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FC Kobenhavn Fans Registered With Football Ground Map

This page shows all 77 FC Kobenhavn supporters who have registered with Football Ground Map, newest first. Know a FC Kobenhavn fan who isn't registered with us, spread the word through Facebook and Twitter.

User Supports # Visited
1An image of kasperkasperFC Kobenhavn97
2An image of anka4035anka4035FC Kobenhavn65
3An image of nedturnedturFC Kobenhavn50
4An image of kris92kris92FC Kobenhavn46
4An image of matt-copenhagenmatt-copenhagenFC Kobenhavn46
6An image of kufkufFC Kobenhavn45
6An image of tub1128tub1128FC Kobenhavn45
8An image of facebook-user-69590facebook-user-69590FC Kobenhavn42
9An image of facebook-user-63677facebook-user-63677FC Kobenhavn39
9An image of magnusfckmagnusfckFC Kobenhavn39
11An image of tubtubFC Kobenhavn37
12An image of facebook-user-56587facebook-user-56587FC Kobenhavn36
13An image of facebook-user-70651facebook-user-70651FC Kobenhavn32
14An image of facebook-user-70552facebook-user-70552FC Kobenhavn31
14An image of facebook-user-76326facebook-user-76326FC Kobenhavn31
14An image of nilsdeichmannnilsdeichmannFC Kobenhavn31
17An image of facebook-user-60950facebook-user-60950FC Kobenhavn30
17An image of facebook-user-63855facebook-user-63855FC Kobenhavn30
17An image of gekko76gekko76FC Kobenhavn30
17An image of jepkristjepkristFC Kobenhavn30
21An image of facebook-user-75306facebook-user-75306FC Kobenhavn29
21An image of usmattusmattFC Kobenhavn29
23An image of facebook-user-56432facebook-user-56432FC Kobenhavn28
24An image of facebook-user-102198facebook-user-102198FC Kobenhavn27
24An image of facebook-user-54155facebook-user-54155FC Kobenhavn27
24An image of thomasfengerthomasfengerFC Kobenhavn27
27An image of facebook-user-62757facebook-user-62757FC Kobenhavn25
27An image of facebook-user-66227facebook-user-66227FC Kobenhavn25
27An image of facebook-user-70597facebook-user-70597FC Kobenhavn25
27An image of facebook-user-73042facebook-user-73042FC Kobenhavn25
27An image of risrisFC Kobenhavn25
32An image of facebook-user-65497facebook-user-65497FC Kobenhavn23
32An image of jespersoebyjespersoebyFC Kobenhavn23
34An image of facebook-user-70692facebook-user-70692FC Kobenhavn22
35An image of facebook-user-50386facebook-user-50386FC Kobenhavn21
35An image of facebook-user-57639facebook-user-57639FC Kobenhavn21
37An image of facebook-user-65548facebook-user-65548FC Kobenhavn20
38An image of facebook-user-46856facebook-user-46856FC Kobenhavn18
39An image of facebook-user-53272facebook-user-53272FC Kobenhavn17
40An image of facebook-user-49995facebook-user-49995FC Kobenhavn16
40An image of facebook-user-63732facebook-user-63732FC Kobenhavn16
40An image of knudsens92knudsens92FC Kobenhavn16
40An image of sjellemandensjellemandenFC Kobenhavn16
44An image of nesnetromonesnetromoFC Kobenhavn15
44An image of sarlsarlFC Kobenhavn15
46An image of facebook-user-64715facebook-user-64715FC Kobenhavn14
47An image of facebook-user-66769facebook-user-66769FC Kobenhavn13
47An image of facebook-user-71839facebook-user-71839FC Kobenhavn13
47An image of owilleowilleFC Kobenhavn13
50An image of facebook-user-52120facebook-user-52120FC Kobenhavn12
50An image of facebook-user-96751facebook-user-96751FC Kobenhavn12
50An image of kbhs12kbhs12FC Kobenhavn12
53An image of blicher95blicher95FC Kobenhavn11
53An image of facebook-user-59383facebook-user-59383FC Kobenhavn11
53An image of facebook-user-72894facebook-user-72894FC Kobenhavn11
56An image of facebook-user-49744facebook-user-49744FC Kobenhavn10
56An image of facebook-user-59442facebook-user-59442FC Kobenhavn10
56An image of facebook-user-64622facebook-user-64622FC Kobenhavn10
56An image of facebook-user-75827facebook-user-75827FC Kobenhavn10
56An image of facebook-user-77360facebook-user-77360FC Kobenhavn10
61An image of facebook-user-50163facebook-user-50163FC Kobenhavn9
61An image of facebook-user-54136facebook-user-54136FC Kobenhavn9
63An image of facebook-user-47309facebook-user-47309FC Kobenhavn8
64An image of facebook-user-49564facebook-user-49564FC Kobenhavn7
64An image of facebook-user-51690facebook-user-51690FC Kobenhavn7
64An image of facebook-user-55058facebook-user-55058FC Kobenhavn7
64An image of facebook-user-65324facebook-user-65324FC Kobenhavn7
68An image of facebook-user-86395facebook-user-86395FC Kobenhavn5
69An image of facebook-user-54128facebook-user-54128FC Kobenhavn3
69An image of facebook-user-54165facebook-user-54165FC Kobenhavn3
71An image of facebook-user-52826facebook-user-52826FC Kobenhavn1
71An image of facebook-user-58708facebook-user-58708FC Kobenhavn1
73An image of facebook-user-59699facebook-user-59699FC Kobenhavn0
73An image of facebook-user-69580facebook-user-69580FC Kobenhavn0
73An image of facebook-user-76919facebook-user-76919FC Kobenhavn0
73An image of lukastopplukastoppFC Kobenhavn0
73An image of nesnetromnesnetromFC Kobenhavn0

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