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Mileage on Football Ground Map

A quick note on how Football Ground Map calculates the mileage you see on the site...

As the crow flies

All of the mileage you see on Football Ground Map is calculated "as the crow flies", eg in a straight line from one point to another. We don't look at roads or railway lines - it's a simple straight line calculation from one point on the planet to another.

Distance travelled on Profile Pages

Your profile page includes a "miles travelled" feature detailing how many miles you've travelled to watch football. There's a few things you should know about how we've calculated this number:

  • Home point - each user has a "home point", this is the starting point for calculating how far you've travelled. This is set as the current stadium for the team you support. So, in my case that's Bramall Lane, home of Sheffield United.
  • Multiple visits to same stadium - if you've visited the same stadium more than once, we'll multiply your mileage to that ground accordingly. You can enter the number of times you've visited a ground on your profile page.
  • Multiple stadium visits in the same trip - if you've been to more than one stadium on the same trip (let's say you took a trip to Madrid and saw Atletico and Real (lucky you)), we don't know about it. So for the purpose of calculating mileage, we have to assume that you went to both grounds from your home team's stadium.

Get the double-sided 92 Club & National League map poster

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Get the double-sided 92 Club & National League map poster