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Ligue 1 Football Grounds in Algeria

Map of Ligue 1 stadiums

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List of Ligue 1 stadiums

0/17 grounds visited (0%)

ASO ChlefASO Chlef
Stade Mohamed Boumezrag
CR BelouizdadCR Belouizdad
Stade du 20 Aout 1955
CS ConstantineCS Constantine
Stade Mohamed-Hamlaoui
El BayadhEl Bayadh
Stade Zakaria Medjdoub
ES Ben AknounES Ben Aknoun
Stade El Mokrani
ES SetifES Setif
Stade du 8 Mai 1945
JS KabylieJS Kabylie
Stade Hocine Ait-Ahmed
Stade du 1er Novembre 1954 (old ground)
Oukil-Ramdane Stadium (old ground)
JS SaouraJS Saoura
Stade du 20 Aout 1955 (Bachar)
Stade de Bachar (old ground)
MC AlgerMC Alger
Stade 5 Juillet 1962
Douera Sportpark Stadium
Stade Omar Hamadi (old ground)
MC OranMC Oran
Stade Ahmed Zabana
Stade Habib Bouakeul (old ground)
Miloud Hadefi Stadium (old ground)
NC MagraNC Magra
Boucheligue Brothers Stadium
Paradou ACParadou AC
Omar Benrabah Stadium
Stade Ahmed-Falek (old ground)
US BiskraUS Biskra
Stade du 18 Fevrier
US SoufUS Souf
Stade Oued Souf
USM AlgerUSM Alger
Stade Omar Hamadi
Stade 5 Juillet 1962 (old ground)
USM KhenchelaUSM Khenchela
Stade Hamam Amar

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Last updated: July 2023

Ligue 1 Information

NameLigue 1
Level on pyramid1
Relegation to (one of)Ligue 2 Groupe Centre-East
Ligue 2 Groupe Centre-West

Grounds in Ligue 1 Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade 5 Juillet 1962 home to MC Alger64,000
2.Stade Hocine Ait-Ahmed home to JS Kabylie50,000
3.Stade Ahmed Zabana home to MC Oran40,000
4.Stade Mohamed-Hamlaoui home to CS Constantine40,000
5.Stade du 18 Fevrier home to US Biskra30,000
6.Stade du 8 Mai 1945 home to ES Setif25,000
7.Stade du 20 Aout 1955 (Bachar) home to JS Saoura20,000
8.Stade Mohamed Boumezrag home to ASO Chlef18,000
9.Stade du 20 Aout 1955 home to CR Belouizdad10,000
10.Stade Omar Hamadi home to USM Alger10,000
11.Boucheligue Brothers Stadium home to NC Magra5,000
  • Biggest stadium in Ligue 1: 64,000 - Stade 5 Juillet 1962
  • Smallest stadium in Ligue 1: 5,000 - Boucheligue Brothers Stadium
  • Total capacity in Ligue 1: 312,000
  • Average capacity in Ligue 1: 26,000

Best supported teams in Ligue 1

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.ASO Chlef0
2.CR Belouizdad0
3.CS Constantine0
4.El Bayadh0
5.ES Ben Aknoun0
6.ES Setif0
7.JS Kabylie0
8.JS Saoura0
9.MC Alger0
10.MC Oran0
11.NC Magra0
12.Paradou AC0
13.US Biskra0
14.US Souf0
15.USM Alger0
16.USM Khenchela0
  • Most fans in Ligue 1: 0 - ASO Chlef
  • Fewest fans in Ligue 1: 0 - USM Khenchela
  • Total Ligue 1 fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Ligue 1: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Ligue 1?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.ASO Chlef0.00
2.CR Belouizdad0.00
3.CS Constantine0.00
4.El Bayadh0.00
5.ES Ben Aknoun0.00
6.ES Setif0.00
7.JS Kabylie0.00
8.JS Saoura0.00
9.MC Alger0.00
10.MC Oran0.00
11.NC Magra0.00
12.Paradou AC0.00
13.US Biskra0.00
14.US Souf0.00
15.USM Alger0.00
16.USM Khenchela0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Ligue 1: 0 grounds visited - ASO Chlef
  • Least travelled fans in Ligue 1: 0 grounds visited - USM Khenchela
  • Average # grounds visited in Ligue 1: 0.00

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