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Division 2 VFV B Football Grounds in Belgium

Map of Division 2 VFV B stadiums

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List of Division 2 VFV B stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

City PiratesCity Pirates
Jef Mermansstadion
Hoogstraten VVHoogstraten VV
Sportcomplex Seminarie
K Berchem SportK Berchem Sport
Ludo Coeckstadion
K Bocholter VVK Bocholter VV
K Diegem SportK Diegem Sport
Gemeentelijk Sportstadion
K Londerzeel SKK Londerzeel SK
Burgemeester Albert
K Lyra LierseK Lyra Lierse
Sportcomplex de Doelvelden
Lyrastadion (old ground)
KFC Heur TongerenKFC Heur Tongeren
Sportcomplex Eburons Dome
B-Complex Klein Veldje (old ground)
KFC HoutvenneKFC Houtvenne
KFC Houtvenne A Terrein
KOSC WijgmaalKOSC Wijgmaal
Sportcomplex Ymeria
KS HasseltKS Hasselt
Stedelijk Sportstadion
Stadion ten Hove (old ground)
RC HadesRC Hades
Sportcentrum Kiewit
Royal Cappellen FCRoyal Cappellen FC
Stadion Jos van Wellen
SC Eendracht AalstSC Eendracht Aalst
Pierre Cornelis Stadion
SK Pepingen-HalleSK Pepingen-Halle
Stadion Paul Claes
Voetbalterreinen Blookerstraat
Riemsterweg (old ground)

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Division 2 VFV B Information

NameDivision 2 VFV B
Level on pyramid4
Same level asDivision 2 ACFF
Division 2 VFV A
Promotion toNational Division 1
Relegation to (one of)Division 3 ACFF A
Division 3 ACFF B
Division 3 VFV A
Division 3 VFV B

Grounds in Division 2 VFV B Ordered by Capacity

1.Ludo Coeckstadion home to K Berchem Sport13,607
2.Pierre Cornelis Stadion home to SC Eendracht Aalst10,683
3.Stedelijk Sportstadion home to KS Hasselt8,800
4.Sportcomplex Eburons Dome home to KFC Heur Tongeren7,000
5.Gemeentelijk Sportstadion home to K Diegem Sport5,000
6.Sportcomplex Seminarie home to Hoogstraten VV5,000
7.Stadion Jos van Wellen home to Royal Cappellen FC3,506
8.Burgemeester Albert home to K Londerzeel SK3,000
9.Sportcomplex Ymeria home to KOSC Wijgmaal2,500
10.Damburgstadion home to K Bocholter VV2,000
11.Sportcomplex de Doelvelden home to K Lyra Lierse2,000
12.Voetbalterreinen Blookerstraat home to Spouwen-Mopertingen2,000
13.Jef Mermansstadion home to City Pirates1,500
14.KFC Houtvenne A Terrein home to KFC Houtvenne1,500
15.Sportcentrum Kiewit home to RC Hades1,500
16.Stadion Paul Claes home to SK Pepingen-Halle500
  • Biggest stadium in Division 2 VFV B: 13,607 - Ludo Coeckstadion
  • Smallest stadium in Division 2 VFV B: 500 - Stadion Paul Claes
  • Total capacity in Division 2 VFV B: 70,096
  • Average capacity in Division 2 VFV B: 4,123

Best supported teams in Division 2 VFV B

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.SC Eendracht Aalst2
2.City Pirates0
3.Hoogstraten VV0
4.K Berchem Sport0
5.K Bocholter VV0
6.K Diegem Sport0
7.K Londerzeel SK0
8.K Lyra Lierse0
9.KFC Heur Tongeren0
10.KFC Houtvenne0
11.KOSC Wijgmaal0
12.KS Hasselt0
13.RC Hades0
14.Royal Cappellen FC0
15.SK Pepingen-Halle0
  • Most fans in Division 2 VFV B: 2 - SC Eendracht Aalst
  • Fewest fans in Division 2 VFV B: 0 - Spouwen-Mopertingen
  • Total Division 2 VFV B fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Division 2 VFV B: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Division 2 VFV B?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.SC Eendracht Aalst40.00
2.City Pirates0.00
3.Hoogstraten VV0.00
4.K Berchem Sport0.00
5.K Bocholter VV0.00
6.K Diegem Sport0.00
7.K Londerzeel SK0.00
8.K Lyra Lierse0.00
9.KFC Heur Tongeren0.00
10.KFC Houtvenne0.00
11.KOSC Wijgmaal0.00
12.KS Hasselt0.00
13.RC Hades0.00
14.Royal Cappellen FC0.00
15.SK Pepingen-Halle0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Division 2 VFV B: 40 grounds visited - SC Eendracht Aalst
  • Least travelled fans in Division 2 VFV B: 0 grounds visited - Spouwen-Mopertingen
  • Average # grounds visited in Division 2 VFV B: 2.35

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