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Zambian Teams Football Grounds in Zambia

Map of Zambian Teams stadiums

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List of Zambian Teams stadiums

0/20 grounds visited (0%)

Circuit CityCircuit City
Nkoloma Stadium
Kabwe YSAKabwe YSA
Godfrey Chitalu Stadium
Kittwe UnitedKittwe United
Garden Park
Livingstone PiratesLivingstone Pirates
Maramba Stadium
Lumwana RadiantsLumwana Radiants
Lumwana Football Ground
Manchester United Zambia AcademyManchester United Zambia Academy
Nakambala Stadium
Mufulira WanderersMufulira Wanderers
Shinde Stadium
Nakambala LeopardsNakambala Leopards
Nakambala Stadium
Vodafone Stadium
Sunset Stadium
Edwin Imboela Stadium
National Heroes Stadium
National AssembleyNational Assembley
Vodafone Stadium
Nchanga RangersNchanga Rangers
Nchanga Stadium
Konkola Stadium
Ndola UnitedNdola United
Musa Kasonka Stadium
New Monze SwallowsNew Monze Swallows
Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Stadium
Lwengu International Sports Complex
Real NakondeReal Nakonde
New Stadium
Young Green EaglesYoung Green Eagles
Khosa Stadium

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Zambian Teams Information

NameZambian Teams

Grounds in Zambian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.National Heroes Stadium home to NAPSA Stars60,000
2.Konkola Stadium home to Nchanga Rangers17,000
3.Nchanga Stadium home to Nchanga Rangers15,000
4.Vodafone Stadium home to NAPSA Stars15,000
5.Vodafone Stadium home to National Assembley15,000
6.Garden Park home to Kittwe United10,000
7.Godfrey Chitalu Stadium home to Kabwe YSA10,000
8.Shinde Stadium home to Mufulira Wanderers10,000
9.Edwin Imboela Stadium home to NAPSA Stars6,000
10.Sunset Stadium home to NAPSA Stars5,100
11.Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Stadium home to New Monze Swallows5,000
12.Maramba Stadium home to Livingstone Pirates5,000
13.Musa Kasonka Stadium home to Ndola United5,000
14.Nakambala Stadium home to Nakambala Leopards5,000
15.Nakambala Stadium home to Manchester United Zambia Academy5,000
16.Nkoloma Stadium home to Circuit City5,000
17.Lumwana Football Ground home to Lumwana Radiants3,000
18.New Stadium home to Real Nakonde3,000
19.Lwengu International Sports Complex home to New Monze Swallows1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Zambian Teams: 60,000 - National Heroes Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Zambian Teams: 1,000 - Lwengu International Sports Complex
  • Total capacity in Zambian Teams: 200,100
  • Average capacity in Zambian Teams: 10,005

Best supported teams in Zambian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Manchester United Zambia Academy1
2.Real Nakonde1
3.Circuit City0
4.Kabwe YSA0
5.Kittwe United0
6.Livingstone Pirates0
7.Lumwana Radiants0
8.Mufulira Wanderers0
9.Nakambala Leopards0
10.NAPSA Stars0
11.National Assembley0
12.Nchanga Rangers0
13.Ndola United0
14.New Monze Swallows0
15.Young Green Eagles0
  • Most fans in Zambian Teams: 1 - Manchester United Zambia Academy
  • Fewest fans in Zambian Teams: 0 - Young Green Eagles
  • Total Zambian Teams fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Zambian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Zambian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Manchester United Zambia Academy28.00
2.Real Nakonde2.00
3.Circuit City0.00
4.Kabwe YSA0.00
5.Kittwe United0.00
6.Livingstone Pirates0.00
7.Lumwana Radiants0.00
8.Mufulira Wanderers0.00
9.Nakambala Leopards0.00
10.NAPSA Stars0.00
11.National Assembley0.00
12.Nchanga Rangers0.00
13.Ndola United0.00
14.New Monze Swallows0.00
15.Young Green Eagles0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Zambian Teams: 28 grounds visited - Manchester United Zambia Academy
  • Least travelled fans in Zambian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Young Green Eagles
  • Average # grounds visited in Zambian Teams: 1.88

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