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Other Australian Teams Football Grounds in Australia

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Other Australian Teams 0/48 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Bankstown City Lions 
Jenson Oval
Bonnyrigg White Eagles 
Bonnyrigg Sports Club
Brindabella Blues 
Calwell District Playing Field 2.4
Ross Park
Bulleen Lions 
David Barro Stadium
Barlow Park
Borzi Park
Endeavour Park
Leichhardt Soccer Club White Rock
Southside Comets Football Club
Canberra City 
GIO Stadium Canberra
Manuka Oval (old ground)
Canberra United 
Belconnen Soccer Centre
GIO Stadium Canberra (old ground)
Cessnock City Hornets 
Hornets Ground (Turner Park Complex)
Croydon City Arrows 
Dorset Recreation reserve
Cumberland United 
AA Bailey Reserve
Falcons 2000 
Latrobe City Stadium
Ross Park
FFA Centre of Excellence 
Australian Institute of Sport
Forrestfield United 
Hartfield Park
Wildlife Safari Stadium
Perth Plaster Board Centre Stadium
Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC 
North Sydney Oval
Pittwater Park (old ground)
Gold Coast City 
Mallawa Drive Sporting Complex
Joonalup United 
Forest Park
Percy Doyle Reserve
Beldon Park
Macarthur Rams 
Lynwood Park
Mandurah City 
Securitas Stadium
Mooroolbark Soccer Club 
Esther Park
North Geelong Warriors 
Elcho Park
North Queensland United 
Brolgas Park
Briggs Road Sporting Complex
Northcote City 
John Cain Memorial Reserve
Northern Fury 
Townsville Sports Reserve
Northern Rangers 
NTCA Ground
NTCA Ground 2
Melita Stadium
Prospect Knights 
Prospect Park
Springwood United 
Summerhayes Park
St Albans Saints 
Churchill Reserve
St George Saints 
St George Stadium
Sturt Lions 
Adelaide Shores Football Centre
Rosalie Park
Western Australia Athletics Stadium
Luddenham Oval
West Torrens Birkalla 
Jack Smith Park
Adelaide Shores Football Centre
Whittlesea Rangers 
Epping Stadium

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Grounds in Other Australian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.GIO Stadium Canberra home to Canberra City25,011
2.North Sydney Oval home to Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC20,000
3.Barlow Park home to Cairns18,000
4.St George Stadium home to St George Saints15,000
5.Latrobe City Stadium home to Falcons 200012,000
6.Epping Stadium home to Whittlesea Rangers10,000
7.Melita Stadium home to Parramatta10,000
8.NTCA Ground home to Northern Rangers10,000
9.Western Australia Athletics Stadium home to Subiaco9,971
10.Townsville Sports Reserve home to Northern Fury6,500
11.Perth Plaster Board Centre Stadium home to FWNTC5,536
12.Bonnyrigg Sports Club home to Bonnyrigg White Eagles5,000
13.Elcho Park home to North Geelong Warriors4,000
14.Belconnen Soccer Centre home to Canberra United3,500
15.Churchill Reserve home to St Albans Saints3,500
16.AA Bailey Reserve home to Cumberland United3,000
17.Jack Smith Park home to West Torrens Birkalla3,000
18.Borzi Park home to Cairns2,000
19.Dorset Recreation reserve home to Croydon City Arrows2,000
20.Hornets Ground (Turner Park Complex) home to Cessnock City Hornets2,000
21.John Cain Memorial Reserve home to Northcote City2,000
22.Adelaide Shores Football Centre home to West Torrens Birkalla1,500
23.Adelaide Shores Football Centre home to Sturt Lions1,500
24.David Barro Stadium home to Bulleen Lions1,050
25.Australian Institute of Sport home to FFA Centre of Excellence1,000
26.Beldon Park home to Joonalup United1,000
27.Briggs Road Sporting Complex home to North Queensland United1,000
28.Brolgas Park home to North Queensland United1,000
29.Calwell District Playing Field 2.4 home to Brindabella Blues1,000
30.Endeavour Park home to Cairns1,000
31.Esther Park home to Mooroolbark Soccer Club1,000
32.Forest Park home to Joonalup United1,000
33.Hartfield Park home to Forrestfield United1,000
34.Jenson Oval home to Bankstown City Lions1,000
35.Leichhardt Soccer Club White Rock home to Cairns1,000
36.Luddenham Oval home to Werrington1,000
37.Lynwood Park home to Macarthur Rams1,000
38.Mallawa Drive Sporting Complex home to Gold Coast City1,000
39.NTCA Ground 2 home to Northern Rangers1,000
40.Percy Doyle Reserve home to Joonalup United1,000
41.Prospect Park home to Prospect Knights1,000
42.Rosalie Park home to Subiaco1,000
43.Ross Park home to Buckleys1,000
44.Ross Park home to Federals1,000
45.Securitas Stadium home to Mandurah City1,000
46.Southside Comets Football Club home to Cairns1,000
47.Summerhayes Park home to Springwood United1,000
48.Wildlife Safari Stadium home to Forrestfield United1,000
  • Average capacity in Other Australian Teams: 4,083

Best supported teams in Other Australian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.Bankstown City Lions0
3.Bonnyrigg White Eagles0
4.Brindabella Blues0
6.Bulleen Lions0
8.Canberra City0
9.Canberra United0
10.Cessnock City Hornets0
11.Croydon City Arrows0
12.Cumberland United0
13.Falcons 20000
14.FFA Centre of Excellence0
15.Forrestfield United0
17.Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC0
18.Gold Coast City0
19.Joonalup United0
20.Macarthur Rams0
21.Mandurah City0
22.Mooroolbark Soccer Club0
23.North Geelong Warriors0
24.North Queensland United0
25.Northcote City0
26.Northern Fury0
27.Northern Rangers0
29.Prospect Knights0
30.Springwood United0
31.St Albans Saints0
32.St George Saints0
33.Sturt Lions0
36.West Torrens Birkalla0
37.Whittlesea Rangers0
  • Average # fans in Other Australian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Australian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.Bankstown City Lions0.00
3.Bonnyrigg White Eagles0.00
4.Brindabella Blues0.00
6.Bulleen Lions0.00
8.Canberra City0.00
9.Canberra United0.00
10.Cessnock City Hornets0.00
11.Croydon City Arrows0.00
12.Cumberland United0.00
13.Falcons 20000.00
14.FFA Centre of Excellence0.00
15.Forrestfield United0.00
17.Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC0.00
18.Gold Coast City0.00
19.Joonalup United0.00
20.Macarthur Rams0.00
21.Mandurah City0.00
22.Mooroolbark Soccer Club0.00
23.North Geelong Warriors0.00
24.North Queensland United0.00
25.Northcote City0.00
26.Northern Fury0.00
27.Northern Rangers0.00
29.Prospect Knights0.00
30.Springwood United0.00
31.St Albans Saints0.00
32.St George Saints0.00
33.Sturt Lions0.00
36.West Torrens Birkalla0.00
37.Whittlesea Rangers0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Australian Teams: 0.00

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