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Division 2 VFV A Football Grounds in Belgium

Map of Division 2 VFV A stadiums

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List of Division 2 VFV A stadiums

0/18 grounds visited (0%)

Cercle Brugge U21Cercle Brugge U21
CB Training Complex
Erpe-Mere UnitedErpe-Mere United
Complex Lindekouter
FC GullegemFC Gullegem
Stadion FC Gullegem
KFC MerelbekeKFC Merelbeke
A-Complex Kloosterstraat - Merelbeke
KFC Sparta PetegemKFC Sparta Petegem
Complex Gaversesteenweg
KRC GentKRC Gent
Wouter Weylandt Stadion (old ground)
KRC HarelbekeKRC Harelbeke
KSC Lokeren-TemseKSC Lokeren-Temse
KSV OudenaardeKSV Oudenaarde
Burgemeester Thienpontstadion
KVK WesthoekKVK Westhoek
KVV ZelzateKVV Zelzate
KVV Zelzate A-Complex
Olsa BrakelOlsa Brakel
Terrein Parkweg
Complex KSV Oostkamp
RFC WetterenRFC Wetteren
Marcel De Kerpel Stadion
SC DikkelvenneSC Dikkelvenne
Sportcomplex Marc Gevaert
SC Eendracht AalstSC Eendracht Aalst
Pierre Cornelis Stadion
SV Zulte Waregem IISV Zulte Waregem II
Essevee Academie
Torhout 1992 K.M.Torhout 1992 K.M.
Stedelijk Sportstadion (Sportstadion Benny van Steelandt)

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Last updated: August 2022

Division 2 VFV A Information

NameDivision 2 VFV A
Level on pyramid4
Same level asDivision 2 ACFF
Division 2 VFV B
Promotion toNational Division 1
Relegation to (one of)Division 3 ACFF A
Division 3 ACFF B
Division 3 VFV A
Division 3 VFV B

Grounds in Division 2 VFV A Ordered by Capacity

1.Daknamstadion home to KSC Lokeren-Temse12,000
2.Pierre Cornelis Stadion home to SC Eendracht Aalst10,683
3.Forestiersstadion home to KRC Harelbeke9,737
4.PGB-Stadion home to KRC Gent6,500
5.Burgemeester Thienpontstadion home to KSV Oudenaarde5,000
6.Crackstadion home to KVK Westhoek3,000
7.Marcel De Kerpel Stadion home to RFC Wetteren3,000
8.Terrein Parkweg home to Olsa Brakel3,000
9.Complex Gaversesteenweg home to KFC Sparta Petegem2,500
10.A-Complex Kloosterstraat - Merelbeke home to KFC Merelbeke2,000
11.Complex KSV Oostkamp home to Oostkamp2,000
12.Stedelijk Sportstadion (Sportstadion Benny van Steelandt) home to Torhout 1992 K.M.2,000
13.Complex Lindekouter home to Erpe-Mere United1,500
14.Stadion FC Gullegem home to FC Gullegem1,000
15.KVV Zelzate A-Complex home to KVV Zelzate500
16.Sportcomplex Marc Gevaert home to SC Dikkelvenne500
  • Biggest stadium in Division 2 VFV A: 12,000 - Daknamstadion
  • Smallest stadium in Division 2 VFV A: 500 - Sportcomplex Marc Gevaert
  • Total capacity in Division 2 VFV A: 64,920
  • Average capacity in Division 2 VFV A: 3,819

Best supported teams in Division 2 VFV A

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.SC Eendracht Aalst2
2.KFC Sparta Petegem1
3.Cercle Brugge U210
4.Erpe-Mere United0
5.FC Gullegem0
6.KFC Merelbeke0
7.KRC Gent0
8.KRC Harelbeke0
9.KSC Lokeren-Temse0
10.KSV Oudenaarde0
11.KVK Westhoek0
12.KVV Zelzate0
13.Olsa Brakel0
15.RFC Wetteren0
16.SC Dikkelvenne0
17.SV Zulte Waregem II0
18.Torhout 1992 K.M.0
  • Most fans in Division 2 VFV A: 2 - SC Eendracht Aalst
  • Fewest fans in Division 2 VFV A: 0 - Torhout 1992 K.M.
  • Total Division 2 VFV A fans: 3
  • Average number of fans in Division 2 VFV A: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Division 2 VFV A?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.KFC Sparta Petegem68.00
2.SC Eendracht Aalst41.50
3.Cercle Brugge U210.00
4.Erpe-Mere United0.00
5.FC Gullegem0.00
6.KFC Merelbeke0.00
7.KRC Gent0.00
8.KRC Harelbeke0.00
9.KSC Lokeren-Temse0.00
10.KSV Oudenaarde0.00
11.KVK Westhoek0.00
12.KVV Zelzate0.00
13.Olsa Brakel0.00
15.RFC Wetteren0.00
16.SC Dikkelvenne0.00
17.SV Zulte Waregem II0.00
18.Torhout 1992 K.M.0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Division 2 VFV A: 68 grounds visited - KFC Sparta Petegem
  • Least travelled fans in Division 2 VFV A: 0 grounds visited - Torhout 1992 K.M.
  • Average # grounds visited in Division 2 VFV A: 5.76

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