Marien
RRC HamoirRRC Hamoir
Terrain du RRC Hamoir
RRC Stockay-WarfuseeRRC Stockay-Warfusee
Terrain rue Joseph Wauters
RSD JetteRSD Jette
Stade Communal de Jette
RUS RebecquoiseRUS Rebecquoise
Complexe Gobard
Solières SportSolières Sport
Château Vert
Stade DisonaisStade Disonais
Stade Communal
UR Namur UR Namur
Stade Communal des Bas-Prés

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Division 2 ACFF Information

NameDivision 2 ACFF
Level on pyramid4
Same level asDivision 2 VFV A
Division 2 VFV B
Promotion toNational Division 1
Relegation to (one of)Division 3 ACFF A
Division 3 ACFF B
Division 3 VFV A
Division 3 VFV B

Grounds in Division 2 ACFF Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade du Tivoli home to La Louviere Centre13,500
2.Stade Leburton home to AFC Tubize8,100
3.Stade Communal de Jette home to RSD Jette8,000
4.Stade Joseph Marien home to Royal Union Saint-Gilloise II8,000
5.Stade Communal des Bas-Prés home to UR Namur 6,000
6.Stade Raymond Dienne home to Binche6,000
7.Stade Edmond Leburton home to R Stade Waremmien2,500
8.Terrain du RRC Hamoir home to RRC Hamoir2,500
9.Stade des Camomilles home to RE Acren Lessines1,500
10.Complexe Sportif de Ganshoren home to FC Ganshoren1,000
11.Stade des Six Bonniers home to RCS de Verlaine1,000
12.Terrain rue Joseph Wauters home to RRC Stockay-Warfusee1,000
13.Château Vert home to Solières Sport500
14.Complexe Gobard home to RUS Rebecquoise500
15.Complexe sportif Warnant-Dreye home to RFC Warnant500
16.Stade Communal home to Stade Disonais500
17.Stade des Vert et Blanc home to RFC de Meux500
  • Biggest stadium in Division 2 ACFF: 13,500 - Stade du Tivoli
  • Smallest stadium in Division 2 ACFF: 500 - Stade des Vert et Blanc
  • Total capacity in Division 2 ACFF: 61,600
  • Average capacity in Division 2 ACFF: 3,422

Best supported teams in Division 2 ACFF

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AFC Tubize1
3.FC Ganshoren0
4.La Louviere Centre0
5.R Stade Waremmien0
6.RCS de Verlaine0
7.RE Acren Lessines0
8.RFC de Meux0
9.RFC Seraing II0
10.RFC Warnant0
11.Royal Union Saint-Gilloise II0
12.RRC Hamoir0
13.RRC Stockay-Warfusee0
14.RSD Jette0
15.RUS Rebecquoise0
16.Solières Sport0
17.Stade Disonais0
18.UR Namur 0
  • Most fans in Division 2 ACFF: 1 - AFC Tubize
  • Fewest fans in Division 2 ACFF: 0 - UR Namur
  • Total Division 2 ACFF fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Division 2 ACFF: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Division 2 ACFF?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AFC Tubize0.00
3.FC Ganshoren0.00
4.La Louviere Centre0.00
5.R Stade Waremmien0.00
6.RCS de Verlaine0.00
7.RE Acren Lessines0.00
8.RFC de Meux0.00
9.RFC Seraing II0.00
10.RFC Warnant0.00
11.Royal Union Saint-Gilloise II0.00
12.RRC Hamoir0.00
13.RRC Stockay-Warfusee0.00
14.RSD Jette0.00
15.RUS Rebecquoise0.00
16.Solières Sport0.00
17.Stade Disonais0.00
18.UR Namur 0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Division 2 ACFF: 0 grounds visited - AFC Tubize
  • Least travelled fans in Division 2 ACFF: 0 grounds visited - UR Namur
  • Average # grounds visited in Division 2 ACFF: 0.00

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