Buy our exclusive European football stadium poster passes 18,000 stadiums milestone passes 18,000 stadiums milestone

Friday 3rd January 2020 has ended 2019 by passing a new landmark - adding our 18,000th ground to the website, making it the largest football stadium website in the world.

And we're not done yet, the team is committed to adding every major (and minor) stadium in every country around the world. The website now features grounds from pretty much every country in the world, including:

  • 3,891 in England
  • 1,613 in Germany
  • 919 in Scotland
  • 825 in Spain
  • 776 in France
  • 649 in Wales
  • 507 in USA

But it's not just the big leagues we concentrate on, we've got plenty of smaller countries covered too, including a few somewhat difficult to get to:

  • 47 in Iraq
  • 21 in Nepal
  • 20 in North Korea

And if you're really dedicated, we also have all 10 stadiums in the Gaza Strip League.

If there's a ground you've been to which isn't on the site, please contact us to request it.

Here's to the 19,000th!

About the Author: Rob Clarkson

Rob is the owner of A Sheffield United fan and father of two, Rob loves nothing more than a good game of football whether that's watching the Blades or one his local non-League teams. He's somewhat of a traditionalist, preferring the older grounds to newer purpose-built ones.

Away from this website, Rob works as an Ecommerce Manager for one of the UK's largest video games retailers.

Sheffield United supporter • 104 grounds visited • 59/92

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