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This website couldn't have been made without the knowledge and information from many different people, in no particular order:

James Hinchcliffe, Brett Meyer, David Genford, Simon Cope, Paul Clark, Mark McKenzie, Stuart Butler, David Hills-Taylor, John Allen, Alex Thorpe, Jørgen Ingebrigtsen, Jim Waterson, Graeme Pirie, James Freir, Kevin Hilne, Jamie Rutherford, Chris Beresford, Lasse Vrangbak Mortensen, Steve Gregory, Dan Darch, David Leslie, Vinny Goodfield, Benny Boy, Martin Langnese, Matthew Phillips, Dan Taylor, Dave Todd, Tim Rogby, Gareth Smith, Ollie Timms, Dave Gibbs, Tony Towers, Mark Pritchard, Andrew Saffrey, David Balchin, Roger Hughes, Rob Barlow, Marcus Greenway, Tone Iversen, John Little, Ian Garnett, Steve Abnett, Scott Griffin, Paul Pickering, Jonathan Brown, Ben O'Sullivan, Kristofer Stoker, Patrick Rogers, Michael Gibbons, Mike Dobbin, Martin van Wezel, Fred Billingham, David Robinson, Bruce Cairns, David Limmer, Eddie Porter, Roger Hughes, Tim Cook, Max Hudson, Jim Finnigan, Steve Elson

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