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Ligue 2 Football Grounds in Algeria

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Ligue 2 0/17 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Amal Bou Saada 
Stade Mokhtar Abdelatif
AS Khroub 
Stade Abed Hamdani
ASM Oran 
Stade Habib Bouakeul
Stade Ahmed Zabana
DRB Tadjenanet 
Stade Ismail Lahoua
El Eulma 
Stade Messaoud Zougar
JSM Bejaia 
Stade de lUnite Maghrebine
JSM Skikda 
Stade du 20 Aout 1955
MC Saida 
Stade 13 Avril 1958
MO Bejaia 
Stade de lUnite Maghrebine
Olympique de Medea 
Stade Imam Lyes
OM Arzew 
Stade Menaouer Kerbouci
RC Arbaa 
Stade Ismail Makhlouf
RC Relizane 
Stade Tahar Zoughari
USM Annaba 
Stade du 19 Mai
USM El Harrach 
Baraki Stadium
Stade du 1er novembre 1954 (old ground)
WA Tlemcen 
Stade Akit Lotfi

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Grounds in Ligue 2 Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade du 19 Mai home to USM Annaba56,000
2.Stade Ahmed Zabana home to ASM Oran40,000
3.Stade Tahar Zoughari home to RC Relizane30,000
4.Stade 13 Avril 1958 home to MC Saida25,000
5.Stade Akit Lotfi home to WA Tlemcen25,000
6.Stade Messaoud Zougar home to El Eulma25,000
7.Stade Habib Bouakeul home to ASM Oran20,000
8.Stade de lUnite Maghrebine home to MO Bejaia18,000
9.Stade de lUnite Maghrebine home to JSM Bejaia18,000
10.Stade Menaouer Kerbouci home to OM Arzew15,000
11.Stade Imam Lyes home to Olympique de Medea12,000
12.Stade Abed Hamdani home to AS Khroub10,000
13.Stade Ismail Lahoua home to DRB Tadjenanet9,000
14.Stade Mokhtar Abdelatif home to Amal Bou Saada8,000
15.Stade Ismail Makhlouf home to RC Arbaa7,000
16.Stade du 20 Aout 1955 home to JSM Skikda3,000
17.Baraki Stadium home to USM El Harrach2,000
  • Average capacity in Ligue 2: 17,944

Best supported teams in Ligue 2

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Amal Bou Saada0
2.AS Khroub0
3.ASM Oran0
4.DRB Tadjenanet0
5.El Eulma0
6.JSM Bejaia0
7.JSM Skikda0
8.MC Saida0
9.MO Bejaia0
10.Olympique de Medea0
11.OM Arzew0
12.RC Arbaa0
13.RC Relizane0
14.USM Annaba0
15.USM El Harrach0
16.WA Tlemcen0
  • Average # fans in Ligue 2: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Ligue 2?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Amal Bou Saada0.00
2.AS Khroub0.00
3.ASM Oran0.00
4.DRB Tadjenanet0.00
5.El Eulma0.00
6.JSM Bejaia0.00
7.JSM Skikda0.00
8.MC Saida0.00
9.MO Bejaia0.00
10.Olympique de Medea0.00
11.OM Arzew0.00
12.RC Arbaa0.00
13.RC Relizane0.00
14.USM Annaba0.00
15.USM El Harrach0.00
16.WA Tlemcen0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Ligue 2: 0.00

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