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F#@k VAR pin badge

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F#@k VAR pin badge

F#@k VAR pin badge

Sick of VAR ruining your Saturday afternoon*? Show your hatred for VAR with our F#@K VAR pin badge.

We've all been there. Your forward caps off a beautiful team move and scores a great goal to put you 1 up. Players run over to celebrate with the fans, the away end is full of joy with limbs and Bovril flying everywhere... until the the VAR Gods at Stockley Park decide that your number 9's toe nail was a milimetere offside and the goal is disallowed.

Whilst we can't stop this from happening, we can help you to show your hatred of VAR with our pin badge. Etched with a clear and concise message ("F#@K VAR"), our badge is high quality, 25mm high and comes complete with a butterfly clip to attatch it to your t-shirt/coat/hat. Under the blunt VAR message comes the slightly more family friendly slogan "it's not football anymore".

Just don't blame us if you get asked to remove the badge in the stadium!

* Or, more likely, Sunday afternoon / Friday night / Monday night

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