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Other Australian Teams 0/91 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Adamstown Rosebud 
Adamstown Oval
Adelaide Blue Eagles 
Marden Sports Complex
Adelaide City 
Adelaide City Park
Adelaide Comets 
Santos Stadium
Adelaide Olympic 
Elite Systems Football Centre
APIA Leichhardt Tigers 
Leichhardt Oval
Alfred Skeet Oval
Grindleford Reserve
Bayswater City 
Frank Drago Reserve
Belconnen United 
McKellar Park
Bentleigh Greens 
Kingston Heath Soccer Complex
Blacktown City 
Gabbie Stadium
Bonnyrigg White Eagles 
Bonnyrigg Sports Club
Brisbane City 
Spencer Park
Brisbane Strikers 
Perry Park
Broadmeadow Magic 
Magic Park
Bulleen Lions 
David Barro Stadium
Campbelltown City 
Newton Sportsground
Deakin Stadium
Canberra Raiders NRL 
GIO Stadium Canberra
Canberra United 
McKellar Park
Cessnock City Hornets 
Hornets Ground (Turner Park Complex)
Charlestown City Blues 
Lisle Carr Oval
Clarence United 
Wentworth Park
Cockburn City 
Dalmatinac Park
Nijong Oval
Croydon Kings 
Polonia Reserve
Cumberland United 
AA Bailey Reserve
Devonport City 
Valley Road Ground
ECU Joondalup 
ECU Joondalup Stadium
Jack McLaughlan Oval
Far North Queensland 
Barlow Park
FFA Centre of Excellence 
Australian Institute of Sport
Floreat Athena 
Litis Stadium
Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC 
North Sydney Oval
Gold Coast City 
Mallawa Drive Sporting Complex
Green Gully 
Green Gully Reserve
Gungahlin United 
Gungahlin Enclosed Oval
Hakoah Sydney City East 
Hensley Athletic Field
Hamilton Olympic 
Darling St Oval
Heidelberg United 
Olympic Park
Hobart Zebras 
KGV Park
Hume City 
John Ilhan Memorial Reserve (ABD Stadium)
Inglewood United 
Inglewood Stadium
Kingborough Lions United 
Lightwood Park
Kingston City 
The Grange Reserve
Lake Macquarie City 
Macquarie Field
Lambton Jaffas 
Arthur Edden Oval
Launceston City 
Mitsubishi Park
Cooks Square Park
Manly United 
Cromer Park
Marconi Stallions 
Marconi Stadium
Melbourne Knights 
Knights Stadium
Monaro Panthers 
David Madew Oval
Riverside Oval (old ground)
Mooroolbark Soccer Club 
Esther Park
Moreton Bay United 
Wolter Park
Newcastle Jets Youth 
Wanderers Oval
North Eastern MetroStars 
TK Shutter Reserve
North Geelong Warriors 
Elcho Park
Northern Fury 
Townsville Sports Reserve
Northern Rangers 
NTCA Ground
Oakleigh Cannons 
Jack Edwards Reserve
Warrior Park
Goodwin Park
Para Hills Knights 
The Paddocks
Melita Stadium
Pascoe Vale 
CB Smith Reserve
Dorrien Gardens
Perth Glory Youth 
Ashfield Reserve
Port Melbourne 
SS Anderson Reserve
Redlands United 
Cleveland Showgrounds
Rockdale City Suns 
Bicentennial Park South
Percy Doyle Reserve
South Hobart 
South Hobart Ground
South Melbourne 
Lakeside Stadium
South West Queensland Thunder 
Clive Berghofer Stadium
St Albans Saints 
Churchill Reserve
Stirling Lions 
Macedonia Park
Rosalie Park
Sunshine Coast 
Sunshine Coast Stadium
Sutherland Sharks 
Seymour Shaw Park
Sydney Olympic 
Belmore Sports Ground
Sydney United 58 
Sydney United Sports Centre
Sydney Youth 
Leichhardt Oval
Tuggeranong United 
Kambah 2
Valentine Phoenix 
Cahill Oval
West Adelaide 
Adelaide Shores Football Centre
West Torrens Birkalla 
Jack Smith Park
Western Pride 
Briggs Road Sporting Complex
Woden Weston 
Woden Park
Wollongong Wolves 
WIN Stadium

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Best supported teams in Other Australian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Adamstown Rosebud0
2.Adelaide Blue Eagles0
3.Adelaide City0
4.Adelaide Comets0
5.Adelaide Olympic0
6.APIA Leichhardt Tigers0
9.Bayswater City0
10.Belconnen United0
11.Bentleigh Greens0
12.Blacktown City0
13.Bonnyrigg White Eagles0
14.Brisbane City0
15.Brisbane Strikers0
16.Broadmeadow Magic0
17.Bulleen Lions0
18.Campbelltown City0
20.Canberra Raiders NRL0
21.Canberra United0
22.Cessnock City Hornets0
23.Charlestown City Blues0
24.Clarence United0
25.Cockburn City0
27.Croydon Kings0
28.Cumberland United0
29.Devonport City0
30.ECU Joondalup0
32.Far North Queensland0
33.FFA Centre of Excellence0
34.Floreat Athena0
35.Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC0
36.Gold Coast City0
37.Green Gully0
38.Gungahlin United0
39.Hakoah Sydney City East0
40.Hamilton Olympic0
41.Heidelberg United0
42.Hobart Zebras0
43.Hume City0
44.Inglewood United0
45.Kingborough Lions United0
46.Kingston City0
47.Lake Macquarie City0
48.Lambton Jaffas0
49.Launceston City0
51.Manly United0
52.Marconi Stallions0
53.Melbourne Knights0
54.Monaro Panthers0
55.Mooroolbark Soccer Club0
56.Moreton Bay United0
57.Newcastle Jets Youth0
58.North Eastern MetroStars0
59.North Geelong Warriors0
60.Northern Fury0
61.Northern Rangers0
62.Oakleigh Cannons0
65.Para Hills Knights0
67.Pascoe Vale0
69.Perth Glory Youth0
70.Port Melbourne0
71.Redlands United0
72.Rockdale City Suns0
74.South Hobart0
75.South Melbourne0
76.South West Queensland Thunder0
77.St Albans Saints0
78.Stirling Lions0
80.Sunshine Coast0
81.Sutherland Sharks0
82.Sydney Olympic0
83.Sydney United 580
84.Sydney Youth0
85.Tuggeranong United0
86.Valentine Phoenix0
87.West Adelaide0
88.West Torrens Birkalla0
89.Western Pride0
90.Woden Weston0
91.Wollongong Wolves0
  • Average # fans in Other Australian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Australian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Adamstown Rosebud0.00
2.Adelaide Blue Eagles0.00
3.Adelaide City0.00
4.Adelaide Comets0.00
5.Adelaide Olympic0.00
6.APIA Leichhardt Tigers0.00
9.Bayswater City0.00
10.Belconnen United0.00
11.Bentleigh Greens0.00
12.Blacktown City0.00
13.Bonnyrigg White Eagles0.00
14.Brisbane City0.00
15.Brisbane Strikers0.00
16.Broadmeadow Magic0.00
17.Bulleen Lions0.00
18.Campbelltown City0.00
20.Canberra Raiders NRL0.00
21.Canberra United0.00
22.Cessnock City Hornets0.00
23.Charlestown City Blues0.00
24.Clarence United0.00
25.Cockburn City0.00
27.Croydon Kings0.00
28.Cumberland United0.00
29.Devonport City0.00
30.ECU Joondalup0.00
32.Far North Queensland0.00
33.FFA Centre of Excellence0.00
34.Floreat Athena0.00
35.Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC0.00
36.Gold Coast City0.00
37.Green Gully0.00
38.Gungahlin United0.00
39.Hakoah Sydney City East0.00
40.Hamilton Olympic0.00
41.Heidelberg United0.00
42.Hobart Zebras0.00
43.Hume City0.00
44.Inglewood United0.00
45.Kingborough Lions United0.00
46.Kingston City0.00
47.Lake Macquarie City0.00
48.Lambton Jaffas0.00
49.Launceston City0.00
51.Manly United0.00
52.Marconi Stallions0.00
53.Melbourne Knights0.00
54.Monaro Panthers0.00
55.Mooroolbark Soccer Club0.00
56.Moreton Bay United0.00
57.Newcastle Jets Youth0.00
58.North Eastern MetroStars0.00
59.North Geelong Warriors0.00
60.Northern Fury0.00
61.Northern Rangers0.00
62.Oakleigh Cannons0.00
65.Para Hills Knights0.00
67.Pascoe Vale0.00
69.Perth Glory Youth0.00
70.Port Melbourne0.00
71.Redlands United0.00
72.Rockdale City Suns0.00
74.South Hobart0.00
75.South Melbourne0.00
76.South West Queensland Thunder0.00
77.St Albans Saints0.00
78.Stirling Lions0.00
80.Sunshine Coast0.00
81.Sutherland Sharks0.00
82.Sydney Olympic0.00
83.Sydney United 580.00
84.Sydney Youth0.00
85.Tuggeranong United0.00
86.Valentine Phoenix0.00
87.West Adelaide0.00
88.West Torrens Birkalla0.00
89.Western Pride0.00
90.Woden Weston0.00
91.Wollongong Wolves0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Australian Teams: 0.00

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